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New Month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 3rd Aug 2010
So, it's August and things *should* have rolled over. ;)

Unfortunately they didn't though. Clubs have had to be manually reset this month (should be fixed for next month however) and I've manually given out the prizes for this month's club.

The winner of last month was the Claw Club. All claw club members have been sent their club's summer item, the Claw Club Bracelet.
Claw Bracelet

I need to know who had the most votes for their club last month so I can set them to be this month's leaders. Please comment with your club name and the person you saw with the most votes. I already have feather's ready. ;)

This month's donation item has changed to a reeeeeeally cool item too, the Candyland Background. I've also dropped it to donating a minimum of $20 to receive this item, because I think everyone should have it. XD It's so cool.


We also have a new moderator: Everyone welcome Herbal (#416) to the team! ;D
By Griffel (#113) on 03-08-2010 12:58:03
Congrats Herbal :D

Also, I won the election for Tooth club leader. :)
By Hyapin (#279) on 03-08-2010 13:17:43
Congrats Herbal and Griffel! :D
By Eryn (#35) on 03-08-2010 13:36:51
Congrats both of you :D
By Kiyi² (#1173) on 03-08-2010 13:58:51
Congratulations Herbal~ :D
Oh, and I'm pretty positive that Kitei had the most votes for Quil club.
By New User (#1246) on 03-08-2010 14:34:55
congrats herbal!im prlly never gonna be a mod :( but its not my day so cangrats both of you!
By Herbal (#416) on 03-08-2010 15:34:38
By lemon (#110) on 03-08-2010 17:37:47
I'll add spending $20 in scales to my wishlist, then. :D
And yeah, Kitei won the Quill club.

Also, 'grats Herbal, and claw club!
By Gracie (#28) on 03-08-2010 20:39:25
Welcome Herb n.n
By Humerus (#221) on 03-08-2010 21:50:20
Yay Herbal!
By Herbal (#416) on 04-08-2010 02:50:02
Aii, need to rember that :hrt: doesn't work other ways here x)

Anyway, I believe Flamez won leadership for the Claw Club :D
By 11starplayer (#37) on 04-08-2010 13:08:54
Herbal! :) Welcome to the staff!
By Dyr (#17) on 04-08-2010 15:29:08
My little Herbal is all grown up! -tear- x)

By Mod Herbal (#4) on 04-08-2010 19:06:29
Congrats to Herbal and the Claw club! I love the new background xD
By New User (#261) on 05-08-2010 13:26:54
I know I'm so late on this, but, congratulations Herbal! :D
By Kitei Spare (#79) on 07-08-2010 17:01:55
Indeedy, I had the most votes last month for Quill. ^^
By Pie (#651) on 08-08-2010 17:01:11
I'm iin the Claw Club, and the one with the most votes is Ben Flamez.