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A list of helpful guides can be viewed here!

Daski's Battling Guide: How to Survive Battles, and Make Money From Them! -Looking for Battle Moves!-
So, you're new to the game, huh? Heard about how dinos can battle, making money and getting stronger through them, but also heard that they can die if you're not careful? Dont be scared of losing a dino ever again! Let this guide give you the tips and tricks YOU need to survive battle and make your babies into champions!

This guide is not guaranteed to keep you from killing a dino so always be cautious
this guide does not also help reverse balding and can cause certain deformities of the finger and toenails. :D

Battling Depending on Level
The best thing you can keep in mind is your dino's level, and the level of your opponent. The battle system gives you the choice of levels equal (=) to your own dino's level, or plus or minus (+/- ) one level.
For dinos that you've just gotten out of the lab, or dinos that are very young, battling can be quite dangerous. As your dino gets stronger and levels up, they can learn new attacks, and thus can defeat the opponent quicker, resulting in less damage to themselves. Here is a table that can help you decide what to chose to battle your dinos at:

Your Dino's -Level-|+/-/= Strength of Opponent vs your Dino's Strength


Let me lay this out for you: So your dino is level 3 with a strength of 35. According to the table, you should battle him against an opponent with -1 strength. So, on the drop down, chose the 34 strength. Simple!
The reason that I outline these levels is because a dino has different levels of attacks. If you chose anything stronger than your own dino, you risk the opponent having stronger attacks; on the flip side, if you chose a weaker one, they'll have weaker attacks!
I tested a level 1 Dino, a level 6 dino, and a level 13 dino. While the level 1 dino had a close call with dying versus a dino that had +1 strength on him, the level 6 was pretty even with a dino that was +1 strength. The Level 13 dino did very well, very much surpassing his opponent.

The reason you WANT to increase the opponent's strength is that you get more money for it! A -1 strength opponent gives up to 2200 EXD. A +1 strength opponent gives up to 3400 EXD PER BATTLE!! X3 That's OVER 15k you get from one dino, if they win all their fights. (If my figures are still correct.)

With the new layout came a new battling system. I've asked Mods and other players to help get a clearer picture, as well as battled some of my own dinosaurs to experiment.
One of the new things you have to keep in mind is that your dino will NOT learn new battle attacks unless you level up their Battle Prowess. Dinos get a point to put toward Prowess growth when they level up. I dont know what levels they all learn new attacks at, but it's safe to say that higher leveled dinos learn better attacks!

A new feature is when a dino becomes higher leveled (I'm guessing level 10+) they learn the move "Lick Wounds". Chosing this gives you a staggering 20+ health to them! This wasnt available for those who were around before the new layout, and this surely gives your dinos a fighting chance to live through sticky situations.

Knowing when to retire.
Thiiiis is a tricky one, and it alll relies on opinion. Some people battle no more that if their dino is on 20 health. Others squeeze every HP out of their dino.
My trick is that if they are level 5 or less, I will pull them out if they get below 5 HP, or if they're HP is at 10 and the opponent is at 30. xD If it doesnt seem my dino will win, I will back out. If it is a dino that is level 6+ strength, I will watch to see if it's health gets too close to 0.
Kitty HAS fixed the battle system that the HP shown is your dino's current HP. In the past, it was not so. I personally take my higher levelled dinos out of battle at 25-30 HP. If you're nervous about your dino possibly dying, then by default pull it out.
Think of it this way: One battle = on average 3000 EXD. If your dino dies, an Elixir of Life = upwards of 500,000 EXD. One loss is not worth that price.
My best tip here is BE VIGILANT. PAY ATTENTION. DO NOT BE DISTRACTED. DO NOT ROCKET THROUGH BATTLES. ...I've lost many dinos and continue to due to my own laziness, ALWAYS be vigilant.

