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The active users compendium
This old island, so far out to sea. A haven for creatures time left behind, brought back by the most brilliant minds in the field. The buildings here have aged, and most of the people and staff who once lived and worked here have moved on to other ventures... but some farms are still active. Electricity remains on, and the thundering footfalls of dinosaurs still shake this isolated place on Earth.


Greetings all Exhibited Inhabitants! As we all know, Exhibited has become a very quiet place over the last few years. Many of us just grew out of the game, some moved on to different sites, yet others are waiting for Evosaur...

But we are still here! With registration closed and many people gone probably never to return, Exhibited still exists in a playable, enjoyable state. Let's make the best of it while we can, huh?

This thread is meant to be a place where active players can connect. Share your goals, your favourite dinosaurs, and find other end-game stickarounds to work together with!

With a more limited supply of active dinosaurs to breed, and with public studding via inactive accounts offering only a little more wiggle room depending on the parameters you search for, those of us with long dino lineages will have to be on guard for inbreeding. Give us an idea of what your plans are, and maybe another player has the perfect partner for one of your star dinos!

Should there come a critical moment where the bloodlines of premium dinos start getting cramped, there might be a pressure to introduce fresh Lab blood. This idea I had is nothing more than that as of yet, but perhaps those of us with scales to our names could (on a fully voluntary basis) pool them together to see if we could in essence 'crowd-fund' a new first-generation premium lab dino!

(Or we could try giving an admin our best puppy eyes. Take pity please for we cannot haz scales)

I know I'm talking a lot about those premium dinos, but regular dinos are of course also more than welcome! If it's a dino you love, then it's one you should treasure <3

Anyway- Hi, I'm Tessa/Tex! I joined way back in 2013 (it feels like it's been almost a decade! wait-) and I decided to take a dip into nostalgia a few days ago, finding the site as deserted as it had been the last time I had logged on sometime in... I want to say 2019? maybe 2020? But away with such sullen thoughts! Exhibited is still here, and I've taken the dive back in!

During the time where I was previously last logged in, I acquired a female allosaurus, and from her I bred almost a dozen more without ever talking to any of the few other people I saw online. I didn't play EX much in it's heyday, and I was always a bit anxious when it came to spontaneously engaging an internet stranger in conversation.

I used my handful of free scales issued after the EXII announcement to buy myself an overlay liscence, and now that I'm back I intend to continue breeding Allos, and to start collecting the other premium species too! I've even managed to shake a stick at my anxiety and messaged a few of the other remaining actives to see if I could buy dinos through them! Yay for character growth!

I enjoy working out the kinks with little passion projects, so breeding 6/6s and getting those perfect genomes is a big source of personal pride to me. I also greatly enjoy battling my dinos for fun and profit, and am trying to wrap my head 'round the ways of herbie keeping!

I'm so happy to be back here, let's have some fun! Please introduce yourself below if you wish. :)


Active users:
Specialty: 6/6 Allos, battling
Goals: Premium 6/6 dinos with good genetics with a nice variety of the different eye colours.
Offering help with: Allo breeding/studding, future premium species if/when I acquire stock

Specialty: not indicated
Goals: not indicated
Offering help with: Helping to get Kitty's attention if/when EX encounters critical errors such as wipes/lockouts.

Specialty: hangin' out and chatting!
Goals: working towards a 6/6 dino
Offering help with: Just having fun! :)

Specialty: High-stat Carnos
Goals: Continuing current favourite Carno lines
Offering help with: Carno progenitor acquisition for interested parties
Note: not online very often, easier to contact through telegram or discord

Specialty: Roleplay!
Goals: None indicated
Offering help with: Not indicated
Note: not online very often

Terra Greymane
Specialty: 6/6 premium and non-premium dinos, T-rex in particular!
Goals: Various unspecified projects
Offering help with: studding any of the species they own to help freshen up bloodlines

Specialty: high-perfect, colourful premium dinos (and Bambiraptors!)
Goals: Currently working on increasing Terror bird & Allo stock, as well as perfecting the quality of held stock in general
Offering help with: starting up new bloodlines through selling/trading/ocassional private studding.

Specialty: 6/6 Acros and Spinos, other premiums
Goals: Reviving the EX economy through various methods
Offering help with: studding to improve/freshen up lineages, providing breeding stock through sale, general game advice (Tessa: thank you for all your aid Native <3)

Bob the Dragon (MOD)
Specialty: Using awesome mod powers to provide Zani with the means to supply the community with important items.
Goals: Getting active enough to look after own plant lineage again
Offering help with: saving us from bloodline bottlenecking through aforementioned teamwork with Zani <3

Zani (MOD)
Specialty: Using awesome mod powers to help the community bring in some fresh dino blood!
Goals: none stated
Offering help with: saving us from bloodline bottlenecking through aforementioned teamwork with Bob <3

Specialty: Most of the premium dinos, high perfects, GP and NGP.
Goals: keeping own lab-grown bloodlines neat and seperated
Offering help with: providing male studs of various species, possibly sales in future

Specialty: High-quality Rexes
Goals: Providing quality Rex blood and joining the flurry of activity we're building back up!
Offering help with: studding and selling Rexes

Specialty: Sinornithosaurus, Allosaurus, Graciliraptors, and Pyroraptor
Goals: Breeding Sinornithosaurus, Allosaurus, Graciliraptors, and Pyroraptors with eye colours that are underrepresented in their active populations.
Offering help with: providing studding services through rare eye colour studs for the above species.

