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Me looking at my EX fish tank every morning like

Post: #316459
Haha. It seems a pair of my fish I have had a long time has not bred, either. :( ...but my others have?

Formally Joker's Girl.
Post: #316460
The FAQ says there's a 20% chance of them breeding, but at this rate, i beg to differ :///
Post: #316461
Odd. I used to have fish that breed all the time and yeah I have had that pair for quite some time.

Formally Joker's Girl.
Post: #316462
That's so weird!

In other news, I realized I had like...too many fish? And when I cleared them out, and made sure I had at least 3-4 females, I used the grapefruit juice...and only got two babies kjsfgsfgd
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