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:3 heddos
12:15pm Jan 30th, 2017
*rains cookies from the sky* It's almost February! :P
12:14pm Jan 30th, 2017
Hello :3
7:30am Jan 25th, 2017
I sent you a message on another account.
9:17am Aug 22nd, 2015
8:49pm Aug 11th, 2015
sweet dreams
8:23pm Apr 8th, 2015
4:02am Apr 8th, 2015
Sweet dreams.
8:55pm Apr 7th, 2015
Sweet dreams, I'm actually off tomorrow.
9:45pm Apr 5th, 2015
Sweet dreams, I know you must be tired, I actually have work to do, so I'll see you later.
9:49pm Mar 24th, 2015
I'm going to lay down..
1:24pm Mar 13th, 2015
I responded to your other account.
8:10pm Mar 12th, 2015
Hello. :)
7:53pm Mar 11th, 2015
I sent you a message on your other account. :3
7:43pm Mar 10th, 2015
Hey. :)
7:30pm Mar 10th, 2015
You may be getting tired soon, if you want we can hang up? :)
7:39pm Mar 3rd, 2015
1:46pm Mar 3rd, 2015
6:55am Mar 3rd, 2015
*nibbles on gum* Cheese gum
6:48am Mar 3rd, 2015
PFFT, sweet dreams.
10:15pm Mar 2nd, 2015
:3 cookies
8:48pm Mar 2nd, 2015
10:12pm Mar 1st, 2015
Why haven't you answered my messages? (Oh great now I'm your mother. LOL)
7:58pm Mar 1st, 2015
7:56pm Mar 1st, 2015
Sweet dreams, I am exhausted.
9:38pm Dec 12th, 2014
Anything you want to say?
9:30pm Dec 12th, 2014
9:19pm Dec 12th, 2014
Well, I am logging off, see you soon. :) *Hugs*
7:53am Dec 9th, 2014
*Snowball BABE!*
4:45pm Dec 8th, 2014
*Rocks out to music*
3:34pm Dec 8th, 2014
I understand Eric. :3
3:23pm Dec 8th, 2014
:3 Snowball.
3:16pm Dec 8th, 2014
*Wipes snow off face* Nice throw you goof. XD
8:17pm Dec 5th, 2014
And snowballs are good revenge. X3
8:15pm Dec 5th, 2014
Aw.. Good job. Your doing great.
6:52pm Dec 5th, 2014
Did you get Lauryn yet bud? :)
6:51pm Dec 5th, 2014
IDK I won the battle so I am happy. LOL
6:45pm Dec 5th, 2014
Looooongg story. Me and her had a battle to the death recently so, you can do the math. XD But she is actually happy now.
6:43pm Dec 5th, 2014
Alright, if you go to the online at the corner of the page click on the number and just click on Lauryn's name. :)
6:41pm Dec 5th, 2014
Uh huh, give me a moment real quick.
6:38pm Dec 5th, 2014
Ask Lauryn and she'll spend 24 hours explaining. XD
6:34pm Dec 5th, 2014
Um....I may know why....but...I'd rather get to know you before hand.
6:32pm Dec 5th, 2014
Oh dear. 0_0 Is your connection bad?
6:29pm Dec 5th, 2014
5:57pm Dec 5th, 2014
4:54pm Dec 5th, 2014
Always have been always will be.
12:53pm Oct 31st, 2014
Its been forever since i pulled out the tendrils, are you reaaaaddyyyyyyy!!!!
6:56pm Aug 8th, 2014
Actually gullible and grapes does kind of sound similar, and that's what my mood is about :D Nice work
11:41am Aug 5th, 2014
Le second hug back*
6:41pm Aug 2nd, 2014
*shrug* maybe im funny?
8:24pm Jul 27th, 2014
oh,so you can litteraly hear yourself,i have adhd,which is sliiiiightly less important.
4:08am Jun 29th, 2013
i just dont see how you find thet creepy.
10:37pm Jun 28th, 2013
your scared of triport hu?
10:22pm Jun 28th, 2013
7:18pm Jun 28th, 2013
i are a compleat and total ba btw/when you get to the site sroll up to see al mah awesomeness
6:47am May 22nd, 2013
yes and no,i just made him up infact.
9:48am May 14th, 2013
Thank you :'D
5:25am May 14th, 2013
sssssssoooooo...dyrex thinks he can ust get rid of me.
