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Dinosaur Sales

Have a dinosaur for sale? Advertise it here!

Please Read Before Posting
When posting a dinosaur sale, please be detailed. You want to interest people in the dinosaur that you are selling.

Be sure to post not only the selling price but also its stats, age, and color/markings. Also posting the link to the dinosaur are selling will be very helpful for people interested in buying from you.

To help you I have included a template for you to use when posting a dinosaur sale.

Dino Name:
Stats: STR:[00] INT [00] SPD [00]
Number of 'Perfects:
Sale or Bid?
Selling Price: EXD$00000
Link to Dino:

It's like ten thousands spoons when all you need is a knife. Isn't it ironic?
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This should help a lot! ^^ You may also want to add in where the perfects are, for those players who are breeding to make certain parts perfect. ;)
Although they could see where on the dino, it still may help some, too.
11starplayer's the name(:
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Lots of new players.

Everyone should read this post!
Fastest reached on #4!
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Great post , this really helps. I will tell all my new memeber friends
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I think thats a good idea
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How do you get Sclaes?
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It's always good to know what the players need. I agree with this.
ARK is my life
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you guys have any dinorsurs

Post: #301526
Hello! I am new and i am just trying to get rid of this dino... I know her skills are not very good, but i would be very greatful if you take her off my hands.. Thank you!

Dino Name: Maeve
Species: Linheraptor
Age: 6 (2 years old)
Stats: STR:[5.00] INT [5.97] SPD [4.00]
Number of 'Perfects:0
Sale or Bid? Sale...
Selling Price: EXD$100
Link to Dino:
(not sure how to link it but....)
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i would buy her but i dont know how
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