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Fulfil all your roleplaying fantasies here.

Nightshade stomped down the back alley of what used to be a city full of life. Many moons had passed since she had escaped, she didn't know what to do now, she felt alone and cold. She was hungry to, she started thinking about food then sniffed the air, she could smell other dinosaurs were near, but she didn't want to get into a fight. She trotted down the path, listening to everything around her. Hearing the occasional call of another beast. She wondered if there were any friendly dinosaurs left, most had been corrupted by people, but she guessed there would have to be a few that had got away.

The sun shined down upon the back of a female Allosaurus, allowing the glistening orange of her scales to sparkle in its ray. The burgundy coloring, coated in black spots and stripes, along the top of her back made the yellow glow that much hotter.

Tesla, a young female, trudged along what used to be an old human road. Since their mysterious disappearance, the serverly overgrown highways and streets have made as a way of direction for the last of the famous fighters. This is where we see Tesla present day.

Tesla winced as she stepped on a small piece of glass. Shaking her head in the kind of way you do when you are just done with everything, the female Allosaurus walked on. She passed an old armchair, dark pink with white flowers graced is dirty appearance. There was trash littered all over the place and Tesla watched her step from now on.

She had never been one to seek out attention or even company before, but now, it's all she can think about. The fighter had been on the road for close to 2 weeks now, only ever stopping to sleep and occasionally eat. She had lost some of her toned muscle definition, a trait she had always been proud of. This depressed her almost as much as the loss of Thomas, the only human to ever see her as more than a money maker.

"Does anyone decent on this planet even exsist anymore?" Tesla bellowed allowed, confident no one would hear her. It was then she remembered nobody particularly decent existed before the humans vanished anyway.

The road she currently was on was a highway, trees surrounded it and that only made it feel that much more lonely. As night fell upon the land, Tesla took shelter inside a large tractor trailer that looked like it had suddenly veered off the side of the road. It's front was smashed. Climbing into the metal cage, the allosaurus's weight made the machine shift a little. This made her angry, as if the everything couldn't get more enraging at this point. Finally getting into a comfortable position, Tesla closed her bright green eyes and unwillingly welcomed sleep yet again.

Nightshade heard a faint roar in the distance, this was nothing unusual, but the voice itself was one she didn't recognise. Her stomach growled then she rembered how hungry she was. ''I need to eat.'' She stomped along towards what used to be the main road, this was now the flat plains where a lot of herbivores tended to be. She quickly scanned the area, it was clear. That couldn't be right. Maybe a carnivore had recently been through and chased everything away. Oh well she thought. She noticed a fairly small carcass nearby that seemed fresh. Strange she thought to herself, there was no dinosaur gaurding it either. "Good enough I guess." She tucked into the readily killed meal. She had missed the taste of raw meat. It was a bit stale, but food was food. 

She yawned, it was getting late so she lay down and settled to rest. She could see what seemed to be a farm in the distance. She remembers seeing one before and she recalled something about beef, which to her rung a dinner bell. "I'll go there tomorrow." She lay her head down and curled her tail around herself. She yawned one last time and then fell asleep.

Tess woke up in the morning sore and stiff. Her muscles ached and she could barely move without feeling the hardness of her metal bed affect her entire body. Slowly and with much irritation, the Allosaurus arose to her feet. Carefully stepping out of the bed of the tractor trailer, Tesla looked upon her surroundings, sleep still very evident in her eyes. Neon green snapped open at the smell of other dinos.

"Whoa...that doesn't smell like something I want to be involved in." Tesla stated. "Hmmm...a rex...a couple raptors...and an alberto. Yea I think I will sit this one out." The female then looked towards the woods and decided that was her best choice. "Well let's go take a stroll through the woods." With that, Tess marched on toward the dense area.

Tesla had to duck under trees to avoid being smacked in the face with their limbs. She constantly cursed them, even becoming so infuriated she bit one right in half. It was a rather thick one too. Her minor spazz attack had her feeling a bit better, the show of strength she displayed making her very proud. The Allosaurus's head whipped around when she heard a large branch snap a few yards away from her. She stuck her large, angular head in the air and took a big sniff.

"A Carno..." She said softly and with an optimistic voice. She smirked a devilish grin then called out, "Come on, come on out to play." With a sadistic tone in her otherwise low voice.

Nightshade was plodding through the woods. Her oversized curled horns crushing the smaller braches out of her way. She noticed a figure nearby. An allosaurus. Yeah, how about no. She thought to herself, I'll avoid that. She then heard the dinosaur calling. "Oh gosh." She seems vicious she thought to herself. "Ahh, hi, umm, friends?" She asked in a timid voice. She really doesn't look like she wants to be friends. She slowly walked over, being cautious not to get too close. Shaking her head, her horns glistening. Maybe I can disuade her to fight, but she doesn't seem the friendliest. Ahh, well let's just see. She stood, avoiding eye contact. Maybe if I don't look she won't think I'm a threat.

