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*casually buying your dilophs* sorry i can't help it
4:46pm May 1st, 2019
WOAh. you must have a lot. (i gtg. see u tomorrow)
6:18pm Apr 22nd, 2019
6:16pm Apr 22nd, 2019
that makes sense
6:14pm Apr 22nd, 2019
i'd have two, just in case
6:09pm Apr 22nd, 2019
well i hope they all make it! thats a lot of babies
6:07pm Apr 22nd, 2019
6:03pm Apr 22nd, 2019
ikr? they are cute 4 sure
6:00pm Apr 22nd, 2019
yeh, i get attached to dines too. I would sell more, but there like my children lol
5:58pm Apr 22nd, 2019
OOF. thats a lot..
5:55pm Apr 22nd, 2019
Yes, and thats not good for business
5:48pm Apr 22nd, 2019
YES! Its always good to manage your property, because its hard to feed and take care of a ton when your not ready.
5:46pm Apr 22nd, 2019
thats a good strategy
5:42pm Apr 22nd, 2019
Its easy as long as your consistent with them. I always like paying attention to 1 or 2 at a time
5:40pm Apr 22nd, 2019
yeah, that'd be good. Dilophs are my favorite dino, but only none have any hunting EXP. One of mine, though, Moltch, is on the leader board for battle strength.
5:31pm Apr 22nd, 2019
oof. which pac will you use to hunt them?
5:27pm Apr 22nd, 2019
lol, nice
5:25pm Apr 22nd, 2019
Cool, i'm just hanging around the site.
5:21pm Apr 22nd, 2019
Hey, whats up?
5:07pm Apr 22nd, 2019