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Hey friend! How are you doing???
2:29pm Dec 9th, 2016
*gasp* Rusty! How are you?
5:36pm Jul 17th, 2016
Yeah I am a furry :Y
7:33am Jun 17th, 2016
I just can't resist a horrible pun. And if you don't feel good then don't post!
8:39am Jun 12th, 2016
Well that bites, get it? Bites? Because it's about canines and felines? Not that you're actually missing anything. All I've done at this point is make an account.
7:26am Jun 12th, 2016
I managed to get into feral heart a week or two ago
6:35pm Jun 11th, 2016
EX is acting off for me, at the moment it's fine so hopefully it'll stop acting weird. I'll try to post
11:41am Jun 9th, 2016
Go get sleep then!
8:06pm May 30th, 2016
I have the same username
4:06pm May 30th, 2016
I looked around a few days ago and saw you were in a few RP's on there.
3:20pm May 30th, 2016
Got it. Welcome back!
1:55pm May 29th, 2016
I spy someone with a marapets account
1:55pm Apr 15th, 2016
What's this? A new post? I would have posted faster if not for the distraction of cake.
7:02pm Apr 11th, 2016
Got it, don't feel pressured to post tomorrow if you're too busy!
4:46pm Mar 23rd, 2016
Posted on Lab Rats Don't feel like you need to post if you're too busy
9:13pm Mar 20th, 2016
I'm sorry you're so stressed! I hope your workload lightens up eventually
11:43am Mar 20th, 2016
2nd moved
12:38pm Mar 19th, 2016
moved the 1st one
12:24pm Mar 19th, 2016
heya guess who
9:54am Mar 19th, 2016
heya guess who
9:54am Mar 19th, 2016
sure not a problem. Send them over when your ready
2:44am Mar 19th, 2016
And hunger games
7:42pm Mar 17th, 2016
Posted on lab rats
7:29pm Mar 17th, 2016
Goodnight Posted on hunger games
7:47pm Mar 16th, 2016
And lab rats
7:44pm Mar 15th, 2016
Posted on hunger games
7:25pm Mar 15th, 2016
And lab rats
6:36pm Mar 15th, 2016
Posted on hunger games
6:21pm Mar 15th, 2016
Posted on lab rats
6:07pm Mar 15th, 2016
And lab rats
9:57pm Mar 14th, 2016
I'll finish these posts and go to bed, finished the one for the hunger games
8:43pm Mar 14th, 2016
And lab rats
8:09pm Mar 14th, 2016
Had to do laundry, posted on hunger games
7:47pm Mar 14th, 2016
Posted on lab rats
7:13pm Mar 14th, 2016
And the labs
2:25pm Mar 14th, 2016
Posted on the hunger games
2:04pm Mar 14th, 2016
Posted on the hunger games, page 2 woo
8:34pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on lab rats
8:13pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on hunger games
7:57pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on the labs
7:44pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on the hunger games
7:28pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on the labs
7:09pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on hunger games
6:46pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on the labs
6:33pm Mar 13th, 2016
Yes, just finished posting
6:08pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on the labs
5:16pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on the hunger games
4:49pm Mar 13th, 2016
Posted on Labs
3:48pm Mar 13th, 2016
Maybe, Kadvar has little control of his gift and was bound to have messed up and showed it somewhere during training.
3:29pm Mar 13th, 2016
Those were for getting #25 in Beat the Mod xD
12:04pm Mar 13th, 2016
It was a participation prize for Beat the Mod!
12:01pm Mar 13th, 2016
10:45am Mar 13th, 2016
3:25pm Mar 12th, 2016
1:41pm Mar 12th, 2016
Posted, it took a few hours (because procrastination) but I did it
6:56pm Mar 11th, 2016
Wow XD
1:27pm Mar 11th, 2016
Sure that would be fine!
9:35pm Mar 9th, 2016
Well goodnight I'll have to finish the post tomorrow, I need sleep too
9:13pm Mar 9th, 2016
I contacted Nano on her deviantart, I think she's just busy. Or something.
4:48pm Mar 5th, 2016
Wow, that's a lot 0-0 that means I have 1/10th of what you do xD thanks, I'll let you know if I need any x3
8:22am Feb 22nd, 2016
I'm Ready For The Last Allo When You Get Back On!
