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Dinosaur Sales

Have a dinosaur for sale? Advertise it here!

Hey y'all,

I have a few dinos on sale. Below I will leave a link to the pens. I breed for genes and perfect conformation, so most of the dinos on sale would be Near Perfect or Perfect.

I am willing to negotiate prices, just shoot me a message!

Post: #316740
HERE IS THE URL FOR EACH OF MY ENCLOSURES. I am still going through and putting dinos up for sale. I plan to clear out most of my Rexes and Dimes, and clear out a few Linheraptors





Post: #316741

New Dimes listed!
Prices knocked down for remaining Rexes.

I will be listing a few Allos and Linhs later today.

Post: #316745
UPDATE: New Allos and Barys for Sale. All NGP or GP and sporting at least 5/6 perfects
Post: #316750
I have a bunch of Lihns for sale at very low prices! This includes some old males for $100 if anyone wants to get a last breeding from them!

All my Sinornithosaurus have also been placed for sale at low prices!
Post: #316755
MORE DINOS FOR SALE! ALL $500 and under!

Also I have several grade D herbivore herds for auction. I have a ton of grade D and B meat I'm willing to give for free to those who need
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