The Art of Healing
Healing is the key to your dinos' survival. So how do you heal properly? Simple. Have the right items. They will be described below.
As for healing after battle, make sure your dino is over 90 HP. If it is a 50 or less strength dino, heal to 100. You CAN afford those last 10 HP to be gone, if it saves you money.
-Dino ends with 43 HP. I'll use a Disinfecting Spray for 100 HP.
-Dino ends with 20 HP, I'll use DS, and a Bandaid Box for 100HP.
-Dino ends with 57 HP, I'll use Roll of Gauze for 97 HP.

Healing Items: The Cheap and Effective
The Health Shop gives you plenty of choices of items to chose from, but be versed on how much they heal. Some are rip offs some are definately worth your while.
I keep a variety of four different type of healing items.
Box of Bandaids: They heal +20 HP and cost 1000 EXD for one box. Thats 100EXD per use. Good for minimal healing.
Disinfecting Spray: Heals +65 and costs 3200 EXD for 10 uses. A Tube of Healing Cream heals +70 and.. if I remember correctly has roughly the same uses, and costs 5000. xD You do the math. These are good for very low HP after-battles.
Healing Pills/Eye Drops Heals +50 and has ...10 uses for 2500 EXD. ..XD; I dont remember all the prices/uses as I've been at this so long. Eye Drops has the same amount of healing and uses, but costs 1000 EXD less. I buy Healing Pills as I buy in bulk and there are usually less Eye Drops in stock. These are good for mid-range HP after-battles.
Roll of Gauze: Heals +40 and has 25 uses for 7000 EXD. I buy these since they have so many uses and are good for healing dinos from wounds they got overnight. Same general use as Healing Pills/Eye Drops.

Miscellaneous Healing:
Healing Cherries: Heals +90 and you get it free from the Vine, or around 10k to 20k EXD in user shops. Plus, it heals broken bones! :D
Magic Peach: Heals +20, +3-5 in strength, and its free from the Vine or around 30k-50k in user shops. Plus, it'll heal nasty illnesses :D
Magic Medicine and other such have similar properties, but I havent explored them/use them.

End Note
Remember, this is a guide, not a finalized science. This is how I battle, and how I've instructed to friends just beginning, and they succeeded with this advice.
Any questions you can ask me, or if you think I've missed something, drop me a PM! <3 Good luck battling!

Still Having Problems?
If you're still having trouble with dinos losing, or even dying!, read here.

Trialling now gives you battle points. If you're truly having a hard time, start out by putting your dino into trials. The most that can happen to them is they get injured, but it's not dying! That way, they can get free points and level up to where they have better attacks!

Also, if you can get your hands on it, Ice Cream of Terror and Sandwich of Doom give your dino +3000 points and +2000 points respectively. This definately will level up a low-level dino! :D

A member created list of the attacks dinos learn while they level up!
:U I need help with this. Someone want to help me out?
Credits and Thanks to: Inverno (#16014), Eltafez (#77)

At level 2, with 2 battle skill points, the dino learns Bite

At level 4, with 4 battle skill points, the dino learns Leap

At level 6, with 6 battle skill points, the dino learns Swipe

At level 8, with 8 battle skill points, the dino learns Lick Wounds

At level 10, with 10 battle skill points, the dino learns Kick

At level 15, with 15 battle skill points, the dino learns Scream

At level 30, with 30 battle skill points, the dino learns Tackle

At level 35, with 35 battle skill points, the dino learns Rest

I dont have levels for these yet, but Bob provided the list of moves!
Primal Instinct

:U i've been thinking of doing a small guide here for NPC too.

NPC is buyable from the Scale Shop for 15 scales :D It makes 1/3 of the money that normal battling does, but it's basically a one-stop clicker for lots of people.

I will be detailing Roger and Rosalie, since I only use them. I dont know anyone who uses the other two kids, xD and i know that few people actually use Roger!

Roger is the Animal trainer, found on the upper right side of the NPC panel. He costs $500 for one battle, but has a 100% success rate--he NEVER loses.
I use Roger for my special dinos. I dont care much about the money aspect, i want them to win, and win without dying, and win quickly. I will open the dinos' pages in new tabs, and just battle one by one until they're too unhealthy to battle. Hop over to their tab, heal them with a Roll of Gauze, then hop back to NPC and continue until they're done. Then, heal them with a Disinfectant Spray, possibly level them up, then close the tab and go onto the next one.

