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Fulfil all your roleplaying fantasies here.

Roxanne was beating on a blade working on a razor's edge... She quenched the blade and examined it... She just needed to sharpen it... She started the grinding wheel and finished the blade in a matter of hours. Roxanne held the sword testing it's balance after she affixed it to the hilt. A few test swings and an expert weighing and she was satisfied. It wasn't fancy she didn't have the fortunes to encrust her hilts with jewels though she had the skill... Roxanne started making the scabbord after putting the screen down that kept those cursed bugs from coming in through her open chimeny that had to remain open... It was getting late and she remembered to lock down for the night... Roxanne made a quick meal and ate before going to bed... She slept in fox form finding it more comfortable to curl up in a pile of blankets... She passed the night without incident... There was no buzz no trace of those stupid insects...

The next morning, Morgan arose in his bed full with the pelts of animals, not weres. Morgan's house was very large and looked very similar to a modern tudor house.

Morgan ran his hand through his dark, auburn hair then went to his tub room and washed his face. He contemplated shaving while looking at himself in the lighted mirror, wondering how it would look. Deciding against it, the large man dressed himself in a baggy dress shirt and black, cotton pants then threw a brown leather vest over the shirt. Going into a small room off his bedroom, Morgan found his famous long sword, a magnificent specimen in which the handy blacksmith, Roxanne, had made for him.

The sword's grip was a deep orange and the cross-guard was made of black silver and at each end was a tiger resting on the edges. On the pommel was the metal carving of a tiger's eye. The blade was magnificent, coming to deadly point at the end. Morgan treasured this sword above all else.

Strapping the sword's black holster to his hip, Morgan sheathed his prized possession in its holster then walked down the stairs from his room and out the front door and into the center square. Morgan then strided to the Tower. He walked through the Dining Hall and into the Gathering Room. It was a circular room with a round table in the middle for meetings. The Gathering Room was used for formal meetings with other Lords, planning for battles, and for Morgan to meet with his advisors. All in all, it was a very important room as it contained all of the tribe's information.

Moragn passed right through, greeting his officers and cursing under his breath when he stepped on a loose nail.

"Gah! Somebody better find the metal worker! This room is full of uprooted nails!" Morgan boasted, slipping off his shoe to reveal a small, bloody hole where the nail had penetrated his foot. Morgan scoffed and put his shoe back on and continued out of the building itself.

He made his way down to the blacksmith, Roxy, as he wished to speak wih her about the nails. Soon the Lord found the fox-lord working on another sword. Clearing his throat in the doorway, Roxanne turned her head to see him at the base of her shop.

Hello Roxanne. I have some work for you." Morgan stated in a low, √Į¬ł¬Ź√Į¬ł¬Źgentle voice with a subtle hint of a celtic accent.

Roxanne heard Morgan and said "What do you require of me?" She was in the middle of grinding a sword and stopped looking up from her work removing the sword from the grind stone. Her hair was tied back and she examined it testing the edge on a strip of leather wrapped around a soup bone... It sank into the bone leaving a sizable slice in it... She cleaned the edge. Roxanne's voice had a very faint Irish accent and she kept her yellow eyes even as she looked up at the massive tiger man... She didn't like being disturbed like this.

"I do apologize for interrupting, you seem to very enveloped in your work Roxy. I just need to speak with you about the cluster of uprooted nails in the Gathering Room. Do you think you could remove them, then fix the boards?" Moragn asked, taking a couple steps closer to the red haired woman. They were both redheads, but Roxy's was a more dark auburn as she was a Red Fox and Morgan's a ginger as he was an orange, Siberean Tiger. He towered over her, a good foot and a couple inches taller than her. Morgan did not doubt her ability however. Roxanne was one of his noblest warriors.

"At your leisure of course, I know you are filling a large order of broad swords put in by the guard master." Morgan added as Roxy finished up yet another sword. The tiger-lord was impressed. Three swords in under 6 minutes.