Actively breeding: Allosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Albertosaurus, Dimetrodon, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, all of GP/NGP quality. Getting started on breeding: Canotaurus, Baryonyx, Terror Bird Not started: Dimetrodon, Terrors.
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Wulfraptor here and well I am probably the only person here who knows how to get access to Kitty rn but I'm only going to reach out to her for site failing bugs AKA all our stuff or dinos go poof, nobody can log in, ect.

I gave my word to Kitty I wouldn't bother her for no reason. I may have gotten in trouble in Lioden over using their mod box to get a hold of kitty when the dinos went poof recently. Not internet stalker here.

I might not log in daily rn but I do check the boards every day
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Hi I’m Kat. I signed up back in 2012-ish and after an almost 10-year hiatus came back about a month ago to see what was going on here. I was sad to see it so active, but happy that a few people still play!

I never got really good at breeding but once upon a time had a few big guys. Just recently got some Baryonyx and Spinos through some good luck finding rare items. Right now just trying my hand and building some packs and playing to see what happens! I may eventually go absent again, since life is really busy, but in these slow winter months I find extra time on my hands and am happy to pop on here for a half hour a day and see what’s happening.

I’m unfortunately not much help since I’m relearning everything but I don’t mind being chatty!

My goal on here is just to get a few interesting-looking dinos and spend some time enjoying the site for a while. I would also like to work out breeding my first 6-6 perfect dino but am in no urgency to do so.
Want: Archaeopteryx, Linheraptors, or eggs for those
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I login every few months to see how things are going. Really I just don't have time between work and school. Plus, without the social aspects the game gets tedious.
I only have carnotaurus but I'm happy to give some away to anyone looking to start a line. Otherwise I could put out some studs. Mostly I just like keeping my high stat lines going and I may breed for some color variation on the side.
Messaging me on here would take ages to get through though, so if anyone wants a dino my discord is on my farm page or messaging @Adflicta on telegram is the quickest way to get a hold of me. Though do note I have 1 day a week where I'm not busy from 9am-9pm so I may take a minute to get back to you.
It is crazy though, I was 10 when I started playing this game and my dinosaurs were my main stress in life. Now I have to worry about things like graduating, paying rent, deciding whether getting a tattoo from a guy I met on the sidewalk is a good idea. I can barely even find the time to be an unhinged cannibal anymore.

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I check in here and there but haven't really had the time to keep up w dinos at the moment
I was more involved in the rp community than anything else
Everybody likes free stuff.
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Hi! Terra Greymane here! I try to log in almost every day at least once a day! I've been playing at once like 2013. I have several pens and over 160 Dinos. My favorite is the T-Rex. I was working on more things, but I will have to wait for the scales I purchased back in November or December, whenever Kitty gets back on as I'm sure she will eventually. My goals are to keep breeding dinos, especially the premium breeds.
~Terra Stark~
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To go with my post...I'm more than willing to offer free studdings on my males and females of any species I own to help get better dinos back into Exhibited! :)
~Terra Stark~
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Hey, guys! I'm late to the post, but better late than never, I suppose. ^^

I'm LunaOfMidnight, but you can just call me Luna. I used to be Joker's Girl back in the day!

I breed the big carnivores, with the addition of Bambiraptors. But I'm breeding Bambis for fun. ^^

I breed:

- Rexes
- Dimes
- Carnos
- Barys
- Albertos
- Acros
- and recently, got back into Terrors, as well as starting Allos.

I breed for primarily color, eye color, perfects, and genes. Right now, though, I'm working on getting my stock numbers way up. However, I try to keep my specifications in mind at the same time.

I used to put breeding contracts on my dinos back in the day, but right now, with all stock being sparse, I am not tying them to one.

My dinos come with the MBD and Avian Flu vaccine before being sold.

I usually do not offer studs, but if you have a dino in mind you want to breed with one of mine, I can do a private studding. :D

I'm also open to trading dinos that we breed.

Formally Joker's Girl.
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Hello all! I apologize for being a little late to the bandwagon here (nursing school runs my life lol).

