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7:32pm Apr 29th, 2015
I'm still online till I'm ready with my dinos. ;)
2:38pm Apr 20th, 2015
I will do that later, be sure. ;) It's a half hour to midnight here and I still have to work with my virtual dinos. *g*
2:33pm Apr 20th, 2015
LOL. Who needs a fake website? *g* You created a new dinosaur? - Yes, for a bigger whow effect. - That's dinos. That's enough whow.
2:20pm Apr 20th, 2015
I know what you mean. ;) Saw a new trailer to Jurassic world a few minutes ago! Yeah!
2:14pm Apr 20th, 2015
I hope your other breedings are great, too? ;)
1:53pm Apr 20th, 2015
LOL. Most of my cows get 2 eggs, but some three. Again a few hundred herbi eggs. :D
1:40pm Apr 20th, 2015
That's great!!!! :) I had good breedings, too and more than enough room for them. I always calculate three eggs per cow. ;)
1:34pm Apr 20th, 2015
Hi my dear! :) Did you get good herbi-breeings?
1:29pm Apr 20th, 2015
LOL. Then hurry! ;)
3:16am Apr 19th, 2015
It's like with the fishes. Don't think about it that you "kill" them. ;)
3:05am Apr 19th, 2015
Whow. Sounds that you have many of them. I killed some male Baros a few minutes ago, cause we don't so many males for the breedings.
2:58am Apr 19th, 2015
I expanded my enclosures yesterday. For all 14 scales. That's really a lot, but I hope to get many new herbis tomorrow. :)
2:50am Apr 19th, 2015
You have to use lots of scales if you need more space for the herbi-enclosures.
2:30am Apr 19th, 2015
Happy Easter, my dear! *hugs*
8:13am Apr 5th, 2015
That's true. We are very good herbi-breeders! ;)
11:29am Mar 20th, 2015
Take a look at my herbis. Over 200 eggs all enclosures together!!!! Yeah! :D
8:27am Mar 20th, 2015
;)- As next we will get many new herbi-eggs. *g*
1:40pm Mar 19th, 2015
So you will breed with her two times? Today with 69 and the next time with 80?
1:33pm Mar 19th, 2015
Great! Which species?
1:28pm Mar 19th, 2015
The incubator needs 24 hours to switch from gender male to female. ;)
1:21pm Mar 19th, 2015
Yes, finally! :)I'm glad that they did it, because it's breeding-time in a few days again. *g*
2:05am Mar 17th, 2015
They're still calves, so I hope tomorrow. If not, I'll write a helping-report. Thank you! *hugs*
3:07am Mar 15th, 2015
Hm. I wasn't online for one day (or were it 2, I'm not sure). If it was one day, my calves should be adult - but they're still calves.
3:00am Mar 15th, 2015
Good morning, my dear! :) How are you? Want to ask you something: herbi-calves are adult with 20, right?
2:56am Mar 15th, 2015
I hope it, too. ;) Well, I have to go off now - homework is waiting. See you later! :)
3:51am Mar 9th, 2015
Normally they should have a log. I got nothing until now.
3:45am Mar 9th, 2015
That can't really be with the V-day-event results. I still don't know what to say after I read it.
3:39am Mar 9th, 2015
Thanks for stopping by awesome weird stuff! Our new name is greyhounds great gummy bargains because of my player name change!
9:58am Mar 8th, 2015
I know its not much, but I gave you some healing cherries.
10:37am Mar 3rd, 2015
5:04am Mar 3rd, 2015
Nice, I like your character's outfit by the way.
5:02am Mar 3rd, 2015
Or it's to early for people.
4:58am Mar 3rd, 2015
I guess we're the only two people on at the moment.
4:55am Mar 3rd, 2015
4:53am Mar 3rd, 2015
Will be offline for a while, but will come online later again. See you! :)
4:07am Mar 2nd, 2015
Wow! Thanks for the magic peach!
8:06am Mar 1st, 2015
Everything is possible. ;)
3:28am Feb 20th, 2015
Who knows - maybe you will need them next year for the valentine event. ;) Last year I needed the CD's, this year the roses. New game, new luck. ;)
3:16am Feb 20th, 2015
Hundreds of balloons - whow. :D Congratulation! *hugs*
3:08am Feb 20th, 2015
Brother Woodchuck overstates the valentine breedings. :D
2:40am Feb 20th, 2015
I don't have normal wrapping paper, so with snowflakes. Hope you like the little gift. ;)
10:22am Feb 18th, 2015
Always! :) Thank you!!!! *hugs*
10:06am Feb 18th, 2015
Thank you for the plushies!
2:58am Feb 15th, 2015