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Aleki (#24462)

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Carnivore's Corner Farm
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Joined January 20th, 2013

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Hey Aleki i offered something on one of your trades :)
5:02am Dec 22nd, 2013
how have you been :DDD
1:31pm Sep 28th, 2013
sadjkashsjha Aleki 8D *clings*
1:07pm Sep 28th, 2013
I offered a scale on your trade :)
4:18am Jun 14th, 2013
hai <3
1:32pm Jun 6th, 2013
DDDD: oh my
1:14pm Jun 3rd, 2013
good :D how have you been?
12:41pm Jun 3rd, 2013
hai :D
12:07pm Jun 3rd, 2013
7:19pm May 29th, 2013
thank you and I am doing great :DDD
9:22pm May 27th, 2013
hai :DD
6:39pm May 27th, 2013
Repeat business: it's the very best kind. Sending you a Magic Peach as a fuzzy, mystical token of thanks. :D
9:51am May 14th, 2013
that is good ^u^ I seem to be hoarding dinos again 8I but like anyways XDDD if ya wanna breed with any of my dinos, its for free ;D
1:32pm May 12th, 2013
yes :DDD and sorry if it took awhile ;n; *hugs* how are you ^u^?
1:26pm May 12th, 2013
hai 8D
1:20pm May 12th, 2013
Many thanks for the meat buys at my shop. :)
7:37pm May 11th, 2013
no...just something i noticed
1:24pm Apr 11th, 2013
let me getthis strait,you have a tag...but you dont have an avatar
12:38pm Apr 11th, 2013
okay, if you can can you message me with prices and also pictures of some of the morphs and colors? :3
10:36pm Mar 18th, 2013
oh man owo when I move into my house is there any way I can perches one from you? and how much do they cost? owo
7:05pm Mar 18th, 2013
awww owo cute <3 like do you sell them at all? and what morphs do you breed?
5:35pm Mar 18th, 2013
you breed boas? owo
4:12pm Mar 18th, 2013
cool :) hey so is it okay if I make you a gift this weekend?
1:22pm Feb 15th, 2013
great :D I had a lot of fun :) how was yours :D
1:19pm Feb 15th, 2013
hello :D
1:16pm Feb 15th, 2013
Happy V-Day :)
12:13pm Feb 14th, 2013
thanks for hanging out today :D
11:41pm Feb 12th, 2013
I made an offer on your trade for the heart necklace
1:49pm Feb 10th, 2013
I made an offer on your trade for the heart necklace
1:49pm Feb 10th, 2013
your welcome ^_^
4:17pm Feb 7th, 2013
sent ya one of my special acros :) hope you enjoy <3
4:15pm Feb 7th, 2013
yes but I fell bad about it xD I was all to exited about it but anyways I will send you something in return, be back in a bit :)
4:10pm Feb 7th, 2013
I am sorry for taking the acro. I shall make it up to ya :3
4:08pm Feb 7th, 2013
12:39am Jan 30th, 2013
Home now. Naptime.
2:20pm Jan 27th, 2013
Yeah, I haven't slept much since Wednesday.
2:09pm Jan 27th, 2013
I didn't sleep last night in preparation of adjusting my schedule.
2:01pm Jan 27th, 2013
And I'm going to sleep when I get home. I fell asleep during communion today.
1:53pm Jan 27th, 2013
On phone, cannot browser and skype at same time.
1:39pm Jan 27th, 2013
*pokes back* I won the dodos!
1:35pm Jan 27th, 2013