Tesla stood in the middle of woods, poised to fight. The carno emerged from under the trees, a black in color that trickled down into purple. It was a female, and Tesla found this as even more of a threat. She did not want another female in her possible territory.

The female carno came out swinging her massive head, a pair of magnificent curled horns atop her thick skull. Tesla saw this as a challenge and bared her teeth, serrated, fierce, and in multitude. The quill-like ridges on her head, back and tail frilled up to make her look bigger. She gave out a warning growl. Her temper was only subdued when the other female lowered her head, not in submission but in fear. That was enough to satisfy Tess's rage.

"Who are you?" Tesla said rather aggressively with another one of her sadistic sneers.

"I am Nightshade," she said defensively. "You are?" She had gotten a little more tense as the other dinosaur had seemed to mock her. She boldened up a bit but still showed minimal signs of fear. "I see you are proud of yourself?" She looked towards the females face. "The way you stand, it's in your eyes." Nightshade often spoke her way out of fights or at least discovered a bit more about the opponent before hand by seeing their reaction to what she said. "Is this your territory? Last time I was here, no one else was, so I didn't think anyone owned it now." She looked at the face of the female again. "You're alone aren't you? You miss someone."

Tesla couldn't believe her ears. This Carnotaurus was trying to deduce her. She puffed herself up a bit more, again on the defense. She squinted her eyes in agression. Tess had height and length on the Carno but the other female had weight on her side. This Nightshade was smaller then Tesla and in the current circumstances that would be an advantage. Unless, of course, the carno got too bold and got too close to her long teeth.

"Greetings Nightshade. Yes I am proud. I'm a champion." Tesla boasted with a sneer. "This isn't my territory, but it could be if I wanted it." The Allosaurus's arrogance came out a bit. "I do miss someone. But what's it to you?" She asked, growling afterwards.

"Nothing, I guess. What's a champion doing out here then?" She reposistioned her feet to a steadier stance. She scanned the dinosaur for its weak and strong points. We seem pretty evenly matched. It may be best if I can distract her from fighting. "Where are you from? Were you corrupted by humans too." She almost spat the word human out and if she had she would have trod on it and crushed it intentionally. She puffed out her chest, trying not to seem weak. "Why are you alone anyway? You seem like you'd fit it with a small group."

"There isn't exactly anywhere for anyone. All the humans are gone if you haven't noticed." A sarcastic sentence indeed emitted itself from Tesla's toothy mouth. She had had enough of this carno's games, if you could call them games. Tess noticed the shift in the female's stance, weery of her more authoritative demeanor.

"So.." Tess started sifting through the dirt with a large toe claw, "You are Nightshade. A Carnotaurus. Wouldn't someone like you be in a pack?" The Allosaurus smirked a little. "I mean, you seem built for the job." Tesla was distracting her. "You know, you haven't even asked my name. I could be anyone. Not just who I say I am." Tesla grinned.

She moved with her signature cat-like grace that was beautiful enough for you to get lost in her ways. In the arena, it was called "The Dance Of Death". Everyone knew this, move, this distraction, this beautiful arrangement of moves that could entice even the most formidable of opponents. They couldn't help but look.

"Do you challenge me, dear Nightshade?" Tesla sneered, inching herself closer and closer, the carno too intrigued at her movements to look away.

I couldn't really be bothered for a challenge. But I guess I should keep my muscles in tune. "Challenge accepted. Tesla." She specifically pointed out her name, she had heard her owners talking about her before and this move she did. There was no mistaking it was her. She grinned, or if dinosaurs could grin, that's what she did. She pawed the ground with her foot and tilted her head down, the only way to reach her now was to go to the side of or in between the horns. Either way, Nightshade would be able to get a hit. She swung her head back and roared, then once again swung it down into a defensive posistion. "Good luck."
"Won't need it." Tesla replied snarkly. The Carno got the first hit in, her horns ramming into the base of Tesla's tail she tried to move out of the way. Fortunately for the allosaurus, the hard, bumpy ridges of her hide gave her some protection. Even with the natural armor, the curled horns of the carno made two small-ish puncture holes in her tail.

The female Allosaurus made a sound resembling the warning rattle sound of a rattlesnake, and as she did so the quills down her spine ruffled upwards. Tesla had size on her side and bite force too. The two therapods clashed together, the length of their bodies scraping up against the other. Tesla repositioned herself and now her lean, muscular body was perpendicular to Nightshade's compact one.

