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The moment the arena came into view Colin searched the area. Around them was a thick forest, theツcornucopia was in the middle of the clearing they were to start at. They would all have to stand here for a minute, or else they would be turned into a bunch of tiny bloody bits of flesh.

Colin looked around at the people that weren't blocked by theツcornucopia. He was looking for anyone who looked scared, anyone that would be easy to pick off. The people from the lower districs looked nervous of course. They weren't trained at all to fight and defend themselves. It was extreamely rare for them to win.

Kadvar didn't want to be here, and he doubted anyone from his district did. They were asking children to murder each other for sport and television views. What kind of sick people would do this? Their wonderful capital of course! He would never dare to mock them out loud though in fear of the game makers rigging the game so he'd die.

The area was quiet and he could just feel the tension. These were the people he'd have to not be killed by. Which one were gifteds? It was hard to tell for most of them but some were obvious, like the kid with an oil spill for wings. He wasn't a killer, maybe he could get some of the dumber ones to kill themselves? "Hey you guys wouldn't mind stepping off would you?"

Much of the careers looked unamused, one of them looked furious though and he really hoped she wasn't a gifted that could kill him from here.

Colin laughed at Kadvar's question, and he truely did find it to be funny. Too bad that guy wouldn't be making jokes for much longer. Kadvar wasn't a career, which meant he had a disadvantage. Plus he just singled himself out and got people to put him on their hit list. Stupid.

"You first, pyro!" Colin shouted. Techinally Colin could leave before the time was up without touching the ground. However ever since gifted were added into the mix new rules where made. While the mintue passed no gifts could be used. So no one could kill from a distaince. ツAlso Colin would get shot the moment he attempted to fly off.

Great, just wonderful. He had just made himself a group of powerful enemies. Not only that they now knew he was a fire gifted. There might as well be a huge target on his head that said please, kill me! If he were able to take back what he said though he wouldn't.

Kadvar knew this game wasn't just about survival, it was about approval ratings. That's what his mentor had told him. If he could label himself early in the game it gave the viewers someone to root for, even if that label was the jokester. This could potentially lead to gifts sent in by parachutes, which would be a huge advantage later in the games.

When the counter went off he needed to run now, there was no choice now that he was marked as a gifted. Good thing he had been stocking up on calories before the games.

Alex sighed deeply, did Kadvar seriously just do that? Alex didn't care how much favor he gained by doing that. You can't get gifts if your dead. Gifteds were going to be killed first, so the longer Alex kept his status hiden, the better. Alex had healed no one and no thing while in the training period. There was no way anyone would know. Unless the girl from his district knew and she told people.

The timer was reaching its end and Alex readied himself. When the bell rang Alex bolted. He grabbed the two closest things to him. Which happened to be a backpack and a small cutting knife. He wanted to get in and out as soon as possable. Then get as far away as he could. But he couldn't until Kadvar was there. The two of them agreed to work together, at least for a little while. Once numbers started to thin out, they would part ways.

Colin was off the moment the bell rang. He ran just like all the others. Flying was too risky right now. A huge flaw in his wings was the fact that is was very difficult to take off and stay in the air while it was covered in the black liquid. He would be too slow right now. If he ever wanted to use them, he would have to find water and clean them off first.

He ignored the small stuff littered around theツcornucopia. He didn't go right in, but he got close enough to get to the better things. He picked up a knife, which he immediately used to stab a person coming up at him.

"I killed him," He thought. "I'm a murderer."

Colin wasn't afraid to kill, but he had never done it and he made him a little uneasy.

Horrace wasted no time and bolted to the closest object which was an axe. He didn't know how to use it too well but it'd have to do. He wasn't a gifted and wouldn't survive if he tried to go for the more valuable supplies.

One gifted tried firing lasers at him, not fair! That seemed a little overpowered even for a gifted. She had missed him though, mostly because someone had stabbed her in the back of the head. As soon as he had the axe he ran deep into the forest, sure that many of those who stuck around the cornucopia were being slaughtered. He wasn't going to stop running, not until he was far away from that bloodbath.

Kadvar knew he was a target but still tried to grab a bag. It was relatively close and he was sure he could get it without being killed. To his dismay someone else had their sights on the bag as well. The one career he had upset with his comment. Not good.

He grabbed it before she could and bolted, but she didn't plan on letting him get away with it. She teleported a short distance with a machete. Oh even worse, a gifted! She tried stabbing him and he narrowly dodged her horrified. His ability activated and he set one of her arms on fire. It wouldn't kill her but it would definitely leave a few nasty burns.

Just before he met up with Alex he gave her a suggestion, "Stop drop and roll!" He had to shout because of the distance he had put between him and the teleporter.

The moment Alex saw Kadvar coming his way he slung the backpack over his sholder and started running into the forrest. He didn't run as fast as he could so that Kadvar could catch up. Once he did, Alex spoke between breaths.

"It hadn't even started yet and you already made yourself a target." He said, a little angry. "Do you want to die?" He added.

Alex had tried to at least be neutral in the training stage. He didn't want anyone seeking him out because of something he did or said back then. But now that he was teamed with Kadvar, they may go for him to. Even after they get Kadvar.