Roxanne looked at him and said "That is a matter for a carpenter sir... I am of no use in that department. Try my next door neighbor Samson were bear he's taller than you... He's a carpenter..." Roxanne started examining her work again and said "I apologize for being unable to assist you but all I could do is make replacement nails... I need to get back to work... if you'll excuse me..." Roxanne got back to honing the blade in her hands gloved fingers firmly gripping the piece of metal and foot pumping the grind stone mechanism for a steady pace... Roxanne was back to work again... She was hiding her timidness with a gruff strictly to business attitude...

Morgan bidded a farewell to the fox-lord and continued next store to old Sameson's. He was a burley man, very hairy...everywhere. The Lord knocked on his doorway, as he did for Roxanne, and waited for Sameson to acknowledge him. Finally, the Grizzly Bear lord noticed him and immediately jumped in surprise.

"My Lord! I apologize! I did no' here ye come in sir! Please, have a seat!" Sameson exclaimed with a heavy celtic accent and motioned for Morgan to sit down at his drawing table. Sameson's chubby face was caked in soot and his apron and hair was covered in wood shavings. Morgan wondered how they ever found an apron big enough for him. The man stood 6'8 and was round in shape with a very bear-like appetite to top it all off. His hair was very short, buzz cut, and a medium brown, as was the hair everywhere else on his body.

"Yes, thank you Sameson. I came here to ask you if you could fix the multiple, uprooted nails in the Gathering Room. Everyone has been getting stabbed in the foot by them. See?" Morgan slipped off his shoe and showed Sameson the little, round hole in his foot. The bear-lord gasped.

"Of course my lord! Right away!" Sameson sprung up, considerably quick for a man of his size and weight. He gathered up a box of nails, a hammer and a few extra baords then rushed off to the Gathering Room. Morgan looked around the carpenter's shop, noticing a picture of Sameson's wife, Lilith. She was a horse-lord and Sameson's wife for 20 years till she fell victim to the murderous Kaichu insect...Sameson has never been the same since.

Shaking and lowering his head in sorrow, Morgan walked out of the bear-lord's shop and back down along the wide street of the village, headed towards his father's house.

Roxanne finished another sword and pulled out her dagger checking it over... It was plain but her finest work in terms of durability and versitility the blade was mid length and tough enough to pierce leather armor and wedge itself into bone but fine enough to slip through ribs... She was not a fighter by nature and only really fought when alll other options were exhausted including a tactical retreat. Fleeing the fight to come up with a plan... She also skirmished assessing her opponants before deciding on a strategy... She knew enough about armor to pick apart a weak point but again she only ever fought when she had to...

Morgan walked down the street in which all the craftsmen shops were on, considerably called Craftsmen Alley. The tiger-lord scuffed his feet along, to busy reading a report to pick them up. Morgan thoughtfully read a piece of paper given to him by a guard on the way back from Sameson's. The report was about another Kaichu death. The victim was not from his tribe, so Morgan had to assume the poor fellow was a rogue.

"Great another Walking Shadow to wreak havoc on the tribe." The ginger man grumbled. Walking Shadows were notorious for stealing livestock and small children. They were demons, disciples of the underworld, and possessed the powers of invisibility and decay. One touch from a shadow and your bones will rot and your skin will fall off your body like its a wet rag. They were difficult to kill for sure.

He rolled up the report and carefully placed in his satchel as he made his way to the Gathering Room to find Revolt, a wolverine-lord of very noble stature. Revolt was a very noble knight and fearless mercenary. As he entered the Tower's second floor, Morgan noticed that Sameson had already finished uprooting the nails and was busy replacing them. Morgan considered praising him, but the bear-lord looked to be very intent in his work, so Morgan continued on. Soon he found Revolt, the were-lord examining a map of coordinates.

"Hello Revolt." Morgan stated, placing his hand on the other man's shoulder. Revolt looked up in surprise and gave the Chief a hello. "I need you to come with me to check out this Kaichu killing. That means there's a Walking Shadow around somewhere and it needs to be terminated. I have horses ready if you're free Revolt." Morgan continued, gesturing out the window to two horses tied to a hitch.

