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Fulfil all your roleplaying fantasies here.

Nightling stood in the middle of a snowy forest alone again. She was thriving on her own but part of her wanted to see another drake it was prime real estate for a group of drakes. Rich in fish fowl game and even winter plants... She found a cave and decided to camp out. It was eerie on her own. There was a clear bowl of water in the cave that Nightling found suspicious and she smelled it. It was from a spring under the cave but it was perfectly round and free of any loose material at the bottom... She rested folding her wings to her sides for warmth and dozed...
Nightling had gone out hunting in her new winter home range... She THOUGHT she was alone in this patch as she dragged down a stag and ate it raw there. It was a small meal but it would keep her in a sedentary state for a few days without dropping the layer of fat she had for winter... Nightling managed to light a fire in her cave and used sweet smelling evergreen boughs to make a nest... She had her water source and the cave was underground enough to remain constant in temprature... She was set to practically hibernate for a day or two...

Turns out she wasn't alone a caravan of traders were going through massive drakes carrying loads. Her new patch was being eaten and she had to do something so she met with the leader and stated this was her territory. The massive wyveren said "What do you have to trade?"

She had found gemstones on her property chunks of turqoiuse and lapis... She knew according to the gods she had rights to it and she said "I found jewels here." Gemstones were usually gathered the way Nightling had found them. They were massive but clearly workable... She had brought it and the elder trader said "And what do you wish of us?" "What have you got?" Nightling actually bought seeds and such to grow her own food... She also was literate and bought books and equipment to barter whenever they came through. She didn't have a means to stop them but she knew the land would recover from this because traders rarely just wandered they had set routes. She would have goods next time and the traders knew it. She'd likely expand to livestock when she had the means to facilitate them... A homesteader... She put her new books away and put her goods away. Caravans depended on steaders like her to manufacture certain goods...

Nightling actually found a beach on her new territory and stared out at it after dark... Winters were still the same length as they were but in the extremes were far colder... Nightling saw the chunks of ice floating and the descendents of seals perched on top of them. She knew the blubber would make a good oil for a lantern she bought and they were little blubber nuggets... She thought it would be easy to just grab one off the ice and drop it onto the ground and tear it apart... She was wrong... The damn seal she picked was almost too heavy to carry even with the dang thing staying still... She managed to kill it only to find the hide almost too tough for her to tear apart... She melted the fat down into a smelly oil but she had a lantern. She started reading munching on seal meat which was tough... But tasty...

A new world order
We all start in our own little worlds from territories of packs and loners to settled villages even nomads.

Humanity has fallen climate change wiped them out... The climate over time after the humans stabilized and new species emerged the creatures of human myth and legend... The earth has a higher oxygen level supporting larger lifeforms. Some the rarest of the rare can take a human form... It is rumored that humanity lingers but now dragons rule the earth... They call themselves drake kind. Many of earth's most resiliant species survived and adapted to the rapid climate change only to slip back to their old forms as the climate returned. Dragons are the most varied race... They come in several forms but can interbreed with anyone within their size range. Villages are rare, more savage packs are much more common but some are loners by choice. Normally this is determined by general size.

Shades arcane masters smaller in size and possessing opposable thumbs and retractable front claws in most cases most are able to stand on their hind legs and in a village are more likely to be crafts drakes. also more inclined to be omnivorous by choice though all of drake kind are omnivorous. 

Dragons the standard classical western dragon

Lung a more marine creature taking the classical asian dragon build some do have wings but most of those that do have wings so small as to just funtion as a pair of fins normally much longer than they are tall but some exceptions do exist

Wyverens two legs two wings massive.


Fae drakes tiny with insect wings they thrum with power and the young can't use their powers at all until they can control it or their lives are at stake... The record holder for largeness was the size of a contemporary siberian tiger so compared to other drakes they are very small in size...


The gods are as follows

Marina goddess of the sea and protector of travelers.

Celestia goddess of the sky, knowledge, the hunt, love, fertility, chicks, and mothers.

 Flora goddess of the earth, plant life, and agriculture.

 Thundar god of storms, the wind, and war.

 Draco the king of the gods and god of fire, metal, and fathers...

Gods can be made out of characters but there is a process



standard EX rp rules

Oc characters (characters who have no master) can be killed without permission actual characters only with permission fights cannot even be started without both role players agreeing to it.

We might add humans to it but they are again extremely rare.

You must make at least one drake character.

try to post at least once a week that isn't asking a lot if you can't or just don't feel like it let the rest of us know in the OC

drake kind are typically monogamous so keep that in mind for romance.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Fae drake
Misc creature specify

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