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"Cristmus Gooby....pls. "
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Hope its not a typo as well.
4:27pm Dec 9th, 2013
I agree with you there. It was confirmed because on a site the preview for the episode was 'and the angel Gabriel intervenes.'
6:25am Dec 9th, 2013
Oh but one thing I am soooo excited about is that GABRIEL IS COMING BACK aggghhhhhh XD
5:16pm Dec 8th, 2013
Woah! I love it!
10:33pm Dec 5th, 2013
Yaay! ^w^)/
10:06pm Dec 5th, 2013
It says I'm to young to acces main boards. :/ ... ^^') could you send me a message on what is for sale and the price? ^w^)/
9:20pm Dec 5th, 2013
Oh! And if you do make me a tag, (I don't want to be picky ^^') could it be possibly if possible be Christmas themed? ^w^') want to be prepared for when Christmas comes. ^w^)/
3:18pm Dec 5th, 2013
Goey... Could you possibly make me a tag? ^^') name your price... If your making tags.. ^w^')/
2:48pm Dec 5th, 2013
Ok! ^w^)/
2:09pm Dec 5th, 2013
Hello? ^w^')
12:44pm Dec 5th, 2013
Hello! Would ou possibly like to buy Another lolosaurus? ^^') I could lower the price to 550,000$. ^w^')
9:35am Dec 5th, 2013
Woah those turned out awesome! How much is the total, including the frill addon?
4:52am Dec 5th, 2013
Whoops... Accidentally sent it to you... My big sis said I was supposed to put it for sale... ^^') he he.... *face palm* sorry.
6:49pm Dec 2nd, 2013
Sent him! ^w^)/ (really sorry about leh inbred-ness... ^^') )
6:23pm Dec 2nd, 2013
Yes please! ^w^)/ thank you so much! I'll send him right over!
6:17pm Dec 2nd, 2013
Hello! ^w^)/ would you possibly be intrested in buying a 3 day old lolosaurus for 500,000$? If you think the price is too low, or too high, tell me! ^w^)/
6:04pm Dec 2nd, 2013
(Continuing from other message) it won't let me. It says the pin is wrong but I tried 10 times and it didn't work. Can you please help? Thanks
5:23pm Nov 17th, 2013
Hi Gooey! I need help... My dinosaur enclosure for carnivores is empty (there are no dinosaurs in it) and I have a dinosaur in the moving crate but it won't let me put it in the enclosure. Can you please help? Also, I can't withdraw money from the bank, i
5:22pm Nov 17th, 2013
Hi Gooey, I was just going to ask you something about the dinosaur sale: What happens if you place a bid on a dinosaur but the owner won't accept because they haven't been online for 2 years? Will you not get the dinosaur or can a moderator help? Thanks :
7:41pm Nov 15th, 2013
gooeeey, can you get on ex chat ;w;
11:36am Nov 15th, 2013
Awesome tag, thank you :)
2:27pm Nov 14th, 2013
9:42pm Nov 5th, 2013
Hey Gooey. I could use some help again. My Bambiraptor Jinx has a tumor with 20% Severity.
9:36pm Nov 5th, 2013
Heya! The tags look awesome, very well done! ^^ I'll send the rest of the payment in a bit-- needed to calculate how much I still owe you. :D
4:05am Oct 31st, 2013
Wow, it is gorgeous... *_* Fantastic job! Thank you sooo much!
6:40pm Oct 23rd, 2013
Oh my golly! Thanks so much, it's too much cuteness. :3 I may have to get another one from you!
4:10pm Oct 23rd, 2013
Hey, if you have any way of contacting Kitty or Bob, you might want to let them know that the trials are bugged again and need to be reset!
9:59pm Oct 16th, 2013
Of course :) He's already up so go ahead and send a request.
8:59pm Oct 11th, 2013
I'm willing to put any of my acros up for stud for you :)
8:56pm Oct 11th, 2013
4:06pm Sep 19th, 2013
7:14pm Sep 17th, 2013
I am sick as well, also doing a livestream :>
7:09pm Sep 17th, 2013
how are you :>
12:32pm Sep 16th, 2013
hi :>
11:21am Sep 14th, 2013
your welcome <3
4:31pm Jul 26th, 2013
gooo <3 *hugs*
3:43pm Jul 26th, 2013
how have you been :DDD
6:53pm Jun 21st, 2013
gooo <3 *clings and hugs*
6:52pm Jun 21st, 2013
history is amazing <3
11:07am May 12th, 2013
great :D just doodleing here and there, doin' bio, and other things ^u^ how was everything?
10:32am May 12th, 2013
8U gooo *clings and noms*
10:09am May 12th, 2013
xDDD lol also I have to go to bed now c: rp with ya tommarow <3 *hugs*
11:40pm May 7th, 2013
sent and yesh xD late night movies <3
11:12pm May 7th, 2013
lol, they are fantastic aren't they?
10:58pm May 7th, 2013
awsome <3 also posted ^u^ I am enjoying the tack videos xD
10:53pm May 7th, 2013
hai :D
12:35pm Apr 29th, 2013
hai :D
5:41pm Apr 28th, 2013
:p hallo
8:25pm Apr 23rd, 2013
hi goo :D
11:31am Apr 21st, 2013
upgraded ya :3
10:25am Apr 17th, 2013
hi :D
8:19pm Apr 16th, 2013
goo ouo
2:08pm Apr 16th, 2013
tell her hi :D and hope you all have a great time *huggles*
9:05am Apr 13th, 2013
two people had guns and I guess did something but they had the helicopters and also cop cars potroling the neghborhood so we had to lock the windows and doors and shut everything off and go upstaires.
9:02am Apr 13th, 2013
great :D had police come to the neghbor hood last night and had to shut off the comp :| but anyways super :D
8:59am Apr 13th, 2013
8||| roar *clings* how are you ouo
8:56am Apr 13th, 2013
morning :D
9:00am Apr 12th, 2013
hi :D came back from class for a bit <3 how are you :)
12:07pm Mar 1st, 2013
one question. do you take commishions for exd or scales?
6:35pm Feb 25th, 2013
9:58pm Jan 28th, 2013
blarb :D
9:42pm Jan 28th, 2013