Tess sprinted towards the Carnotaurus, her deadly mouth opening to reveal 52 serrated teeth, much longer and in higher multitude than that of the carno's. She wrapped the mouth of death around Nightshade's left ankle, biting down as she heard a crack in the bones. Tesla shook her head back and forth like a crocodile would when tearing off flesh. The other Dino's stout, compact body wouldn't alow her the bend the left far enough the stop the allosaurus's assault on her leg. Tesla finally let go, Nightshade giving off a howl of pain.

"Raaaaarrrwwwww!" An emense, gutteral roar bellowed off in the distance. Both females' heads whipped up in repsonse.

"Holy hell." Tesla exclaimed, both carnivores suddenly forgetting their current brawl in favor of something a little more productive. Tesla turned to Nightshade, who was limping on her ankle. Blood coated her entire left leg below the knee. Tesla hadn't bitten in too hard, hard enough to break a couple bones, but not the whole foot. The allosaurus propped her nose in the air. "Lord a Rex...a bull Rex. And he doesn't sound happy...we should get out of here. Look, sorry for the temper. I have issues with that. Let me help you out. I don't think either of us want to be around when big boy gets here." Tesla confessed, offering the limping therapod a helping claw.

Nightshade stretched out her leg, luckily it felt like she hadn't broken anything, she felt the bone popping back into place. She then accepted the opponents apology and as quick as she possibly could started to get away. "How's your side?" She carried on running her leg clicking occasionally as the bone hadn't had time to fully set in it's socket. She heared the rex's roar again, it sounded closer than it was before, even if she could sustain a fight against it, she wouldn't be left in very good shape afterwards.

(Just be careful not to godmod - Basically that means describe what other players character do without them asking you to :) )

Nightshade seemed fine to stand on her own so Tesla didn't attempt to help her. She felt slightly bad about hurting her leg, knowing her temper got the best of her sometimes. She looked towards the carno, her head hung low. Unconsciously, the allosaurus stared at her. Nightshade was very thick, with a lot of muscle. She would easily outweigh her. Tesla thought the gradient transition from black scales to purple underbelly was rather fascinating. She was weird like that. Tess found colors so....attractive.

The uncertainty of the bull Rex somewhere behind them loomed in the air, even though the two females had at least 4 miles in between them and the male. Breaking the silence, Tess spoke up.

"So what's your story Nightshade?" Tesla asked a bit awkwardly. "Oh and you can call me Tess if you'd like. Most don't really like saying 'Tesla' for some reason. The one who came up with my nickname was Tho-...well nevermind." The female Allosaurus caught herself and pointed her proud head towards the ground.

Nightshade noticed how Tesla's head had sunk. She wondered who the being was that she missed. "Well, I was born of champion blood so I was very valuable. Few had seen me in combat but many knew of my strength. I didn't like fighting though, expecially for these humans so I refused to train since I was young. But because I was such a well built dinosaur for combat many trainers brought me in an attempt to tame me. The final one who took me in before humans dissapeared gave me these horns and refused to feed me unless I fought and won. I managed to escape just a few days before humans dissapeared and here I am now." She wasn't sure how to feel about her past but she tried not to let it dawn on her too much.

The New World

It's set some time in the distant future, the remaints of human destruction is crumbling and nature is beginning to reform the Earth and dinosaur's are back to rule it.


Human's brought dinosaur's back to life through many years of research, modifying and failed trails. These dinosaur's were brought by rich people who turned them in to beasts of battle. They modified their dinosaur's to be able to win in comabat, attaching metal claws, genetically modifying their genes so they would have sharper, longer teeth. All of these differences gave the dinosaurs advantages, but also weakness'. The metal claws rusted and eventually began to snap and the longer, sharper teeth were snapping and causing the dinosaurs pain. With every strength there is a weakness, always.

The humans fought these dinosaurs greedily, many didn't care what the dinosaurs felt. They rejected the ones who weren't strong enough, threw away the ones who could no longer fight, left behind those who could no longer walk.

The humans were soon to meet their fate. They placed so much time and money on 'improving' and 'developing' their world that no one payed attention to the very small amount of nature that remained. This in turn proved to be fatal. No one remembers exactly how the humans fought themselves to extinction, but they did and once again dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Are you ready to join this new world?


The plot explains it all.


No God-Modding It's really annoying.

No being inpolite! Characters can have conflicts between them but don't offend anyone personally and if they do not wish to be against you don't force them to be.

Stick to the rules of Exhibited! Obviously.

No being almighty and unbeatable, if you're particularily strong and have a high defence then you must be slow etc.

You may have modification's eg metal spikes but nothing like machine guns or lasers etc.

Try to be active!

Have fun! ^-^ Enjoy!

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

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