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Happy New Year 2014!!! :)
5:34am Jan 1st, 2014
I'm baaaack!!!! :) Finally we have telephone and internet again after our move. How are you, my friend?
3:18am Nov 22nd, 2013
Whoooow! So many cards. Thank you! Thank you so much, my dear!!!! *hugs* If I have something that you need let me know that, please. *hugs again*
1:00pm Oct 24th, 2013
If those are some that I need of course! :) How much for each?
12:50pm Oct 24th, 2013
your next tag is complete! Small size: and large sized:
6:33pm Oct 23rd, 2013
I'm really glad you enjoy it! and thanks for the lovely comments.
4:14pm Oct 23rd, 2013
I've finished your tag. :D here's the tag-sized version: and the regular sized:
4:00pm Oct 23rd, 2013
I know that you needed this pumpkin, saw it in your collection and I had two of them ;) Okay, than I will sell those dinos. Wanted to ask first, before I'm going to sell them. ;)
1:46pm Oct 23rd, 2013
Hi my dear friend! Found lots of dinos in the reserve. Do you need Ornis, Micros, Megas or Ovis maybe?
4:10am Oct 23rd, 2013
Thank you - I love it! :D Aaaah, then we clicked the button at the same mod I think. There was something like: No luck this time. The user decided to take all your dinos. ;)
12:54pm Oct 17th, 2013
I love this event, that's so great. Have you already seen that you can switch your human avatar into a walking dead? You have many items for it in you inventory. Your profile says you would have 0 dinos. At my I could read the same one minute ago.
12:46pm Oct 17th, 2013
Our first Halloween-event!!!! :D Where are all your dinos?
12:42pm Oct 17th, 2013
I only know that strunius gives speed between 1-5, nothing more. Bought another fish and will try, till I'll find one for more strength. ;)
10:42am Oct 16th, 2013
Well, than I have to try it. *g* As I could see you have some fishes. Got enough fish-heads or do you like to have some? ;)
10:20am Oct 16th, 2013
Hi again! How are you? :) Do you maybe know, which fish is good for strength? Strunius gives more speed I know but strength?
9:47am Oct 16th, 2013
He's a real beauty, I love him, too. LOL - the shoutbox hasn't got so many place to write all that we like to. Good night and sweet dreams. See you later! *hugs*
2:46am Oct 15th, 2013
You're welcome! *hugs back* Hm, as I tried the trials I thought something would went wrong, cause my dino didn't win any trials. Maybe I should try it again.
2:36am Oct 15th, 2013
Take a look at this cute lin. No yellow eyes, no blue eyes. Purple!!! My first lin with purple eyes!!!! :D
2:27am Oct 15th, 2013
You can have the two archaes. Why shall I sell them when a friend can need them? ;) Aaaah, I see. Well, I don't use the trials, only the battles. Long time ago I tried them but without luck. Will send the babies! :)
2:20am Oct 15th, 2013
Want to have 2 archae-babies that I got from the Reserve? Both have low stats cause they are lab-dinos. By the way - how do you get this MED or EXC instead of BGR?
1:57am Oct 15th, 2013
your welcome :> thank you for supporting New dawn
10:23am Oct 14th, 2013
Whow! Thank you so much!! That's great!!! *hugs*
12:41pm Oct 12th, 2013
I'm working for a kind of post office and so I have to walk a lot. There's no chance to do anything else there.
3:02pm Oct 7th, 2013
I hope it, too. I want to go out again, go to work again. At the moment I try to learn to go again, without the walker I got. Difficult. It's everything but not normal going.
2:36pm Oct 7th, 2013
Halleluja! No splint any more!!! :) But now I have to take penicillin. There's still a a bacterium and that's why the wound doesn't want to heal. :(
2:21pm Oct 7th, 2013
Look, look! Cormia is adult. She's soooo cute!!!! :)
1:54pm Oct 3rd, 2013
You can also take more than two of the dimes. Three or four if you like. ;)
4:13am Oct 1st, 2013
It's really terrible. It seems that the wound will heal slowly, but now the allergic reaction ... I don't understand it. It's still a nightmare.
1:07pm Sep 30th, 2013
You're welcome. :) I had archaes long time ago, but their eyes are so little. I like big eyes. Let me see the babies so I can be happy and proud with you. ;)
10:46am Sep 30th, 2013
Sent you something. Thought you could need it for your custom dinos. It gives your dino +10 hunger at +20 in all stats. ;)
10:06am Sep 30th, 2013
hey :D
4:43pm Sep 28th, 2013
Today ist was a long day for me, two. We will move in November and so it is still a lot of work to do. I feel a little bit better today. Hope, you feel good, too. :)
11:20am Sep 26th, 2013
Of course she will have great offsprings. I'm sure!!! ;)
1:31pm Sep 24th, 2013
She had big luck with her parents. Mom and Dad are great! ;)
10:48am Sep 24th, 2013
OMG - she's a beauty! I gave her the name Cormia. :) Thank you again for this fantastic baby! *hugs*
10:20am Sep 24th, 2013
Great. Can't wait to see her! :) I hope you slept well. ;)
2:55am Sep 24th, 2013
Yes, exactly. I wasn't sure how to explain it. Glad to hear that I found the right words. :)
1:44pm Sep 23rd, 2013
Thank you. Sweet dreams later for you, too!!! :)
3:57pm Sep 22nd, 2013
LOL - you were faster than me. :D A drainage shall helps that the inflammation heals. There's wound "water" and this shall drain off. Difficult to explain, sorry.
