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Viewing Ryshan-Sijan's Farm - Lashland
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A small, slim, boyish redhead jogs up to you as you wander past the front gate marked Lashland Farm. She smiles happily, though she looks a tad frazzled. Only a tad. Blue eyes sparkle playfully as she begins to speak.
"Hullo there! I'm Ryshan-Sijan Meyar, known as Sij, 'cause I know that's kinda long. Ryshan works, too. I run this place, and I have since my uncle passed a few years back. He bred the bigger dinos mostly for the military and the police, but I'd like to branch out. Since Dad had already passed when Uncle Jayce got sick and Mum was already pretty busy with her job, I figured I'd take over. Hope I've done a fair job so far. See for yourself! And don't hesitate to give me a holler if you'd like to know somethin'."


Our dinos here at Lashland.
Longwind Plains is home to our Allosaurs.
Darkland Forest has Archaeopteryx.
Our Linheraptors are here in Fallwind Forest, led by our star hunter, Orcinus.
We also have a Sinornithosaurus habitat, Keengale Forest.
Homeland Scrub is home to our Atrociraptor pack, led by my buddy Rykaeryx.
Sightline Plains holds an Eoraptor pack.
Seekme Forest is home to our growing Ornitholestes pack.
Restwind Plains is home to our small Pyroraptor pack.
Sailthus Plains will hopefully house a group of Albertosaurus.

Future Plans
Sij muses thoughtfully.
"In the future? Well, I know I'd like to get some Albertoaurus lines going most of all...and also Sinosauropteryx. From Spinosaurus, probably. And...and Megaraptor...! A, ah...good friend of mine has a couple of Oviraptors, and I'd like to help out with that." She taps her foot, then brightens suddenly. "Oh! And some more Pyroraptors and Eoraptors. After that...I'm not sure. I've considered Rexes, but...I don't know. That's probably a ways off, though. I'm still kind of getting on my feet here."

A Note

Being that I'm sort of a writer and RPer by nature, I'm sort of playing this in-character. -shrug- 'Cause I feel like it. I'm playing with an idea a bit like Dinotopia, except the dinos aren't sentient. They get used a bit like we use dogs and other domestic animals today. So big dinos might be used in the military or by the police, while smaller ones might be used like hunting dogs or even as simple companions. Sorta makin' this up as I go. Slowly writing little story-things for each dino...
Studding is free for friends, and I intend to keep it at about $500 for others. For males, anyhow. Message me about females. (Though it'd still be free for friends.)


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(I have more people to add when I can remember their numbers...!)


Fish heeere.

Acrocanthosaurus Habitat - Sailcatch Plains

Albertosaurus Habitat - Sailthus Plains

Allosaurus Habitat - Longwind Plains

Anchiornis Habitat - Forerun Forest

Archaepoteryx Habitat - Darkland Forest

Atrociraptor Habitat - Homeland Scrub

Balaur Habitat - Marshraft Scrub

Bambiraptor Habitat - Gnarlwood Forest

Baryonyx Habitat - Oceancrash Plains

Buiteraptor Habitat - Sunfar Scrub

Coelophysis Habitat - Inrain Plains

Deinonychus Habitat - Featherfar Plains

Dilophosaurus Habitat - Yalewood Forest

Eoraptor Habitat - Sightline Plains

Graciliraptor Habitat - Fargale Forest

Guanlong Habitat - Dragon Scrub

Herrerasaurus Habitat - Sightwind Plains

Holding Pen

Linheraptor Habitat - Fallwind Forest

Megaraptor Habitat - Tellgale Plains

Microraptor Habitat - Tinygust Forest

Ornitholestes Habitat - Seekme Forest

Pyroraptor Habitat - Restwind Plains


Sinornithosaurus Habitat - Keengale Forest

Sinosauropteryx Habitat - Undersky Forest

Spinosaurus Habitat - Westwind Plains

Troodon Habitat - Sparkfly Plains

Tyrannosaurus Enclosure - Openfar Plains

Utahraptor Habitat - Slingrange Scrub










New Enclosure

New Enclosure

New Enclosure