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The Laboratory

Welcome to the lab!

Here, scientists are busy at work creating and breeding new dinosaurs for your benefit, so you can expand your current bloodline! Dinosaurs sold here are bound by a 4 offspring max contract. This can be avoided if you select the unlimited contract option.

Don't see the species you want to create?
Come back in two hours or search for one for sale.

Cheap Dinosaurs for Sale!

Male Pyroraptor
$5,000 (Sale)

Female Buitreraptor
$1,000 (Sale)

Female Pyroraptor
$5,000 (Sale)
Create a Dinosaur!

It costs a base price of $5,000 to create a dinosaur. This will go up if you make certain selections, as detailed below.

Please remember you cannot mix species in the same enclosure!

You can create more dinos this month.

You will be able to create 5 dinos again from the 1st of next month.

Unlimited Offspring Contract: (+$5,000)
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