The young were-lord looked down at the map in thought. Mostly he was just trying to look busy by marking more or less random points. Hearing his name he looked up to find Morgan over him.

"Well I will be torn from a very busy day of laying around doing nothing but I suppose I could find time in my very busy schedule to a assist in a little shadow problem". Despite being tall the other man still stood several inches over him and he had to crane his neck to speak to him. 

Standing straight up he reached out and grabbed his small blade he had buried into the table and sliding it into his belt. Stretching with and with a dramatic yawn he started out to the horses the chief had gestured to. 

"You coming , stripes?" He called over his shoulder, his large feet making little sound as he walked out.

Morgan walked out the Tower with the young were-lord in tow. Revolt climbed on his horse, quickly hoping on and waiting for Morgan, who was taking a little bit longer as he was reading the Kaichu killing report for coordinates on the site. The Walking Shadow wouldn't have strayed far from where it was bitten.

"You coming, stripes?" Revolt chuckled, backing up his horse. Morgan laughed and waved to him in response. "Yes im coming. Hold your horses laddy." The tiger-lord laughed. Morgan then climbed aboard his favorite horse, a white Imperial Warmblood called Casear. His father had received the colt has a gift from the Great King, Thule the Galiant, as a gift for his bravery. Bron gave the young horse to his 16 year old son. Morgan had known the stallion since he was a colt and grew up training and riding the horse. The stallion noticed Morgan and got happy when he climbed atop him.

"Come one Revolt." Morgan said, spurring the horse and the pair cantered off out of the gates. It wasn't long before they found the spot in which the horror had taken place, a black spot on the ground in the shape of person, seeped into the soil. The smell of decay rotted the air and Morgan easily picked up the smell.

"It smells bloody awful!" Morgan exclaimed. Revolt agreed and the two of them dismounted. "The shadow won't be far. They never go far after they've been transformed. This one is only a few days old, tops. It shouldn't be too hard to kill. We should shift." Morgan continued. Revolt nodded.

Shifting was like a muscle reflex for weres. All they had to do was feel it and the chemcial reaction in their brains triggered, transforming them into the beast. Morgan took off his shirt and placed in his saddlebag as Casear grazed in a field. The Walking Shadows wouldn't bother the horses. Morgan easily slipped into transformation, his muscles becoming larger and orange and black fur sprouting from his pours. Large, canine teeth unsheathed from his gums, his eyes turned a dark red, and a long, ringed tail came from his tailbone. Once fully in were form, Morgan unsheathed his sword with his clawed hands and looked to Revolt.

"Let's go kill us a shadow." Morgan exclaimed and the two of them stalked forward.

Roxanne was back to work this time she was stitching a scabbord... She used a glue to bind leather to wood and stitched the leather together making a custom fit... She had always been strictly business with her neighbors and nobody actually knew her all that well which was how she liked it... There was a knock on the door and she found a were wolf just a bit taller than her and clearly a man... He looked native american with handsome rich amber eyes...

He introduced himself as Max and held out a dull poorly balanced sword... The hilt was plain and Max asked her to fix it... "Where did you get this?" "My father gave it to me." Roxanne took it inside and sharpened it which also happened to balance the weapon out... She had to give it a new leather grip and returned it to Max giving him a fair price which he paid without question. Roxanne thought he was pretty attractive not overly muscular but still strongly built... He said "My father wanted me to take up the spear not the sword so he got me an old poorly made sword to make me give it up... You improved my sword... Thank you..." He gave her a tip for a fast job... That was a first... Roxanne bade Max a farewell and he was on his way... She had a feeling she'd see him again for some reason and for the first time she was looking forward to it. She knew he was a member of the guard but that was it...

Roxanne was back to work when as predicted Max came back with his sword the blade had fallen out of the hilt. Roxanne cleaned the blade's anchor and crafted a new hilt in a matter of hours... She had to wait for her adhesive to cure so she got back to her broad sword order. Max came back and she said "Adhesive is curing so all there is to do is wait. I have a big order to fill." Max took a seat and said "I have all day." Roxanne blushed and got back to hammering the metal to fold it over the base rod creating a folded steel blade. Her master had been from a far away land and taught her the technique along with the way to make a large number of other exotic weapons...

