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Owned By Carnivore's Corner (#24462) 38/42 Inhabitants
Eastern Beauty Pack
L15 NOV Dao 80
L18 NB Li Su 80

L9 BGR Arcee 68
L4 BGR Bai Li [Bb, Jj, Tt, Vv] 19 Public
L11 BGR Bandian [Gg, Oo, Ss, Vv] 45 Public
L15 NOV Bo Bing (Oo) 70 Private
L9 BGR Bulkhead 80
L11 BGR Chaoxi [II, Jj, Ss, vv] 59 Public
L5 BGR Chi Yan [Bb, Ii, Oo, Tt] 21 Public
L1 BGR Dan Mian Ju [Ss, Vv] 10
L10 BGR Dande [Gg, Ss, Tt, Vv] 40 Public
L17 NB Danzise [Oo] 76 Private
L4 BGR Duan Bu [Bb, Ii, SS, TT] 17 Public
L1 BGR For Aleki [Gg, Jj, Rr, Ss, Tt] 2
L13 BGR Heihua [Oo] 70 Public
L3 BGR Hou Yi [Gg, Ss] 20 PublicSick
L12 BGR Hualasheng [Jj, Oo, SS, Tt] 60 Public
L7 BGR Huan Xiang [oo, Tt] 29 Public
L6 BGR Jacklynn Jade 31
L11 BGR Jingshen [Jj, Oo, Vv] 41 Public
L1 BGR Kun Mei [Oo, Rr, SS] 10
L9 BGR Lao Hu [Gg, Ii, Jj, Oo, Ss, Vv] 36 Public
L9 BGR Lau Mei [Gg, Ii, jj, Oo, Ss,Tt, Vv] 36 Public
L10 BGR Maozi *GP 39 Public
L6 BGR Nuer [bb, II, Jj, oo, SS, TT, Vv] 26 Public
L4 BGR Piaoyi [Jj, SS, Tt] 22
L1 BGR Qi Bao [Oo, Vv] 10
L9 BGR Quiang Wei [Gg, Oo, Ss, TT, Vv] 36 Public
L4 BGR Shang Chang [Bb, Jj, Tt, Vv] 19 Public
L9 BGR Shen Jing *GP 37 Public
L9 BGR Taapeh[Bb] 37 Public
L10 BGR Tao [Gg, Oo, Ss, Tt, vv} 45 Public
L18 NOV Thiim 80
L6 BGR Ti Ji [Bb, Ii, Jj, Oo, SS, TT, Vv] 26 PublicSick
L12 BGR Yaocha [Gg, Tt, Vv] 45 Public
L11 BGR Yaoren [Gg, Tt, Vv] 45 Public
L6 BGR Yin Ji [Gg, Ss] 24 Public
L4 BGR Yin Xing [Ii, Rr, Tt] 21 Public


38 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.