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Allo Pen

Owned By Deathly Hunters (#28211) 11/15 Inhabitants
Death Valley and offspring. The Legacy of Ancient Lions. Putting males up for stud as soon as they hit ten real-world days, selling at 50 real days old. (Auction)

(DV & offspring) Jurassic Menace Pack
L38 BGR (6/6) Champagne Finch ~☠-Death Valley-☠~ 86
L1 BGR (6/6) Barley White Crater Brown ~◐-Ground Zero-◑~ 39 Public
L9 BGR (6/6) Champagne Heavy Metal ~☾-Nightscream-☽~ 18
L1 BGR (6/6) Karry Black Pearl ~☀-Desert Rain-☀~ 67 Public
L1 BGR (6/6) Linen Nandor ~❂-Forgotten Wilderness-❂~ 60 PublicStarvingSick
L1 BGR (6/6) Peach Schnapps Coffee Bean ~⋘-Flavour of Downfall-⋙~ 32 PublicStarving
L14 BGR (6/6) PERFECT Beauty Bush Zambezi ~ஐFeral Foeஐ~ 46 Public
L1 BGR (6/6) Sidecar Black Bean ~ʘ-Death From Above-ʘ~ 25 PublicStarving
L1 BGR (6/6) Tuft Brush English Walnut ~◐-Coming Doom-◑~ 53 PublicStarving

L1 BGR (5/6) Science Blue Diesel ~✿-Moonshine Black Orchid-✿~ 28
L1 BGR Dino Egg 11


11 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.