Rosalie is the Vet, found on the upper left side of the NPC pannel. She costs $200 for a single battle, has 70% success rate, however, she'll heal your dino fully between each battle, XD which, by default, she comes with a drop down of how many times you want to battle one dino.
I use Rosalie for all other dinos I own. It's simple in that I'll press the PGDN key on my keyboard, position the mouse over the Battle For Me! button, and click. Press the PGDN button again, and repeat until all dinos are battled c: Nothing fancy anymore~


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I've found that the magic medicine increases both health and hunger to 100%.
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Personally I think battling a dinosaur with +2 strength isn't very risky. x) I battle all mine are that level once they get to 35+, at least.

What I suggest for low statted dinosaurs is equipping at item such a gold chest plate to them, and removing it when they have slightly better stats. It means they have less chance of losing from the very start, and can safely increase their stats.

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Pizzas actually take away health, so don't use them for healing! xD

Your post reminded me I need to go battle some dinos. Thanks, Daski. 8D
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@Zha: X) i was told that, but I like to think some of these items should be up to the player to figure out... plus i dont pay the best attention to the items i use X);;;;

@Kitei: xD yes well, this is a guide toward newer players, not those of us who are used to the battle system.

@Dyr: X);; took the pizza off. i wasnt sure if it was + or - health with the pizza.

369 users welcomed // Time is EX+1 hours // Need any sort of help? I may be a Mod, but please dont be afraid, you can message me with any questions you have, and I'll be happy to help! :D
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i find the soothing cloth usefull, they are 600EXD and have 5 uses plus heals your dino by 25

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I've actually found, as a pathetic sniveling newbie who killed her best dino during her first battle, with a Additional Tailfeathers - black and Extra Pink Feathering (both for $13000) I am pretty safe to battle a raptor two points over my own. Adding Onyx Claw Protectors for an additional $5000 is further insurance, and all three items combined are cheaper than the $30000 gold chest plate.
You do get more strength with the gold chest plate, but I seem to be doing okay on the cheap. XD

Furthermore, the first day I equipped all the items I needed for every raptor but one, and paid for the next raptors items with the battling profits of the previous. (Technically, to save money you only need half, and move them. Pay for the other half the next day.)
The next day of battling was almost pure profit, No raptor died, I think I only had to retire once, and I made about 150k (I think. I did buy a couple more raptors, good food, and healing items.)

Anyway, I think this guide is full of sound advice and thank you for posting it. ^_^

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On a side note, I've actually managed to squeak out 3,740 EXD from battling Adam. =3
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Out of all the posts only one person has said thank you for the guide? Tut tut!

Very nice little guide and nice of you to post it :D it will help new people understand it better and by seeing peoples replys about their own tips.points/views on good battling.

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Good guide. I make my money off battling.

I have found that points also are addressed due to your opponents level. If I battle +2 than I can get higher points and same concept for the -2.

It depends on the pizza, i have had them take health and not take health mushroom usually takes health away.

Hope my input helps. I read it and didnt see anything written about the points. If i missed it sorry. :]

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I actually tried to "like" this post like you can on Facebook for a moment there.

Great post. :)
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*gigglesnort; giggles* XD thank you kitty~ <3

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Molly, could you please make a new thread instead of asking on this thread? <3 thank you

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It looks like no one has posted yet about when attacks are learned. I know you posted this 2 years ago, so I don't even know if you're still wanting anyone to tell you when Dinos learn attacks, but as a newb here, I can probably list them as my dinos level up. At the moment, I have three I know about with the current battle system. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong:

At level 2, with 2 battle skill points, the dino learns Bite

At level 4, with 4 battle skill points, the dino learns Leap

At level 6, with 6 battle skill points, the dino learns Swipe
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