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Viewing Nosredna's Farm - Covert isle
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Welcome to my humble abode! And also all these multi-acre enclosures, of course. Hope you enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells associated with keeping large animals. Feel free to feed the herbivores, and de-worm them if you're feeling generous.

Birdcage (Archaeopteryx)

Cave of Doom (Spinosaurus)

Desolate Boglands (Dilophosaurus)

Mountain of Giants (Tyrannosaurus)

Permian Desert (Dimetrodon)

Spamalama (Lolosaurus)

Sprawling Savannah (Acrocanthosaurus)

The Apex Predator (Allosaurus)

Triassic Plains (Herrerasaurus)

Volcano Forest (Microraptor)

Noredna's Bs and higher

Valley of Herbivores