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Owned By Carnivore's Corner (#24462) 40/45 Inhabitants
Red's Pack
L13 BGR Derra 81
L12 BGR Warpaint 93
L13 BGR Oilslick 92 Starving

L12 BGR Anion 66
L5 BGR Blue Twilight [Ii, Oo, SS, TT] 20 Public
L5 BGR Bridal Black [Ii, Oo, Vv] 21 Public
L11 BGR Buckshot 63 Public
L11 BGR Cantata [Oo, SS, Tt] 63 Public
L11 BGR Cation [Oo, Ss, Vv] 56 Public
L13 BGR Ciarlare [II, SS, Tt, Vv] 64 Public
L11 BGR Cold Fusion [Bb, Gg, Oo, SS, Vv] 56 Public
L4 BGR Dust [Gg, Ii, jj, Oo, SS, TT] 20 PublicSick
L1 BGR Ennui [Bb, Gg, Oo, Rr, Ss, Tt, vv] 5
L11 BGR Evangelist [Ii, Oo, Ss, Vv] 49 Public
L1 BGR Exxon [Gg, Oo] 10
L1 BGR Faraday [Oo, SS, vv] 10
L12 BGR Femur 66
L4 BGR Harajuku Nights [Ss] 20 Public
L11 BGR Inertia (Gg, Oo, Vv] 66 Public
L11 BGR Kidnapper [Ii, Jj, oo, Ss, Tt, Vv] 48 PublicSick
L7 BGR Lavan [Gg, Ss] 28 Public
L5 BGR Lumace [Bb, gg, Ii, Oo, Ss, Tt] 21 Public
L1 BGR Mayhem [Oo, Vv] 10
L12 BGR Neutron [Ii, Oo, Vv] 66 Public
L2 BGR Peach [Gg, Ii, Ss, TT, Vv] 11 Public
L1 BGR Pewter [Jj, Ss, Tt] 5
L8 BGR Privateer [Bb, Gg, II, Oo, Rr, Ss, Tt, Vv] 31 Public
L2 BGR Retribution [Gg, Rr, Ss, TT] 11 Public
L11 BGR Rio Gem 63 Public
L1 BGR Riwic [Ii,Jj, oo, SS, Tt, Vv] 4
L7 BGR Rose [Gg, Ss] 28 Public
L4 BGR Siam [Ss] 20 Public
L12 BGR Spice [Ii, Oo, Ss, Tt] 48 Public
L12 BGR Spirit [II, SS, Tt, Vv] 64
L1 BGR Tapeta [Bb, II, SS, Tt] 4
L13 BGR Templar [Oo, Ss, Tt, Vv] 71 Public
L11 BGR Thunderdrum [Ii, oo, Ss, Vv] 55 Public
L12 BGR Tirish [Ii, Oo, Ss] 62 Public
L13 BGR Zealot [Ss, Tt, Vv] 71
L7 BGR Zion [Gg, Oo, Ss, Vv] 31 Public


40 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.