9:38pm Feb 15th, 2016
Thank You~
8:02am Feb 15th, 2016
sent you a pm yes it is the correct item but the trade for another player i set you a trade up
8:17am Feb 11th, 2016
I'll have to post tommarrow, I have more homework to do in the moring
8:19pm Feb 9th, 2016
You're fine :) I picked up one heart necklace. I'll send it over :)
1:49pm Feb 9th, 2016
Ah dang. I just traded my last necklace. Anything else you're looking for?
1:05pm Feb 9th, 2016
Oh, I just found another one, haha.
12:48pm Feb 9th, 2016
Yes, I have a necklace. Should I set up a trade?
12:34pm Feb 9th, 2016
Yep! That's the one! And darn. All I need now is the diamond ring and Plushie. I tried to get the Halloween Plushie but they sold out before I could get one. *sigh*
7:25pm Feb 8th, 2016
Awesome! You're very welcome! :) any chance you know when the plushie comes out?
7:23pm Feb 8th, 2016
Anytime! Any other V-Day item you need?
7:20pm Feb 8th, 2016
Sending you a Valentines Heart Necklace!!
7:18pm Feb 8th, 2016
Sure, I can figure something to do with it.
5:35pm Feb 8th, 2016
Sounds good
2:43pm Feb 7th, 2016
2:19pm Feb 7th, 2016
I have 8, and am looking for heart plushies. I'd also take CDs, since those and Romantic Cruise Tickets are always the hardest to find.
2:09pm Feb 7th, 2016
I made a character for your RP
6:14pm Feb 5th, 2016
9:29pm Feb 3rd, 2016
9:18pm Feb 2nd, 2016
ok no worries will have a look
2:24pm Feb 2nd, 2016
possible i have many games i start and dont continue with you have a link?
2:15pm Feb 2nd, 2016
Posted :>
4:03pm Jan 31st, 2016
To post, Typos all my life
3:23pm Jan 31st, 2016
I posted I notified Nano too but they'll be a bit topmost anything
3:22pm Jan 31st, 2016
xD Awesome! I'm assuming by Lucius opening the door of the lab that he intends on leading Lance to Kadvar. Posted :D
9:15pm Jan 26th, 2016
Rusty is that you? Do my eyes decieve me?
8:04pm Jan 26th, 2016
Posted on The Pound!
8:03am Jan 23rd, 2016
That's totally fine :> Posted as well!
4:41pm Jan 22nd, 2016
It's fine, Rusty, I know *exactly* how you feel xD
8:52am Jan 20th, 2016
I understand, midterm is the worst with teachers trying to cram everything in.
3:28pm Jan 19th, 2016
6:16pm Jan 10th, 2016
Posted on both - and I know how you feel, it's been zany for me too xD
8:18pm Jan 9th, 2016
*Poke* Dunno if you got my OOC chat message!
8:05pm Jan 9th, 2016
^^ Alrighty, then! We'll go with that :D
2:51pm Jan 6th, 2016
Posted in labs!
8:20am Jan 6th, 2016
xD go you, then!
7:56am Jan 6th, 2016
Hey Rust, what do you think about assigning Lance as Lucius' personal guard? The other guards are so obviously inept I feel the higher-ups in the very least will need to start deploying people who are more fit for the job. xD ... And Alex is pretty intent
5:13pm Jan 5th, 2016
Are you talking about Moodle life? xD
2:35pm Jan 5th, 2016
Posted, forgot to send message.
4:29pm Jan 4th, 2016
Posted on the labs!
2:21pm Jan 4th, 2016
Posted on the pound!
2:06pm Jan 4th, 2016
Posted on the Labs!
1:54pm Jan 4th, 2016
Posted on both, by the way - and poor Nori xD
1:21pm Jan 4th, 2016
Posted, and I'll have to go make sure her reputation isn't too soiled - I guess it's time for me to catch up on some post reading!
12:59pm Jan 4th, 2016
12:14pm Jan 4th, 2016
Heyyy!!! CPFA tomorrow!!!
8:22am Jan 4th, 2016
8:47pm Jan 3rd, 2016
8:36pm Jan 3rd, 2016