7:50am May 13th, 2013
Pinkie pie. Rarity. Rainbow dash. Flutter shy.
7:44am May 4th, 2013
...twilight sparkle
4:12am May 1st, 2013
not so random fact,wich i would normaly not tell anyone,but i tfust you with my secrets...:im a brony
6:46pm Apr 30th, 2013
6:36pm Apr 30th, 2013
its ok
7:42pm Apr 27th, 2013
at least I'm a cuddly kitten now. lol
7:33pm Apr 27th, 2013
yeah xD I just like horror type characters and so forth :3 but yeah xD thanks for chatting with me ^u^
7:28pm Apr 27th, 2013
also awsome that you noticed it was a grey hound 8DDDD *highfives* not a lot of people knew what it was ^u^
7:26pm Apr 27th, 2013
so he has many shapes and forms and one of his 'host' was a greyhound from the past rp ;D
7:25pm Apr 27th, 2013
its of one of my characters that is a demon from a long lasting rp known as Nightmare land ;) now it was one of the demonic god characters but frogot his name but he possesed many bodys and souls.
7:24pm Apr 27th, 2013
Hello, hello :) Thanks for the greetings! ;)
12:58pm Apr 26th, 2013
Heya :D Who is herocat?
6:24pm Apr 25th, 2013
yes,thanks for telling me
6:22pm Apr 25th, 2013
thanks, gonna take some time though to heal emotionaly
2:25pm Apr 22nd, 2013
...well,0b alein toung stick
7:44pm Apr 19th, 2013
That's wonderful! I've kept a good thought for her, like a candle in the window. Bless her heart. :D
5:59pm Apr 17th, 2013
AKA the avatar of mine isn't anyone, jus' an avatar. :Y
2:08pm Apr 17th, 2013
It's not my character; it's my avatar. ;Y; And I dressed him up as one because it's funny. |'D
2:08pm Apr 17th, 2013
Thanks <3 We are all hoping she makes it through.
5:19pm Apr 15th, 2013
hello :3
4:55pm Apr 15th, 2013
... Fuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!
12:43pm Apr 15th, 2013
Okay... *shrugs*
2:11pm Apr 13th, 2013
So how is your day?
4:13pm Apr 3rd, 2013
You know what the game is called?
4:08pm Apr 3rd, 2013
hey herobrine:hi me:NOBOD CARES ABOUT YOUR OPINION*punches herobrine*
6:51pm Apr 2nd, 2013
...i will tell you this...if i reply to means i got it
6:19pm Apr 1st, 2013
*my mouth grows longer,slowly and painfully i turn into a huge black spinosaurus*
6:17pm Mar 31st, 2013
*i swollow the heart and my eyes start glowing red,my hands turn into a spinosaurus's hands,i grow a sail,as well as a long tail*run
5:09pm Mar 31st, 2013
...*eats the heart*
4:33pm Mar 31st, 2013
...i can get a it graphic sometimes
4:28pm Mar 31st, 2013
dat yu sing good
7:23am Mar 30th, 2013
but if you think about it,like really hard,and not realitizing it...what would happen
3:36pm Mar 29th, 2013
i just realized something.if i eat myself,do i double in size,or do i disapear compleatly
1:26pm Mar 29th, 2013
HOLY WHAT THE ****:0. Really?
11:52am Mar 29th, 2013 the name implies my avatar is not intanded to look like herobrine
7:25am Mar 29th, 2013
...but you still are part human[+your avatar looks sorta like gean from the x-men
5:36am Mar 29th, 2013
why you read my mind.
3:45pm Mar 28th, 2013
i like tacos...i thought that was clear >W
9:17am Mar 28th, 2013
i just meet the most awesome person in the likes:dinosaurs,anything having to do with minecraft,dragons, creepypastas,and espacialy of all,TACOOOS
9:12am Mar 28th, 2013
...she does? evil demon lord?
8:31am Mar 28th, 2013
6:45am Mar 27th, 2013
*Flutters around shoutbox chattering*
3:37pm Nov 22nd, 2012
8:34pm Oct 29th, 2012
You better watch your back.... For you never know when it'll get bitten by my silver bullets! >:3
6:11pm Oct 21st, 2012
I know, right? But I am awesum ;D We could have been bats... But bat's don't have feathers, now do they?
3:18pm Oct 18th, 2012
Trick or treeeaaat ;D
7:34am Oct 18th, 2012