Her master had been a white fox that had two tails for some reason. Not unheard of where he was from. He had taught her a great deal of things and told her of a place without the dreaded insects... But it was a place where only were foxes lived... Roxanne had proven adept at metal work. Her master had invited her to go back with him... The offer still stood old Sojiro had taught her to make a tent that would protect her from the insects on her journey. It was made of thicker leather and was tight enough to keep the insects out. But something told Roxanne to remain for just a little longer. Sojiro was making jewelry across the street... He wasn't that old about thirty... He was also admittedly good looking to Roxanne.

Roxanne quenched her latest sword and Max said "Wouldn't it be easier to make a mold and mass produce them?" "That lacks the fine edge and high quality I am known for... My mentor is making jewelry across the street and he'll get mad at me if he catches me slacking off like that..." "That two tailed freak?" "Not a freak. Just a little different. He's also foreign..." Roxanne started losing some respect for Max and she started to like him a little less with that remark... She'd had an albino sister who had bore the brunt of the freak name... She had died young having always been frail but she had been the kindest person Roxanne had ever known...

Roxy started sharpening the blade to a fine edge. Sojiro picked then to visit and Max shot him a disgusted look. Roxanne said "Don't use your sword for the rest of the day pay your fee and out of my smithy. I will not tolerate such disrespectful behavior to a friend of mine in my house. Don't let the door hit you on the way out." Sojiro watched Roxy count the money and Max look confused. Sojiro's blue eyes showed amusement. "She is just defensive... Do not take it personally." Sojiro said "Apologize for your rudeness to your customer... However deserved it may be." Roxanne apologized getting right back to work... "I have a big order to fill. Six swords to go..." "Busy little thing aren't you?" "You know how I am Master..." "You have completed your training and can use my name." "Habit Ma- Sojiro..." "I know. Do you need some help?" "No I actually enjoy my work so it is not a chore."

Mavelle was just outside her store, cleaning the pelts from a group of foxes that had been trapped and killed by farmers that lived close to the village. It wasn't too often she received this many fox furs, there was eleven in all. Walking shadows kept stealing more and more livestock, including chickens which was what the foxes liked to prey on. With fewer and fewer livestock they were starting to see a higher concentration of predators, though they shouldn't be seeing too many more foxes for awhile.

There was still marks in the pelts where their legs had been snagged by snares, or where they had been stabbed by farm tools. The damage wasn't too extensive though, she could fashion the fur together to make the damage less noticeable. Cleaning it was a pain though, the butcher had waited too long to notify her that he had furs ready for her. Some parts of the fur were now a madded mess as a result. She couldn't just brush the mats of fur out or else she'd damage the furs and their value, so she was stuck trying to clean the fur enough to work out the tangles.

During the warm months she made a pitiful amount of money, most of the furs she made into clothes were made in advance for the colder months. The money she made during the winter would be enough to last her through the warmer months if she managed it well. She still had some business during the warm months from other reptilian were's, but not much. Now to decide what to make with the furs. The sleeker pelts she'd use to make hats, or work with leather and shoe makers to help line their clothes with fur. With the rest of the pelts she'd make a child's coat.

Roxy wound up having her master with his prodigy hands work with her to finish the order. They had worked through the night but had remembered to otherwise lock up. That screen was vital for a forge to stay hot and make sure the evil insects stayed out. it was comprised of wire that was woven to keep the insects out but still allow smoke to escape... It did not let enough in to be considered like our screen doors. But it got the job done. Smiths had once been forced to let their fires cool in order to seal the hole in their roof for their own protection... But ever since these things had proven effective there had been talk of making these adapted to ordinary homes... They had made a box of the mesh and placed mice and other animals inside of it to test it and placed it right in front of the damned cave where those things hid.

