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Joined January 20th, 2013

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"Celebrating six years with Aleki."
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Hello! May I breed my male terror bird with your female that is up for private stud? (^^)/
12:55pm Nov 28th, 2013
Cool, thanks. Guess I missed the memo xD
4:04pm Jul 21st, 2013
yes yes 8D
3:22pm Jul 21st, 2013
so that when he comes back you can send it to him? o.o
11:06am Jun 13th, 2013
do you want me to send you aleki's balar?
11:06am Jun 13th, 2013
hello priestling
11:39pm Jun 10th, 2013
Yeeees. Dis bb Bary is all MINE NOW MWAHAHA *hugs it*
9:51pm Jun 10th, 2013
your welcome :3
9:08pm Jun 9th, 2013
tell me when aleki has his create open <3
8:51pm Jun 9th, 2013
7:19pm May 29th, 2013
daw kk :3 anyways imma go do some things so I will see you again tommarow ^u^ also sorry for not being able to hang much lately :/ I have been kinda busy but I will make sure to talk to you more ^u^
5:14pm May 26th, 2013
sick as well xD anyways hope you get better :3 <3 how is Aleki?
4:57pm May 26th, 2013
aww kk. anyways how have you been :DDD been a long time since we talked ^u^ *hugs*
4:54pm May 26th, 2013
wanted to know :3 do you have minecraft by chance?
4:52pm May 26th, 2013
hey :D
4:51pm May 26th, 2013
List is on its way to you! ;)
1:03pm Apr 26th, 2013
Wanna have the codes for the color-potions? ;)
4:53am Apr 26th, 2013
Just working on my Acro breeding project :D
3:36pm Apr 23rd, 2013
Wassup :D
3:29pm Apr 23rd, 2013
For all I know I got it wrong, never heard someone ask about PART of a marking gene before. D'oh!
4:59pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Heeeeyyy, what's the idea jumping in front of me? Always too late to help anyone! >.
4:57pm Apr 22nd, 2013
anyways I also wanted to tell you if you ever want to breed sinors or terrors I will allow you to breed with mine for free if ya want. I was also wondering if you and Aleki wanted to be breeding partners with me?
8:54am Apr 18th, 2013
haha lol seriously though. im obsessed almost. its kinda scary xD
4:22pm Apr 17th, 2013
soooo i hear you like transformers ;) i saw your T-Rex packs xD i also love them
4:11pm Apr 17th, 2013
*poke* Love that light/egg picture you got! Actually seems to be expanding even though it isn't...
3:14pm Apr 5th, 2013
Just Hanging around. What is transcribing?
11:13pm Apr 3rd, 2013