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Happy New Year & Snowball Winners!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st January 2012
The Snowball Fight results are in!

The top 5 snowball throwers are as follows, with the winner receiving 50 scales, 2nd place receiving 25 and all runners up receiving 5 scales each...
1) Najica (#32206) with 42 snowballs thrown!
2) Echo (#31345) with 33 snowballs thrown!
3) Breeze (#18775) with 26 snowballs thrown!
4) Sunita (#134) with 22 snowballs thrown!
5) PrimordialProxy (#928) with 19 snowballs thrown!

Thanks for playing guys and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
By PrimordialProxy (#928) on 2023-01-19 23:42:35
Oh I didn't realize gaining scales was actually achievable, heh.
By Caynine (#3734) on 2023-01-22 07:51:20
Yes, I got some from the Halloween event! C: