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Overlord (#25440)

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Castle Gromgard Farm
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"Have a ton of school stuff to do. :("
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This particular lady is rather pretty ;3; though I'm not sure if you'd like to be rid of her?
11:11am Sep 2nd, 2014
Oh! You are so very kind ;3; They are one of my favorite dinosaur species <3 I am afraid I won't be able to give you much in return for one though ;3;
11:03am Sep 2nd, 2014
Evening! How are you :D
10:59am Sep 2nd, 2014
Hey long time no chat X3
11:38am Jul 16th, 2014
Okay I'm cool with that. :)
7:54am May 7th, 2014
Is there anything you would like to talk about?
7:50am May 7th, 2014
Not much, and you?
7:48am May 7th, 2014
Hello. :)
7:47am May 7th, 2014
nm u
6:27pm Jan 30th, 2014
Long time no chat
7:13pm Jan 22nd, 2014
Then my plan is working :P
4:07pm Dec 10th, 2013
Haha. No, I'm Batman. :0
10:02pm Dec 6th, 2013
Yeah, I don't doubt it. =3
9:59pm Dec 6th, 2013
Hopefully me too, I know I need it.
9:56pm Dec 6th, 2013
Tired, school was wearing me out.
9:51pm Dec 6th, 2013
Same here.
9:48pm Dec 6th, 2013
Great, how have you been?
9:45pm Dec 6th, 2013
Hello. =3
9:42pm Dec 6th, 2013
peta and katniss and got u with a snow ball
9:28pm Dec 2nd, 2013
It is! I'd like to put in spicy sausage next time.
10:06pm Nov 30th, 2013
ok would you like to wait until you got more money because i wanted it for 250k and good night
9:52pm Nov 30th, 2013
here was the zani plushie pile
9:51pm Nov 30th, 2013
same thing like the valentines cookie but looks like a chocolate chip cookie
9:48pm Nov 30th, 2013
fine also how much would you pay for a 12 use regular cookie
9:41pm Nov 30th, 2013
each or together i will accept 125k but each or together i would like each
9:38pm Nov 30th, 2013
i have 2 how much will you pay for 2 each and if you do you get 1 free zani plushie pile
9:34pm Nov 30th, 2013
Yeah, she puts little clumps of sausage into it. It's really good!
9:32pm Nov 30th, 2013
feeds your dino and i think increases stat of 1 dinosaur by 2 of all stats
9:28pm Nov 30th, 2013
just buyin things for low price also got lots of fish heads and compressed them to make a 320 use fish head so also how much would you like to pay for a valentines cookie
9:25pm Nov 30th, 2013
Yes~ My mother makes an amazing stuffing. Could have used a bit more sausage in it, though!
5:50pm Nov 30th, 2013
No but it's worth it it's a Awsome fudging pin from the movie same color and same Apperance and omg there getting married after PETA is save like omg omg and there go a have a baby in three more years number three with come out its time will be three hour
5:22pm Nov 30th, 2013
hey whats up
3:05pm Nov 30th, 2013
yea I am its almost $30 tho XD my money and I have to take to other people with me aka my newphu's
12:42pm Nov 30th, 2013
nm just bored but going to see chatching fire today its 3 hours long and they sell pins from the movie there
10:05am Nov 30th, 2013
9:59am Nov 30th, 2013
Phorusrhacos Male (The Red Berry) Zhakko Berries? Phorusrhacos Female Pharlap Dime?
12:51am Nov 30th, 2013
Phorusrhacos Male (The Catalina Blue)Cobalt Gaze?
12:47am Nov 30th, 2013
And the Archaeopteryx Chess?
12:40am Nov 30th, 2013
You could name the Utahraptor Tiger Nymph?
12:39am Nov 30th, 2013
well anyways have a nice day or night whatever time it is out by you
9:47pm Nov 29th, 2013
also i have galaxy pegasus and i will combine those 2 and mix their parts to make the ultimate bey called rotating tempo i have seen videos of it and it never stops spinning if each part from both beys are combined together correctly
3:42pm Nov 29th, 2013
i finally have Meteo L-Draco
3:36pm Nov 29th, 2013
so anyways do you know what beyblade is
3:32pm Nov 29th, 2013
Totally, I think that's always the best time of year.
3:31pm Nov 29th, 2013
yup but instead of spending it all on ourselves we donated 50mill
3:28pm Nov 29th, 2013
oh yah we ate a lot but also we won a lottery to get 100 million in real money
3:24pm Nov 29th, 2013
hey what's up dude how was your thanksgiving
3:19pm Nov 29th, 2013
Same here.
3:19pm Nov 29th, 2013
I'm good. Did you have a good Thanksgiving?
3:16pm Nov 29th, 2013
Hello, how are you?
3:14pm Nov 29th, 2013
well have nice day by
10:01pm Nov 28th, 2013
XD thank you again for the items and money u saed my dinos lives I will gift u a surprise as soon as I can
9:52pm Nov 28th, 2013
XD happy thanks giving if it was here for me XD its almost Christmas where I am
9:42pm Nov 28th, 2013
9:28pm Nov 28th, 2013
nm u
9:24pm Nov 28th, 2013
i am back that was weird
9:18pm Nov 28th, 2013
well by for now this strange guy sent me a website thing i will be right back
9:16pm Nov 28th, 2013
i just got 10mill from my friend for giving away a hebivore lake planning permision
9:12pm Nov 28th, 2013
oh boy am i stuffed i feel like i cant eat for another 3 or 4 days and guess what
9:01pm Nov 28th, 2013
hey happy thanks giving whats up lol
8:56pm Nov 28th, 2013
7:24pm Nov 28th, 2013
I gtg I have school. Bye talk to you later
7:46am Nov 28th, 2013
Hi and thank you so much for the money and tissues there all becoming better because of you thank you so much overlord
7:44am Nov 28th, 2013
Ha ha, yep, that too! Gravy is awesome~
8:47pm Nov 27th, 2013
That's good! Thanksgiving is a lovely time~
8:22pm Nov 27th, 2013
Hello! Long day, how are you doing?
7:59pm Nov 27th, 2013
XD how all my dinos are sick even the allosaurus Xd
9:58pm Nov 25th, 2013
9:29am Nov 25th, 2013
sup do u know how to cure your dinosaur from the flu
10:11pm Nov 24th, 2013
Aw, thanks! I'll put her into her new enclosure, and I'd be delighted! It's nice to meet someone so friendly here!
8:13pm Nov 24th, 2013
yo. who are you
6:42pm Nov 24th, 2013
ok by for now also search up what origami is before you come back online
4:35pm Nov 24th, 2013
dont you know what origami is?
4:29pm Nov 24th, 2013
hi whats up just made 2 origami cranes and one origami dragon
4:25pm Nov 24th, 2013
I don't have any other current enclosures up. I can buy a new one though, I just don't have anything to breed with her.
11:31pm Nov 23rd, 2013
why do you always switch characters
10:02pm Nov 23rd, 2013
Not much. Just enjoying the game. What's up on your end?
7:57pm Nov 23rd, 2013
They're certainly ferocious, but I've always had a soft spot for the fluffy ones.
6:53pm Nov 23rd, 2013
1:58pm Nov 23rd, 2013
11:59pm Nov 22nd, 2013
Oh ok goodnight :)
11:58pm Nov 22nd, 2013
11:56pm Nov 22nd, 2013
Tired of what?
11:54pm Nov 22nd, 2013
I'm fantastic, and you?
11:51pm Nov 22nd, 2013
The sky :P
11:49pm Nov 22nd, 2013
11:47pm Nov 22nd, 2013
He's beautiful, I love him, thank so much. =3
11:46pm Nov 22nd, 2013
Alright, I promise. And I'd love to be your friend.
11:42pm Nov 22nd, 2013
That would be nice, thank you. =3
11:29pm Nov 22nd, 2013
Nothing much, just battling my dinos.
11:21pm Nov 22nd, 2013
11:17pm Nov 22nd, 2013
Probably Anchiornis due to how fluffy it is, heh. I love Archeopteryx and Linheraptor as well, but Velociraptor's zebra markings are very appealing as well.
10:38pm Nov 22nd, 2013
I'll try. It reminds me of Neopets years ago, before they sadly got bought out. And it's so friendly here! This is refreshing after an exhausting day at college.
10:29pm Nov 22nd, 2013
I'm good, just experimenting with the game right now. How are you?
10:17pm Nov 22nd, 2013
Hello! Nice to meet you~
10:11pm Nov 22nd, 2013
LOL its soo weird but I had to stop my mom walked in the room ill whatch it when I got in my room later ps do u have instagram
9:53pm Nov 22nd, 2013
XD your welcome acully u make me laugh as well your the only friend I have right now for real all the others think of me as a blind cat because im clumsy I atleast I have friends like your kindess
9:48pm Nov 22nd, 2013
how am I killing u for being a good friend XD
9:44pm Nov 22nd, 2013
:)))))))) XD
9:41pm Nov 22nd, 2013
9:36pm Nov 22nd, 2013
60000 for my 4 enclouser
9:32pm Nov 22nd, 2013
can u take care of 2 dinos for me intill I can get a habitat for them Xd I didn't really plan this out lol it would only take about 3 or 4 days intill I can get there encloser
9:30pm Nov 22nd, 2013
9:28pm Nov 22nd, 2013
I will never sell or give her away
9:27pm Nov 22nd, 2013
du if its a rare dino that are harder to get I would never get rid of her
9:27pm Nov 22nd, 2013
yep XD
9:23pm Nov 22nd, 2013
would I ever XD that's a first ive ever gotten something for free ligit
9:22pm Nov 22nd, 2013
nothing just bored playing on instagram
8:51pm Nov 22nd, 2013
8:48pm Nov 22nd, 2013
ok thanks playing next week but will try to get some pictures in when sight seeing will try
7:49pm Nov 22nd, 2013
i don't know because i am playing the piano in the concert so i cannot really take pictures and play at the same time so sorry i cannot take any pictures
7:31pm Nov 22nd, 2013
oh ok well right now am in music and getting ready for public concert in china next week getting a plane trip with my whole class that is performing
7:24pm Nov 22nd, 2013
also what did you get with 1mill i gave you
7:20pm Nov 22nd, 2013
whats up just coloring thanksgiving pics to send to my grandma
7:14pm Nov 22nd, 2013
7:09pm Nov 22nd, 2013
Oh we'll I have one a few times
9:32pm Nov 21st, 2013
Have you did the scratch cards yet
7:54pm Nov 21st, 2013
7:51pm Nov 21st, 2013
Ok thanks your so sweet
7:44pm Nov 21st, 2013
Female please anyone will due
7:36pm Nov 21st, 2013
Are you still thinking what you want to give me after I did all that for you??
7:31pm Nov 21st, 2013
So which eggs did you pick and what numbers also how many eggs were laid
7:23pm Nov 21st, 2013
Am back on did you ask for the breeding
7:05pm Nov 21st, 2013
Ok thanks and the breeding is set and is on private because so no one else tries to get a free breeding and if you like check the stats and I will be back in 5 min
6:50pm Nov 21st, 2013
Sure but why? And tell you when set
6:44pm Nov 21st, 2013
Na it's ok you could have the free Allosaurus breeding just would have to be female
6:18pm Nov 21st, 2013
would you like a free breeding from my strongest male allosaurus
6:09pm Nov 21st, 2013
your welcome well what do you think
6:08pm Nov 21st, 2013
did you get it
6:06pm Nov 21st, 2013
ok well here is a gift for you for early christmas
6:04pm Nov 21st, 2013
6:01pm Nov 21st, 2013
yup and right now it is all stored in my bank so how much do you have in exd in all
5:58pm Nov 21st, 2013
yesterday i got a toy rhino in the scratch cards it was awesome i traded my friend for 100 mill it was so awesome
5:55pm Nov 21st, 2013
hi bahumet
5:49pm Nov 21st, 2013
Well I will see you tomorrow well talk to you tomorrow
9:02pm Nov 19th, 2013
Well I have to go to bed now so good night
8:59pm Nov 19th, 2013
I just made a huge transaction with my friend I traded 2 colorants 850k each also I traded a 3 use (M) peach for 150k then now I will make a final transaction for an slider of success for 300k
8:58pm Nov 19th, 2013
Hi overlord/dragon bahumet
8:51pm Nov 19th, 2013
Hi are you dragon bahumet
7:04pm Nov 18th, 2013
Animal Jam its a fun web site I play you can trade hang with friends exspress your pet and decorate you own den even collect Monday rares
3:39pm Nov 14th, 2013
wow do u like lilac petal from AJ XD awesome DINOS!
4:38pm Nov 11th, 2013
I'm doing fine, you?
8:10am Nov 7th, 2013
12:16pm Nov 6th, 2013
Ah :3 I'm writing and anticipating the Wolverine movie coming out.
8:40pm Jul 25th, 2013
Nothing much over here ^^ How are you doing?
7:45pm Jul 25th, 2013
Hi there, Overlord!
6:44pm Jul 25th, 2013
well,thanks for letting me waste your time
7:20pm Apr 14th, 2013
hello...your an over lord...ever met a SHADOW LORD?
2:06pm Apr 14th, 2013
oh i got it sorry i am not used too people greeting me that much
3:42pm Apr 4th, 2013
hi i guess and who are you????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
5:04pm Apr 3rd, 2013
Sorry, can't remember. I know it started with an S though. :)
4:10pm Apr 3rd, 2013
Fun Fact: on a videogame on the x-box at my friends house, there's a villan named The Overlord and he's a black, red eyed dragon. *I shudder* Scary. :)
4:00pm Apr 3rd, 2013