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Compsognathus Den

Owned By The Farm of Archaic Creatures (#22517) 4/5 Inhabitants
The Compsognathus was a small, bipedal, carnivourous dinosaur. Its streamlined body shape allowed it to run swiftly. Only two specimens have been found. Teeth discovered in Portugal may be further fossil remains of the genus. Compsognathus' pointed head was only three inches long. The tail was longer than the head, neck, and body put together. Many presentations still describe Compsognathus as a "chicken-sized" dinosaur because of the small size of the German specimen, which is now believed to be a juvenile form of the larger French specimen, and actually grew to be the size of a turkey. - dinopedia. ^^/

L2 BGR Chan 28
L10 NOV Chiq 49
L3 BGR Chiyo 36
L10 NOV Chuck 49


4 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.