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New Month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd May 2013
Hey guys!

It's a new month and this month I decided to keep the Yellow Egg Cosy as the donation item, with the view of retiring it after this month with only some random appearances after that. :)

I'd also like to take a moment to apologize for any lack of activity you may have noticed from me. I am currently working on something very, very awesome that I believe will rock Exhibited, but I just can't tell you what it is yet! So hang in there with me, and I promise you won't be disappointed. :)

On another note, if you could put your vote in with the latest poll, that would be super helpful!
By Dino Overlord (#2404) on 2013-05-02 15:51:06
mind if i guess? relationships! also if you do make herbivores like carnivores may i suggest still the option of collecting meat from them if they die
By Syreion (#24970) on 2013-05-02 16:04:40
Oh Kitty...our beloved overlord returns from her long (ish) absence and teases us? So cruel! But on a more serious note...woot another month to prepare for something big! XD

Yeah, I like the idea of getting meat on death still, similar to how the carnivores give us fossils. Herbivore meat is a big part of the game, losing it would be a blow. The other big concern is keeping up with so many dinoholics already are overwhelmed even with the scale features!
By Lagomorph (#24866) on 2013-05-02 19:30:12
/loves the pole/ I'd die of happy if the plant eaters was just like the meat eaters, with breeding and patterns and everything else.
By Striker (#17510) on 2013-05-02 19:40:00
I agree Lagomorph; I don`t see why the carnivores should be any better then the herbivores... dinosaurs are dinosaurs. *Nods*
Anyway, I can`t wait for the next update; you got my completely stoked for it, hope it`s as good as you say it is. ;)
By Kubbub (#20090) on 2013-05-03 11:25:27
I can't wait! I REALLY want some herbivores! I know more herbivores than carnivores! I can't wait!!! I am SO exited! :D Eeeeeeeee!!!
By Siren (#24019) on 2013-05-04 23:20:44
The suspense is KILLING ME! :D And yay, let's hope herbivores get made like carnivores :D I'd love to own a lambeosaurus
By Swift the Marauding Bard (#3575) on 2013-05-10 16:13:01
Herbivores like Carnivores is a nice idea, but they should still give meat when they die... actually, I'd rather take the meat than lots of dinos that need the same care as raptors but don't give anymore stat raising A+ Baro meat lol
By Solivare (#24968) on 2013-05-12 22:19:42
Ah Kitty, you always seem to fool me with this suspense. But also with that last pole and how every bodies been talking about it, when herbivores die (if they are treated like carnivores) it'll be a fantastic idea for them to drop meat. The more fun the merrier, am I correct?
By dinohunter44 (#27220) on 2013-09-13 23:16:32
I dont think herbivores should be like carnivores because then when to different species figjt one may have body armor and then the fights wouldt be as fun also if we could watch the carnivores battle each other that would be cool