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Please Read! Regarding Herbivore Auctions!

We at the mod team thought it was time to refresh your memories and give this friendly reminder:

Herbivore auction is free for all to bid on. You can put friends only, but that's your only -safe- way to ensure only those you want to bid on it, can.
As long as the auction is set for public, everyone is allowed to bid on them.
You can naturally put a label on it, and say only so and so can bid on it, but it's not set in stone and nobody -has- to obey it.

However, it is good sport to do so, and you should respect if it says something specific. However should you choose not to, that's entirely up to you.

Remember, bids are final, nobody can withdraw their bids, and you can't cancel auctions.

Should someone bid on your auction or someone's auction which is labeled to someone else, -you can not and should not- message them, as they are allowed to do so!

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Thank you Herbal
I hate you all so much!
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That's unfortunate. XC
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