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(A) Acrocanthosaurus

Owned By Maiya's Museum (#14334) 23/42 Inhabitants
Acro Packro Pack
L10 BGR Georgie (Gg, 6/6) {G2} 61
L3 BGR Astral Projector (GgIiOo, 6/6) {G2} 59
L17 BGR Candy (BbGgJjOo, 6/6) {G2} 74
L1 BGR Grape Boba (GgIiOoVv, 2/6) {G2) 33
L3 BGR James (BbIIoo, 6/6) {G1} 73 Private
L10 BGR Karolina (BbVv, 6/6) {G2} 73
L3 BGR Martha (BbIioo, 6/6) {G2} 54
L3 BGR Rocky (Bb, 6/6) {G2} 68 Private

Acro Packro Also Pack
No alpha!
L2 BGR Electric Java (Jj, 6/6) {G3} 40
L1 BGR Get Em Tiger (Oo, 6/6) {G3} 26
L3 BGR Kamalen (BbGgOo, 6/6) {G3} 47
L3 BGR Karliah (GP, 6/6) {G3} 56

Long Gens Pack
No alpha!
L5 BGR Feaya (Jj, 6/6) {LG} 66 Sick
L3 BGR Fern Gully (GP, 6/6) {LG} 47
L2 BGR Governor (GP, 6/6) {LG} 39
L3 BGR Grenian (Gg, 6/6) {LG} 49
L3 BGR Hawklie (BbIiJjOo, 6/6) {LG} 49
L1 BGR Hint of Turquoise (IiOo, 6/6) {LG} 18
L4 BGR Polished (Bb, 6/6) {LG} 92
L2 BGR Purple Nerds (Jj, 6/6) {LG} 36
L3 BGR Sandie Claws (IiOo, 6/6) {LG} 53
L3 BGR Scorpio (Gg, 6/6) {LG} 65

L1 BGR Berry Observatory (IiJjOo, 6/6) {G2} 9


23 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.