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Money Making Guide: How to buy your cake and eat it, too!
I've been getting multiple messages asking for money, wondering how I make so much money, etc- where it's gotten to the point where I feel the need to write a guide where instead of writing a paragraph explaining to them the multiple ways of making money, I can just direct them to this handy little post.

Perhaps I should introduce myself. I'm Dyr, a moderator on Exhibited. I'd like to clear up that my status has in no way helped me make money. There have been rumors floating around that moderators can vote more than once, play games more times, that their weekly bank salary is higher. I'm here to tell you that those rumors are false. I have no advantages at making money than the rest of the EX population. So do please enjoy the tips I've enlisted, so you can achieve whatever you are longing to have! (forever upgrade, QTT, T-Rex potion)

When you first start EX, your first enclosure is free, then costs $20,000 ($20k) for your second one. The next enclosures are $20k + $20k x how many enclosures you already own. This can get expensive, and very quickly!
Because of this, I recommend avoiding the nature reserve at first unless you've got a free enclosure, since you're probably gonna get stuck with a breed you didn't have before!
Stick with one species of raptor until you've made some money, then try out others~

Daily Freebies:
Find your way around the map, visiting all the free item related spots! Fruit Vine may give you some fruit you could sell later on, and The Nest may have some rare items if you visit at the right time. Also keep your eyes peeled for top-secret areas. Places that aren't labeled on the map yet have links anyway. They might have some chance, and, if you're extra lucky, could give you some super items.

Buy Dinosaurs:
Buy dinosaurs, plural. Dinosaurs are your main money making source on the game.

Trials help you earn player points, and earn your dinos Battle Points. Having a certain amount of player points can get you up on the Wall of Fame, or earn you more trophies. Both of which earn you no money so unless you're an ambitious trophy collector, enter trials merely if you wish to make your dinos stronger. You can chose not to in the beginning to save your money, but after a while, if stat-building is what your goal is for your dinos, check it out.
You can cross earning the Quicker Trial Trainer off your list if you dont want to trial your dinos, since you won't need this feature to earn money in the game.

Avoid Equipables:
In Exhibited's past, battling was stat-based. Now it is level-based. Equipables like Extra Red Feathering only boosts your dino's stats, which has no use other than to get them into the Hall of Fame.
These have no use to buy then, and merely waste your money.

Battling will be your main source of income on the game. If you have the time, battle all your dinosaurs by hand (as opposed to using the Third Part Battle system, also known as the Non-Player Character, or NPC). It earns you more money and your success rate is much higher if you battle by hand. The typical amount of money you earn by battling by hand is 3k each battle if you battle a dino with +2 higher strength than your own. Your dino can battle up to 5 times a day, so you'll earn around 15-20k per dino. If you own 10 dinos and battle all of them, then you're looking at around 200k each day. Not bad, eh?

if you want a more in-depth guide to battling, check out Daski's Battling Guide!

Fish are a fun past-time, but unless you truly love taking care of the critters I suggest you not get them. Although they provide a nice food source for your dinosaurs (fish heads), they just boost the speed of the dinosaur, which isn't really essential in battling. Therefore I tend to stay away from breeding fish, as I feel the resources it gives aren't needed.

Depends what you'd like to do- if you want quick cash then buy cheap food such as basic chum. It gets the job done and you can continue earning money from battles. I would suggest investing in much more expensive food, however. Since later on your dinos can breed and if the offspring are of quality, can be sold for quite the price. I tend to opt for strength-raising foods, since that's essentially all you need to win battles (having a higher speed than your dino's opponent lets your dino have the first attack, although strength is the real backbone behind victories. I don't mind having slow dinos, since they are quite strong and the first attack is not needed to win). I recommend beef jerky- +1 strength each day without fail. +25 in Hunger.

Healing Items:
As always, healing items are essential when battling. But it's ant to be aware of all the healing items and their uses, so you don't get "jipped" when buying from the store. For example, Healing Pills and Eyedrops have the same amount of uses, same amount of healing (+50 in health), yet Eyedrops are 1k cheaper than Healing Pills! So obviously, eyedrops would be the better deal. Be an informed shopper when buying your healing items.