I'm Native! I've been in and out on EX since around 2011-2012ish. I'm usually on at least a couple times every day just to check up on things and get some breeding done if necessary. I'm happy to chat, answer questions, or collaborate with breeding projects. I also have a pretty good grasp on EX's genetic platform and can help with getting rare eye colors and desired genetic quality.

I have all the big guys, with the exception of T-rexes. Mostly I focus on my Acrocanthosaurus and my Spinosaurus lines. I breed for genetic perfection, conformation, bright & distinguished color, and rare eye colors. I do not do much battling. My stock is top notch, premium quality with high grade characteristics. I'm also a very active seller and will often have chicks (and sometimes adults) up for sale at market so always check in if you are looking for something. I actively try keeping EX's economy alive by having fresh stock for sale. I also will breed privately for those who are interested in buying something specific. This I particularly enjoy!!

My sales prices differ as I am currently trying to get a gauge on the market. Right now my top quality stock (GP+ 6/6 + Rare Eyes) goes up for sale around 150-160k. I will also accept scales as payment or trade for dinos I am in need of. Generally I'm pretty open with payment method. My babies also come tagged and vaccinated for Avian Flu and MBD.

As far as studding goes, nearly all of my males are up for stud and available to the public to use. I only have Baryonyx and Terror bird females up for public stud as of currently. Generally I don't stud my females out but given the current lack of useable gene pool, I'd be happy to put my girls up upon request. Male stud prices are between 6-8k and females are between 15-20k.I have male studs in the following breeds:

-Albertosaurus (coming soon)

It's great to see more people coming back! Happy playing!

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you can add me and zani if you want o/

I haven't been actively playing at all, but zani is helping me exist here again. my specialty right now is mostly just using my head mod powers to generate items, so zani can give them out.

my main goal right now is hoping I can get active enough to revive my dear Potted Plant and care for her again.

At the moment, I'm just a little quiet background creature though

seals seals seals
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I'm active, though admittedly I've been doing more spurts due to college graduation nearing! I simply have less time than I did before and admittedly I'll be focused more on life in general.

That being said, I've got most if not all of the premium breeds (Breeds that are obtained from using a transformative item) and I have a lot of herbivore species in breeding. I try to maintain 0% inbreeding in all dinos and have been putting males as public studs now. Depending on how it goes I might even start selling dinos again, but for now it's mainly breeding my own and trying to keep the bloodlines from running into eachother.

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I’m active here and there but mostly in the winter as in the summer time I’m a horse wrangler! I currently have goats and a cow and am trying to start up my homestead, I’ve always loved animals and I think that’s where my love for this game started. I signed up the same time as y’all did back in 2012 and I’m 23 now, so I feel u nyx lol!

I love rexes and honestly don’t know how I acquired my brood stock, I think 12 year old me asked people with rexes if I could have one and they kindly gave me one haha…

Now that I know more on how genetics work and the game runs, I focus more on quality and color than stats. I stud out my rexes to support the herbies to then feed the rexes, it’s a cycle lol mommy’s gotta pay the bills right?? My goal is to offer and sell excellent stock by the pairs and threes. Seeing people become more active makes me so so happy I hope everyone continues to stick around!

many many projectsss
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Hey I'm Lux!! I've been on every day or every other day trying to get some rare eye colors back into the game! Currently I'm only breeding and interested in Sinornithosaurus, Allosaurus, Graciliraptors, and Pyroraptors. I am breeding a ton of albino-eyed beauties so that more people can breed for all the eye colors they want. I have a few perfect Sinornithosaurus too that I will be putting up for CHEAP stud once I get some more bebehs from them.

I focus more on eye colors rather than perfects lol.

Eventually, if the site stays up, I'll be adding other dinos to my list if you're looking for rare eye colors. Just let me know!
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EDIT: I now have rexes :)

(thank you TrippyDingo!)
"Life is too short to eat bland food, drive boring cars, and worry about regrets." -Me
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Hey there, I'm PrimordialProxy! I'm here every now and then when I get vaguely nostalgic of times lost past (ha!).

I don't have any long term goals in the game. At least, not counting trying to keep my old dinos alive and well and battle-ready enough to be able to afford to keep them.

I breed Megaraptors and Velociraptors, mainly. And I'll try to start up on Allosaurus on the side since I apparently have one.

All-in-all I'm just chilling.
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Hi y'all, this is Fluffy-Raptor, I've been playing this game on and off since 2011. Recently I jumped back on out of curiosity and have been active just as a fun stress relief with college classes.

I primarily breed Allos, Barys, and Linhs with the majority of them Near Perfect or Perfect in terms of genes and conformation. I am more than happy to collab with others to keep these lines going! I will most likely put up the males for cheap stud soon, but am also willing to do private breedings and split eggs.

I also recently picked up Acros, Sinos (Lux I bought up most of the ones you put up for sale), and Dilos for fun.

I am glad there are people still active on this game!

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