Did he want to die? No not really, he rather much liked living. It wasn't his intention to make himself a target but he had poor self control, as far as knowing when to shut his mouth was concerned. Well... he had poor self control of his gift as well. He needed to get better control of it if he wanted to increase his odds of surviving.

"I didn't walk off the platform during the countdown, so I guess not."

Where were they headed anyway? It didn't really matter as long as they were away from the cornucopia. But how far did they have to run to be far enough?

After they ran for quite a while Alex started to slow until he completely stopped. He put his hands on his knees and breathed in and out deeply.

"That should be far enough, shouldn't it?" He said as he straightened himself. Before Kadvar could answer Alex sat down and removed his backpack. As he unzipped it he asked,

"Did that teleporter get you at all?"

As long as Alex had enough energy, Kadvar wouldn't have to worry about a wound's longterm affects. Sadly Alex himself did have that privilege as he could not heal himself. It may be best if he didn't get into the fights. Afterall his gift was no use at all in battle. He might as well be human.ツ

Kadvar checked where she had tried attacking him and found no damage, "No damage."

He had wanted to check his bag for awhile now, as it was what had nearly gotten him stabbed. After sitting on the ground and unzipping it he found iodine and an empty water bottle. "Well I guess water won't be an issue," with the iodine they could purify natural water into drinking water. That was unless the game makers decided to poison certain streams or ponds.

After ruffling through the bag he found bandages, a snare, and a sleeping bag. He wasn't entirely sure how to use a snare or bandage. No food, that wasn't an immediate concern but eventually it would be. It would be best to learn how to use a snare soon.

"Good." Was all Alex had to say to Kadvar's answer. He pulled out each item inside the bag he managed to snatch up. There was a small bag of beef jerky, a spool of pink threat, another throwing knife and...

"I think they packed this for you." Alex said jokingly. He then tossed a white rabbit plushie at Kadvar. "It'll help you sleep at night." He said, smiling.

Alex was definatly scared, which was the reason for the messing around. It made him feel a little more comfortable, if only for a few moments. That techque for dealing with stress wasn't going to work for long. If it did it would get him killed.

Kadvar looked at it and raised an eyebrow, what kind of people could make use of this? Maybe the youngest tributes could find it comforting but he didn't. He couldn't help but notice the spool of pink thread. "Maybe we could find the tributes from district 8, have them make it a pink hat." He was pretty sure they dealt in making clothes.

He was grateful for all this joking around, it made him feel normal if only for a few minutes. "If we cut it open do you think it'd make a good hat?" He became cold easily and was being serious. Maybe he'd have to camouflage it though as it was white and stood out like a sore thumb.

Alex shurgged.

"I guess so, but you will look like an idiot." Alex said. He pictured Kadvar wearing a rabbit on his head and found it amusing. He held out one of the two throwing knifes he had picked up to Kadvar in case he wanted to cut the stuffed animal open.

"Hey, maybe something is in it?" He said. He didn't think so, but what other use did they have for it other than luring some little kid. Alex did not want to kill a twelve year old. The games in general was messed up, but having kids that young fight eight teen year olds was both screwed up and unfair.

The Hunger Games
In the middle of the arena is theテつcornucopia. テつThere is a thick forrest around it. テつThere are streams and ponds dotted around. テつThere is one very tall mountain that has a waterfall. テつThere are normal forest animals around like rabbits, deer, foxes and such. テつThere are also dangerous animals like mountain lions and wolves.

Dead and alive currently

1 Male - Alive

1 Female - Alive

2 Male - Alive

2 Female - Alive

3 Male - Alive

3 Female - Alive

4 Male - Alive

4 Female - Alive

5 Male - Alive

5 Female - Alive

6 Male - Alive

6 Female - Alive

7 Male - Alive

7 Female - Alive

8 Male - Alive

8 Female - Alive

9 Male - Alive

9 Female - Alive

10 Male - Alive

10 Female - Alive

11 Male - Alive

11 Female - Alive

12 Male - Alive

12 Female - Alive

Do I really need to explain this? テつJust look up the hunger games and you'll be fine.

Characters are going to die, please be aware your character can be killed in this.

Don't powerplay, don't be killing a character without giving them a chance.

You can team up with others, but don't go and kill them in their sleep or something.

Don't make any deaths too detailed.

If your character dies, you may join again with a new character from a different district if it isn't taken.

You may have a maximum of two characters alive at one time.

You may kill off characters that no one is playing.

Do not use a character from the book. テつAlso do not have your character speak about characters from the book. テつAct like they never existed.

You can have characters who are gifted. テつThey must have only one abilty and must have weaknesses. テつYou can have a character with no gift, but they are at a hige disadvantage.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
District 1 Female
District 1 Male
District 10 Female
District 10 Male
District 11 Female
District 11 Male
District 12 Female
District 12 Male
District 2 Female
District 2 Male
District 3 Female
District 3 Male
District 4 Female
District 4 Male
District 5 Female
District 5 Male
District 6 Female
District 6 Male
District 7 Female
District 7 Male
District 8 Female
District 8 Male
District 9 Female
District 9 Male

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