Rare Item Policy:
If Kitty releases a new item, such as the wedding cake and confetti she released quite a while ago that was available for one day only, those are considered rare, since it's a once in a lifetime item. Buy as many as you can from other users right away. The quicker you buy the rare, the cheaper it will be! Then have some patience. Wait 6 months, a year, 2 years. In just 6 months it will double in price, in a year it will quadruple, and in 2 years it will increase it's value by 8 times the original amount! It's worth waiting.

Shops are your best friend! If you bought the wrong item by accident, aren't going to use the thousands of fishing poles you happened to stumble upon, or simple no longer desire the items you have, put them in your shop! Once again, be an informed shop keeper! Do your research- find out what the item is worth by looking at what it's priced in the stores, how much it is selling in other user shops, and how much it's going for in the auctions on the boards. So let's say you want to sell a Beef Fillet. In the food shop it's stocked at $2300 EXD, it's a common item and isn't exactly in demand, so you would want to price it at around the same price as the food shop. Around $3000 EXD, say. Shops let you get rid of items you don't need, at prices more than what you pay for. Much better than using the recycling center or discarding the item completely!

Smart Shopping:
This is a slightly risky operation, seeing as money is /not/ guaranteed. The best example is snagging an Icecream of Terror or Sandwich of Doom from the food shop for $500, and reselling it for at least 2 Scales.
There are few other examples, so keep your eye on the market; see what people want and are willing to pay for, and see if you can get them cheaper elsewhere.

If you can donate, I would highly recommend it. Scales are in demand right now and if you want to get rich quick you can easily sell off those scales you bought with USD to make lots, and lots, of EXD. If you can't donate, have no fear. Scales are traded with other players constantly for various items, as well as a common rate of EXD. If you are so far following the tips above, then you should have little problem buying scales on the boards.

Selling Dinosaur Offspring:
Be warned! Unless you have raised your dinosaurs, battled them, and earned them very high stats, they probably will not sell well on the boards. Users are looking for neat colors of dinosaurs, good genes, as well as high stats- all of which can be done with time and effort. If you breed 2 dinosaurs you /just/ bought they won't go for much at all, and you will in fact lose money. So please, I beg of you, raise your dinos with care and the money will be rewarded later on.
Breed, and to a lesser extent bloodline, also plays a large part in whether a dino is worth money. Popular breeds, such as Linheraptor, or new breeds or transformation breeds are also worth more, as they are in demand or cost more to create. It takes a little research to see who is willing to pay what for which kinds of dino.

There are some games worth playing (makes you money), and others that are merely just there for your entertainment. Higher or Lower is a /great/ game to play. Earns you $500 if you win for every $100 you spend to play, adding up a nice sum of money. Heads or Tails is a bit more risky, but I would still recommend playing it at least twice. Bet the max of $5000 EXD. I always choose tails, but that's just my preference. If I win, I now have $10000 EXD instead of $5000 EXD. It really depends on how much you'd like to risk. You can play much more than one time, so be careful when placing those bets or you might lose more than you earn! Chick Round Up is also worthwhile playing, but only on the Hard level. Choosing the Hard level earns you more points, more EXD, than if you had it on the Easy level. You can only play that game 3 times. Random Dice is also a worthwhile game, and Illusionist's Hut typically earns you money, or if you're lucky, magic items (which can be sold in your shop for quite the high price!). Guess the Number is worthwhile to play, as well. The rest of the games that I haven't listed are good to play if you like, and do earn you money, yet I only posted the ones I play daily- that give me the most payout of money.

Artwork is handy to do, and usually citizens of EX are more than willing to pay money for it. However, artwork takes years (yes, years) of practice before you'll reach the stage that people are willing to buy your art, so I wouldn't really recommend trying to as it will be a very long process. Also, some users are tempted to "cheat" and trace pictures that they didn't draw. They will be caught, warned, as well as fined a great sum of money. So ultimately cheating will only lose lots of money, not gain money. Unless you personally like drawing in your past time and are willing to wait a couple years, don't depend on creating art as a source of income.

