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Owned By Carnivore's Corner (#24462) 17/19 Inhabitants
L12 BGR Aah [Oo, Vv] 40 Public
L12 BGR Ahmes *GP 70
L12 BGR Hatei [Ss, TT, Vv] 71 Public
L4 NB Iseret *GP 13 Public
L13 BGR Kahi [Ss, TT] 71 Private
L13 BGR Kartek [Oo] 50 Public
L1 BGR Khaba *GP 7
L12 BGR Khait *GP 77 Public
L5 NOV Nailah *GP 13 Public
L5 NOV Nechtu *GP 13 Public
L8 BGR Pelkha [Ss, Tt] 27 Public
L20 MAS sAa0-Shokora (P) 95 Starving
L13 BGR Sah [Bb, Ii, Jj, TT, Vv] 58 Public
L11 BGR Sekhmakh *GP 73
L13 BGR Shukurah [Ii, Tt] 58 Public
L13 BGR Sitra *GP 73
L12 BGR Tihrak *GP 75 Public


0 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.