3:56pm Sep 22nd, 2013
Okay, my dear. Time to go to bed for me. I wish you sweet dreams later. See you tomorrow again!!!! :)
3:50pm Sep 22nd, 2013
Since I have an inner drainage. (Strange, could only find this word for technic, but it's a word from the medical science as well). 5 stitches.
3:26pm Sep 22nd, 2013
It's a deep dog bite. 1 cm wide, 2,5 cm deep. Hope that were the right words and you understand, what I mean.
3:18pm Sep 22nd, 2013
I am in medical treatment since then. I'm at the doctor every day, from monday till friday. ;)
3:11pm Sep 22nd, 2013
I still annoyed at the dog bite. The wound doesn't want to heal. It was an accident on the job three weeks ago. Since then I have a splint. Can't go out or work.
2:53pm Sep 22nd, 2013
Hi there! Everything's fine? :)
1:10pm Sep 22nd, 2013
Imma be busy today earning up monney to buy stuff :> so may take me awhile to talk and respond :>
2:26pm Sep 21st, 2013
Imma be testing him a lot these next few days :I just to see if he even does care
1:49pm Sep 21st, 2013
for him that is
1:36pm Sep 21st, 2013
yeah he full on apologised now after I confrunted him about it...I have little trust now...
1:36pm Sep 21st, 2013
yeah, I hope sometime soon I will find one
1:20pm Sep 21st, 2013
yeah :< I haven't found one and most of the guys use me for popularity now and its just. ugg.
1:18pm Sep 21st, 2013
depressed...merely my boyfriend isn't..being kind? Like he wont talk to me and avoids me while his friend jack is gone...and even we hung out once, yesterday and today he wont even talk to me...he just ignores me and talks with everyone else.
12:50pm Sep 21st, 2013
*is a giant whale ghost* hi 8D how are you today :>
11:03am Sep 21st, 2013
me it is night. So sleep well. See you tomorrow! :)
3:48pm Sep 20th, 2013
Hah! Found two female lins for my tomorrow breedings. Fair price and good markings. Ooookay, now I have to go to bed. It's a quarter to one hour in the night here in germany. For you is afternoon I suppose? Maybe the wrong time to say good night, but for
3:48pm Sep 20th, 2013
I was there at the right time and as babies they seem to be clumsy (right word? - me english knowledges are far away from to be perfect, sorry) Sometimes I ask myself why users sell their great dinos for a cheap price or put them in the nature reserve.
3:45pm Sep 20th, 2013
*grrr* If the own ones don't like to give good markings, it's the only chance. But I don't like to pay any price and some are really expensive.
3:16pm Sep 20th, 2013
That would also be a great idea. I got my Dimitrius from the lab - he was one of the cheap dinos for sale. He was a baby as I saw him first and it was love. :) Lots of my dinos are from public-stud-ones, too. If the own ones don't like to give good markin
3:14pm Sep 20th, 2013
LOL, okay. I will take a look and will tell you the parents, ok? ;) It's a pity, that the dimis are the only ones that both of us have. It's always difficult to find the right parents for a new offspring.
2:57pm Sep 20th, 2013
Sure that you want to breed a dime for me? There's really no need for it, you know. I told you before: I love to make gifts. ;) I wish you many cute offsprings with the little one. :)
2:29pm Sep 20th, 2013
Congratulations to your first herbie eggs!!!! ;)
10:21am Sep 20th, 2013
Found two dimes in the nature reserve. Babies, brother and sister. Sent you the male one as a gift and for a new bloodline for yours. The female is by Dimitrius' side. Hope you will like the male one. ;)
3:42am Sep 20th, 2013
You mean Nora? She's cute and I made testbreedings. The only marking the two will get is rattlesnake. That's not enough. :(
3:23am Sep 20th, 2013
Only come around to say "hello". Cool dimitrodons by the way. ;)
2:39pm Sep 19th, 2013
cool :D
10:20pm Sep 2nd, 2013
been fun, hang out with my boyfriend so it was nice :> also unleashed dinos in Zoo Tycoon xD full insanity lol
9:26pm Sep 2nd, 2013
good :D how is your day ^^
8:46pm Sep 2nd, 2013
hi :)
5:50pm Sep 2nd, 2013