Vote for Exhibited! In the top right hand corner there is an option to vote. It literally takes a few seconds to vote (just have to click a button), and you get rewarded $2500 EXD on here! Easy cash, as well as supporting the site.

I will update this frequently as I think of more money-making tricks. If you want tips on how to keep your pockets lined after making all that money, check out Clara's Money Saving Guide. But for now, hope you learned a couple things!
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Excellent guide. Thanks for writing/sharing it! :D

Just doin' what I do.
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I hope you don't mind if I chime in, but if you can restock the food shop within about 5 seconds of it restocking, you can make a pretty penny off of icecream of terror and *especially* sandwiches of doom (unless of course you're like me and can't stand to sell the sandwiches because you want to use them!). Since icecream of terror adds 3k points to a dino and sandwiches of doom add 1k battle points, they are highly in demand. icecream of terror sells for roughly 100k atm, while sandwiches of doom go for 400k and will likely continue to rise as the population of EX rises since they are so limited, if someone were to restock a couple times a day and either sell immediately or hoard them, it won't take long for them to get filthy rich. XD

Also if you have a large amount of funds on another game you don't need, you can make quite a bit from currency trades (as long as that other game allows trade of their currency of course). I made most of my EXD from FPD trades. :)
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Rykos: Glad to see it helped. < 3

April: More tips are accepted, as well as encouraged! I'm positive I forgot things, so thank you. ^^
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Awesome guide. I havent been here long but I already have almost 2mil from doing most everything listed here ^^ though I feel the need to add... Speed is great for fights! I find my dinos with high speed seem to take one less hit per fight and thus require a bit less healing at the end. It seems to be a matter of landing the final blow before the opponent.

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Hahaha, touché, semisonicstar! It really is just a matter of battling preference.
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This is a wonderful guide Dyr, Kitty should defiantly sticky this :D

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No need. :D We can sticky it. >D

What Dyr forgot to mention is the fact that uers are forced to pay me 500K daily. -nod-
So yeah..hand over your money. :D

-cough- On a side note, I really reccomend the business of selling rare items. Personally, offspring sales work well for me, but unless you're willing to spend 4mill+ on getting amazing stats on the parents, each, it can be very risky. xD
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Thanks Dyr This is great. On the buying scales I wanted to add I bought rare items like elixer of life and sold them for 600 k but this is a wonderful guide.
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could you also tell how the interest rate works? how often does it apply and is there a cap amount you can have in the bank?
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Gaasuba, interest is 0.7% daily I think if you're not upgraded and 0.1% if you are. I forget XD And I believe there is no cap.

Also I have another suggestion: When doing things like the slot machine, illusionist's hut and dice roll, use the money from voting, since you got it for free, it won't really make a difference if you lose all of it!

This is a very helpful guide Dyr, I wish I found this earlier, because I figured out most of money making stuff on my own here XD! Very helpful tips! Even though this thread is a year old it's stickied anyway so I hope this is OK lol

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Thank you so much for this guide. (:
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Love ti lol
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Thanks for posting!
I agree that you should battle all your dinos everyday, and that you should vote for Exhibited everyday. I suggest playing all the games everyday too, especially Carnage at the swamp, Meteor right, Chick roundup, and Dinosaur Dig-site. (try to get a score of at least 100 points for these, because 100 points = $500. Except in Chick Roundup. In that one, 1000 points = $500.) It's best to ignore Dino Splice, because you only earn a few dollars at a time from it, so it's a waste of time. And do NOT play heads or tails. Even though it says it'll double your money, it's more likely to half your money.
The only trouble is that doing all this daily is very time consuming!

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Not sure if I'm allowed to ask, but could you tell us what the 'secret' locations are? ;)
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Jeni -- Posting them publicly is forbidden, otherwise they wouldn't be secret locations. ;) But you can ask someone in private, although most people will not tell you where you can find them, some drop hints to their surroundings.
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