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Viewing Fossildude747's Farm - Prehistoric Reserve
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You look up at a sign that says Prehistoric Reserve and you then walk inside while looking around. To the right you see a building, it's the main building, you go inside and see an employee reading a book, he notices you and looks up. "How may I help you?" He asks. You tell him you are here to see some dinosaurs. "Well, you gotta wait a moment, the leader is in that room over there, but don't go in! They're in the middle of an operation" he replies. You look over at the door and ask the employee what is going on in there. Before he can answer, a loud screech comes from the room. The employee then continues. "They are helping an archaeopteryx with it's broken leg, the owner doesn't actually do the work, but that archaeopteryx is very shy around everone besides the owner, so the owner has to comfort it while they put the cast on" the employee then looks back at his book. Fossildude walks out of the room and notices you. "Ah, have you been waiting? Sorry about that, I had to help a poor archaeopteryx with it's broken leg." he then turns so he is facing the room and shouts to the vets. "Why don't you put him in the back room, he's gotta stay in one of those shorter cages so he isn't tempted to fly around and hurt himself again, we gotta keep him in there for about a week or 2." The vets then carefully bring the sleeping archaeopteryx into a back room, you look in the doorway and get a glimpse of the small dinosaur since they won't be coming out to the main room. Fossildude then turns to you again. "We had to use some medicine to make him fall asleep, and now the poor creature won't be able to see it's friends for a week, what a shame, but it's for it's own good, anyhow, I assume you are here for a tour?" he asks. You nod and he then leads you outside and you follow him as he walks, you see many different enclosures as you walk.


All my dinos genes, perfects, what advantages they display or carry, and what defects they display or carry are in each dinosaur's notes! If there are none in notes, I haven't noted it yet!

You may notice that some dinos have {B} or {H}. You can ignore this, it just tells me if a dino is used mainly for hunting or battling when I train them.

If you see (NGP) or (GP) in a dino's name, this has to do with perfect genes.

I will only color breed when I get a perfect bloodline. Then I focus on colors.

STUD: Feel free to pm me about putting a dino up for stud!

HERBIVORES: If you want to buy one of my herds we can talk about it with pms! Just pm me about it, and you can also pm me to give you some meat!

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