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Robot Rex

Owned By Carnivore's Corner (#24462) 36/39 Inhabitants
Fun fact: everything in this enclosure INCLUDING this enclosure is actually named after a mixed drink.

Designated Drivers Pack
No alpha!
L22 EXC Botanica [Ii, Jj, Oo, Ss, Vv] 73
L14 BGR Fort Max [Gg, Ii, Vv] 46 Private
L10 BGR Maggie[Oo] 33 Public
L14 BGR Sea Spray [Bb, Vv] 68

Drinking Binge Pack
L16 BGR Red Alert *GP 73
L13 BGR Cold Smoke [Vv] 73
L18 NB Cosmic Rust [Oo, Vv] 67 Public
L13 BGR Fader (Vv) 65
L13 BGR Flashfire [Jj] 60 Public
L13 BGR Glassjaw [Gg] 73
L13 BGR Grasshopper [Oo, Tt] 73
L13 BGR Her Wicked Heart [Ii, Ss] 73
L13 BGR Retsina *GP 72
L12 BGR Whiskey Grimlock [Bb, Gg, Jj] 86

Happy Hour Pack
L11 BGR Brid [Ii, Ss, Vv] 46 Public
L8 BGR Bali Dream [Oo, Ss, Vv] 29 Public
L7 BGR Bloody Mary [GgVv] 25 Public
L12 BGR Delete [Gg, Jj, Vv] 42 Public
L12 BGR Diesel City Socialite [Gg] 47 Public
L12 BGR Fracture (Vv) 39 Public
L11 BGR Kryptonite {Oo, Vv} 39 Public
L10 BGR Night Nurse [Jj, Tt] 33 Public
L10 BGR Warpath [Jj] 42
L10 BGR Yellowjacket [Tt] 33 Private

L1 BGR Absinthe [Oo, Tt] 6
L4 BGR Blood'n'Bourbon [BbGg] 17 Public
L7 BGR Cheetah Bite [Bb, Gg, Jj, Oo] 25 Public
L5 BGR Doc Aqua [Vv] 23 Public
L8 BGR Frost Bomb [JjVv] 28 Public
L10 BGR Heart Attack {GP} 31 Public
L10 BGR Hotshot [Gg, Jj, Oo] 31 Public
L1 BGR Overkill *GP 5
L4 BGR T-Wrecks *GP 18 Public
L6 BGR The Coming Season *GP 23 Public
L6 BGR Waspinator [Bb, Jj, Tt] 21 Private
L1 BGR Whiskey Grimlock [Gg, Ii] 5


36 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.