Sojiro had considered talking to someone closing the cave off to seal the insects within but that posed the risk of them coming out to attack those working on it. Plus the seal had to be kept tight and maintained to keep them inside. A dangerous task... Roxanne finished honing the edge of the last blade... All that was left to do was stitch the scabbords together... They had more than enough leather. They were not expecting Max to return with a broken spear that had a dull blade... Roxanne affixed a new pole and sharpened the head of the spear checking it's weight and making a few test stabs into a dummy also hurling it like a projectile for a further test outside. Max said nothing he just paid and left glaring at Sojiro. Sojiro watched him go with narrowed blue eyes. There was a wariness to his attitide that did not go unnoticed by Roxanne

At Earth's End: Shifters

You live in the Tribe of Awmsk. The tribal land has many forests and mountains ranges, being a mix of both Russian and North Amercian terrain. It snows 4 out of the 12 months a year but is typically a sunny place. The Kaichu den here lies on BreakBack Mountain, north of the tribal village.

The tribal village is very large, as the Tribe of Awmsk is the most powerful one in the entirety of Earth's End. Your tribe is best known for its cunning warriors and state of the art weaponry. Awmsk is also the tribe responsible for choosing the King's gaurd and army every year.

As for the village, there is a large fence that stands 20 feet high and circles the perimeter of the village. In the center is the Lord's hut and connected to that is the main watch tower. Surrounding it is a multitude of villages, shops, and blacksmiths. There is two exits and entries of the village, one at the front gate and one to the rear.


In the land of Earth's End, strange, if not magical, creatures reside. Sometimes, they look just like you and I but sometimes, they take the form of a beast. Earth's End is ruled by were-lords, people who can turn into were-animals at will. Each region contains a tribe of its own with were-animals that dominate is terrain.

There are several Tribes at Earth's End, creating a network of supplies leading to The Great Fortress, Earth's End's mightiest castle and supreme ruler. This is where the great Thule lives as King and ruler of Earth's End. Thule is a mighty Rhino-Lord.

You shall live in the Tribe of Awmsk.

However magical it may seem, Earth's End is plagued by an unruly evil. Each night, between 12:00 and 3:00 am, mysterious insects called Kaichu, thumb sized bugs that look like grasshoppers, crawl out of their caves soley to plague the land. If bitten by a Kaichu, the wound will boil and swell with the toxins, then its venom will release into the body while turning the victim to ash within 2 minutes. Tha ash left behind by the victim will the create a Walking Shadow, a monster unseen or unheard, a warrior of the dead. The Kaichu were not always there, but were put there by a person of unknown identity. The only way you escape the Kaichu is by staying indoors at night, locking and sealing all doors and windows.

Recently, the number of Kaichu killings has sky rocketed, leading Earth End's people to suspect whoever put the Kaichu bug in the land has returned. You must do whatever it takes to stop this plague.


For thousands of years, were-lords have ruled Earth's End. The land has seen many great Kings and many bad ones. The were-lords use their ability for battle, hunting, working, and to better extend their abilities. The people of this land worship the God, Lycaeon, father of the shifters.

Some people in Earth's End do not have the ability to shift into a were. This is uncommon however. The were gene is hereditary and is usually passed down to the male offspring from the father's side and to the females the mother's side. For example, if the mother is a horse-lord and the father is a wolf-lord, their male offspring will almost definetly be werewolves and the female offspring with almost certainly be horse-lords.

Also, the human will take some attributes as the were they shift into. For example, a tiger-lord would have subtly orange skin or a bear-lord would be considerably hairy. A gator-lord may have tuff, possibly hard skin, and a snow leopard-lord would have subtle spots on their skin.

This land is of magic. Use it well.


-When creating a character, state their were-animal and describe it as well.

-When creating a character, be sure to make them within the plot, meaning make sure they are relevant to the village and will have some sort of place there.

-Be nice and respectable to other players.

-No killing off other people's character without their permission.

-Life isn't all magic and butterflies, you live in a cruel world; therefore, you will suffer at times.

-No fantasy animals. Of any kind. I believe that the pure fact people are turning into were-beasts is fantasy enough. There is magic however.

-Mild cussing is allowed (hell, damn)

-Beware between 12:00 and 3:00 am! The Kaichu WILL get you!

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Snow Leopard-lord

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