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Dinosaur Sales

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PMing other users to ask about dinosaurs not for sale
It's a bit sad that I have to make a thread about this, but unfortunately quite a few users have been annoying other players by sending them messages asking about dinosaurs that they own to see if they will sell them to them.

Whilst it's not a rule breaker to do this, it's still very annoying - particularly if the person in question is repeatedly harassed about the same precious dinosaur that they own.

If a dinosaur is for sale, it will be marked as for sale - or it will be posted here, in this forum. Please be a little more considerate of other users, guys. :)
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It's inevitable I know, but I keep getting people asking for Allosaurs.
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A toast to this. :D

Post: #74707
I've had this happen a few times about some of my favorite Sinor's and Bambi's. D:

Thanks for posting this Kitty <3

Post: #74710
Thirding the bit about the Allos. D:

Thanks for this, Kitty.
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Another about the Allo. :/.

But thanks Kitty for putting this up. :3.

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Thank you kitty! it gets quite annoying and while i know theres this effort placed, we'll still get people doing so... |3 i usually just block them outright--i hope there isnt a block limit!

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Soon as I read this, I had a message in my inbox pop up begging me to sell one of my rexes. Lol. XD
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I just think a polite but firm no is required, unless they're repeat and obsessive spammers then blocking them is pehraps a bit harsh.

Good post though Kitty, no harm in reminding people that's kinda rude.
"Cast the light into darkness and fear the dragon who caused it."
Post: #74781
Thank you so much.
Apparently I've achieved some kind of allosaurus/pretty overlays singularity because I keep getting these. D:

Post: #74789
Ankokou, at least you haven't made pretty overlays for your Allosaurs? Then it becomes some sort of black hole of pleading and desperation, all funneling in on you with the weight of entire solar systems.

It's no fun, I hear.
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Though I've never had this happen: It seems very annoying. People are even starting to write in their little 'Stop PMing me about Allos, I will post if they're for sale' or something like that.
You're a kitty!
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I agree to this all the way.

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I 5th? about Allo's

Post: #75829
Personally, it usually doesn't bug me much. If someone wants a dino that's not for sale, and they PM me a (logical)offer, I'll be happy to say yes or no. I do this occasionally, so I don't think it's a big deal if someone PMs you a good offer. xD
Unless it's obviously a special dino.. That does bug me. I get messages about Shatai a lot, when he's obviously a special dino to me. >_>; The only time I consider PM'd offers offensive really, is when you get a cruddy offer on a great dino, and/or they beg you and harass you. :c

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