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Exhibited Press - Comments

1st of the month!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Sep 2011
It's the 1st of the month! Which means... A new monthly donation item!

Rainbow DNA Modifier

The Rainbow DNA Modifier will let you choose which marking type you want your dinosaur to be. Not heavy/common etc, but the pattern itself - so leopard, blanket, etc. You can only change to a marking that exists for that species though, of course!

I also have individual DNA modifiers that I'll release in the scale shop at one point, too.

Regarding other updates:

All updates and work is being done on the other server for EX at the moment, which is why there's a slight lack here. Among them are:

* Trials are being revamped to be more seperated. You'll have to register a dinosaur for one trial type and trialling should be easier now.
* Racing trials will allow you to place bets on them.
* Hunting trials will no longer be player-createable.
* Agility will have different course types unlockable per dinosaur once they've been entered in enough trials.
* Conformation has a chance to win double points with a second first place, due to all species having seperate 1st-10th places.
* There will be a new trial-type; Strength Pulling, specifically for the larger dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex. Coincidentally, they are banned from Agility (for obvious reasons!!)
* Battle moves now have to be learned through levelling up, rather than by just appearing when you have the right strength.
* Battles now have 2 healing moves, and 3 dodge moves that have the chance to boost stats. They'll only boost stats 1 time during the battle each though to avoid mass-spamming. ;D

There are tons more also, but those are what I've been working at the moment. I'm trying to hurry everything up because the new EX is really just so awesome and I want you guys to see it. @.@;

Also, we have a third map incoming. Preview here:

Map Preview

And finally, we have a new NPC coming with the new layout. Well, we actually have several, but she is the one I'm most excited about:


Her name is Vadoma.

Thanks for being awesome, EX!!
By Paya (#2473) on 01-09-2011 06:49:30
Vadoma looks very gypsy-like! Hmm ... could she be a fortune teller, maybe with the ability to make a dinosaur gain or lose stats?
By Nemy (#10830) on 01-09-2011 06:49:41
A gypsy! :D I'm guessing she'll be selling exotic items 'n such?
By Mod Herbal (#4) on 01-09-2011 06:55:27
The Canoe is missing his paddle and looks mournfully towards it.

Can't wait for everything to be unleashed upon us 8D
By Cora-roar (#6452) on 01-09-2011 07:03:51
Vadoma's purpose is to be a lab scientist X3
By Nemy (#10830) on 01-09-2011 07:10:42
She's a scavenger-hunt type of NPC that asks you to bring a certain species of dinosaur for her to look at every day? 8D
By Alexa (#10687) on 01-09-2011 07:34:50
i think she sell rare and cool looking dino maybe and buys one she want from you
By Jenny Dread (#11921) on 01-09-2011 08:35:50
Is Vadoma a questgiver? Maybe she asks for a dinosaur with particular specs and your required to find them within the time span... :)
By Ankokou (#3281) on 01-09-2011 08:55:01
It's all very exciting, thank you. :D

I would have guessed she's a fortune teller too, with sometimes a dino getting a good fortune and gaining some benefit from it. Like being more lucky and doing better in trial that day, or more prosperous and gaining more money from their battles. Likewise, sometimes the future is more bleak and they won't do so well.
By Dragon Keeper (#11720) on 01-09-2011 09:45:55
She will send out attacking dinosaurs that wear lots of amulets???
By taildfox (#10015) on 01-09-2011 11:07:10
I think that Vadomas' purpose is that perhaps she has like this.. crystal ball or something and she can give your dinosaur/dinosaurs a boost of some sort or something a wheel or fortune!!!! :DDDDDD =w= hur hur
By feralhydra 2 ( kristy XD) (#6068) on 01-09-2011 13:31:03
dose she sell flying of swimming dinos?
By worlds largest gummie bear (#8727) on 01-09-2011 13:47:51
Cant wait for all of these wonderful updates!

I thing Vadoma could someone who works with dinos, like the lab, or selling them. My other idea was that because it says she perfers some dinos over others, that she mabe gives the dinos that she likes that the players have some kind of item, or stat boost.
By Whitefire (#4520) on 01-09-2011 13:51:43
Vadoma's perpose is that the dinos she likes have a higher win rate, while the ones she doesn't are lower/ not allowed to be battled by her.
By Elite (#4611) on 01-09-2011 14:39:27
I cant wait for the new Layout! Very Very VERY happy and cant wait!
By Elite (#4611) on 01-09-2011 14:42:36
(It didnt write everything I wanted it to.)

Also Vadoma...Very Mysterious...

I think she will be part of the Park thing. Or she will do something or sale something very cool for your dinosaur.

I really dont know(But I geuss thats the point =3). I just cant wait for the new layout/map and everything else!
By Undead Soldier (#6674) on 01-09-2011 14:44:04
She might be someone whom is like a trainer, except diffrent dinos may benifet some ways more then others, and, some dinos would get lower incresses, decresses, or, none at all.
By PurpleLover (#6001) on 01-09-2011 14:53:29
Vadoma tells you the dino she wants to see that day and you show her it?
By Kaiser (#11026) on 01-09-2011 15:45:48
Vadoma trades dinos for other species! :D
By Star (#1753) on 01-09-2011 17:00:12
Everything looks awesome. =D
Is that a clothing store I see? *squints*

As for Vadoma, she I can see her liking a certain type of Dino each day, and if you have it, she can give it an extra stat boost or something... Or... She could give it a random mutation, some good, others bad.
By Collie (#11040) on 01-09-2011 17:33:52
A dinosaur critic.
By Stormfur (#6066) on 01-09-2011 17:56:16
Please finish it faster!
By Rin (#8100) on 01-09-2011 19:07:40
Maybe she is an... exorcist? Taking certain heath problems out of dinos, like Rage Syndrome? Dunno, bad guess.
By Ankokou (#3281) on 01-09-2011 19:08:04
Ha ha, Dragon. XD
I thought the last part of your comment was her job is to "wear lots of amulets" herself. I laughed so hard.

I'd go with that, her job is to wear one of every amulet, necklace, and bracelet created on this site. XD
By NebulaNox (#1475) on 01-09-2011 19:11:40
She seems like one of those quest people the kind like if you show me this certain dino I'll give you something good. Kinda thing especially with that finger pointing up. >.>
By Rika35 (#11621) on 01-09-2011 19:52:58
OOoo~ rainbow. Looks cool ^^

as for what Vadoma does... do you like sell dinosaurs to her, and certian ones are worth more than others?

I dunno, I might just be crazy XD
By Nightmarish Waltz (#5825) on 01-09-2011 20:28:55
Maybe she lets you know what trial the dino you show her is best suited for.

I was going to say she would request to see a certain dino as a quest but someone already said it.
By Azume (#10240) on 01-09-2011 21:38:08
She looks like shed give fortunes and sell items to me XD; Gyspys are common for both things, so maybe you buy things like different dinos or jewelery :3 or you could buy a fortune or a reading! ^^
By Director (#307) on 01-09-2011 23:36:50
I think Vadoma will be a game character such as,"Guess What Dinosaur I Am Thinking Of".A game like that. ^^
By Mod Kitty (#1) on 2011-09-02 01:57:32
You guys are awesome. Yes, she's going to be a quest giver and issue breeding challenges. :) Isi's answer was closest and answered first, so I'll send her over the DNA modifier!

Good job guys!!
By Shadow (#6013) on 03-09-2011 04:38:17
Are we really having an incoming third map?????????
By Kiaz (#13548) on 28-10-2011 13:17:56
hey, I can see a cloths shop and hair salon!