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Samateus (#2970)

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"Lots of Barosaurus meat in shop!"
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Happy New Year 2014!!! :)
5:33am Jan 1st, 2014
Hi my dear friend! Found lots of dinos in the reserve. Do you need Ornis, Micros, Megas or Ovis maybe?
4:11am Oct 23rd, 2013
Glad to hear that you like him. Good luck with breeding with him! :)
2:13am Oct 23rd, 2013
Hi my friend! Found a Deinon in the reserve and thought you could need him. ;)
3:18am Oct 21st, 2013
Thanks for messaging me! I'll get some help for you straight away. :D
3:24pm Oct 17th, 2013
yeah :< its been like that for awhile,...
9:53am Oct 16th, 2013
haro :>
7:37am Oct 16th, 2013
cool :D
7:25am Oct 2nd, 2013
man I have a craveing to rp with someone but like most of my friends that do rps are gone today while other friends depend and wait for me to ask which I hate doing >~
1:54pm Sep 28th, 2013
yeah :< FR seems to have a lot of bugs lol
1:50pm Sep 28th, 2013
my friend spotty aka the mod here on EX is aveing trouble with that to :<
12:13pm Sep 28th, 2013
I am okay, a bit depreesed cause of family resons, and familures can be difficult lol
11:54am Sep 28th, 2013
good mornin :>
10:45am Sep 28th, 2013
Okay :)
10:22pm Sep 5th, 2013
thanks *hugs* also I hope your day is going well, also could I ask, do you know any good coral painter toturials?
8:53pm Sep 5th, 2013
got some type of flue and cant go to the doctors to get medicine and being yelled and cursed at for being sick and wanting soup...Idk about my family anymore. They just don't even care >
9:35am Sep 5th, 2013
Mooornin :D how have you been? owo
9:32am Sep 3rd, 2013
Oh yeeees - a wonderful thing. I love my storage! :D Sent the balloons for next year. ;)
3:20pm Aug 22nd, 2013
Thank you so much for all the ballons!!! I saw too late that the summer splash was over and was sooo near to the next price. :( - Do you like to have the other balloons I still have for you for next year?
4:12pm Aug 19th, 2013
Found some balloons for you! Hope they'll help to get one of the other prices! :)
4:45pm Aug 15th, 2013
The clip-on pufferfish - cool! I will try to get one of the backgrounds. And again sent you those balloons I found. Wasn't many, sorry. Maybe I will have more luck tomorrow. ;)
3:50pm Aug 12th, 2013
Thanks again for the balloons! Sent you all the red ones I found yesterday and today! :)
2:50pm Aug 11th, 2013
So many green balloons! :O You didn't have to send me any back. Thanks! XD
12:24am Aug 9th, 2013
Whoooow! So many balloons!!! Seems that you have more luck to find them. I found only 8 today and already sent them to you. Hope to find more. Thanks a lot - you're absolut fantastic!!!! :)
5:46pm Aug 8th, 2013
That's fantastic, I'm glad, too!!! :) I help if I can and if other user help me I try to help them, too. Together, not against each other. Many things are easier when all work together. ;)
2:54pm Aug 5th, 2013
Yes, I think the same. Why should I have them in my inventory when I can help another user with those. - Only three, sorry. But better than nothing. Will collect more for you if I should find them. ;)
2:52pm Aug 4th, 2013
Oh whow! So many!!! Now I have a very bad conscience. I could try to get more red balloons, atm I have none, but could collect them for you and send them. Would that be okay for you? I have more luck in finding those for the others than for me. *g*
9:39am Aug 3rd, 2013
I started with the shells and went on with the bottles. Still don't have all of them and none plushies. What about IoT or SoD?
9:30am Aug 3rd, 2013
I could need them of course. But I have no more red ballons, my dear. exd instead or other items maybe?
9:25am Aug 3rd, 2013
You should get the red balloons now. Thank you very much for the blue ones!! :)
8:01am Aug 3rd, 2013
mkay. I will send you a message for backgrounds and so forth for you c:
11:08pm Jul 24th, 2013
full background please c: and well I was gonna ask you If I could do another order of a dragon? possibly a tag also for it...
10:48pm Jul 24th, 2013
yep ^u^
8:42am Jul 24th, 2013
I'm gooood and you? :o
3:16am Jul 21st, 2013
Ballooon party 8D
10:12pm Jul 16th, 2013
Okay, it's fixed. :)!
6:10am Jul 14th, 2013
Yeah it looks like all types except for Hunting is having the same problem. Weird!
6:04am Jul 14th, 2013
Oh my. It does look that way. I'll look into it and see what I can do. :)
6:01am Jul 14th, 2013