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Maiko noticed that things were quieter all of a sudden. Seems the wild child werewolves causing a ruckus were off doing some military thing... So things were sleepy and quiet. A male dragon had been seen lurking around lately and preying on wildlife and people... It was a feral. There was talk of seeing if that Jonah would try to drive it off in exchange for his strikes being recinded... Alex wasn't powerful enough to drive it off alone. There was talk of Elder Chikako and the alpha werewolf joining this campain and fighting the problem off and there was talk of asking the military to take care of the problem. Maiko and her brother just minded their own until Maiko crashed into a massive man with a dark expression and what looked like some burns on his face. A sour man to be sure and reeking of testosterone... It was a dragon in that frenzy merely looking for a woman or someone to fight... He seemed to process she was female and tried to grab her wrist to drag her off but Maiko proceeded to beat the daylights out of him and he growled about uncooperative females. Maiko explained he had no right to any female and should stop acting like it.
Jonah sniffed the air 'Hmm, a feral dragon...I wonder if Nightshade might help. It might be best NOT to bring her in with this. You know what? I'm going to try and get help with that' he quickly sniffed the air and ran off towards Nightshade's scent, he stopped a distance away as to not get killed and called "Hey? Nightshade, I know I was a jerk but will you help with something?" Nightshade's head came up to see him "What is it?" she hissed at him "Umm....Want to help me drive out a male dragon that's on..I think it's called a frenzy or something?" Nightshade's pupils narrowed "I'll consider it" she told him and took another drink of water "Please consider quick!" he yelped in wolf form "Did you just say 'Please?'" she asked him with amusement in her tone "Yes..." Nightshade snorted but snarled at him when he took a step closer, her scales began to show eletricity and it was starting to cover the scales Jonah observed it was like a fire dragon can coat it's entire body in red-hot flames but it was lightning and eletricity instead of flames. He stepped back a few paces and the lightning died out.
Alex was already working on dealing with it but that strange male wandering around town getting into trouble was not the same as the big problem. She found where the army recruits had gone... She reported it to the major and he wanted to assemble some sort of task force and Alex said "Normally the communities handle it quietly... It's a lung type dragon that has taken residence up at the river... She had a satalite phone in one hand and binoculars in the other the serpentine figure was tearing into a wolf carcass and the bones of others were there she was in a good spot to take it out if she had armor piercing rounds and inquired about getting some sort of permission to get a gun with that kind of power for this express purpouse... She mentioned scutes on dragons in dragon form and why it used to take a cannon to actually kill a dragon and that all the 'dragon slaying knights' were full of crud. What was odd was that an avarage sized lung dragon when given the option of a river full of fish, and an area thick with waterfowl he was picking at boney werewolves harder on the teeth... Nothing to stop it from targeting preferred prey... Alex was going to get some firearms profficency training to deal with these problems... She might be able to take an eye shot and she had the permission she'd need but it sensed something and dove into the river unusually flighty for a dragon...
Jonah shifted into human form after the conversation with Nightshade, he walked casually into town and tracked down the feral dragon "Hello" Jonah said as he stood in front of him, after a very short, and slightly one-sided conversation the man punched Jonah, "Holy heck that hurt" he mumbled as he got to his feet and watched the man from a distance. Even though Jonah was a man he was more...Lanky than others, Jonah rubbed his jaw and walked into the town away from the feral, he was going to see how this area worked. He heard a faint roar and Nightshade's scent along with a young werewolf, he mumbled something

[these are two different problem dragons]

Alex had permission to take the shot on the feral and she had the rifle in her hands. She took her stance and fired right into the brain and had to shift to drag the carcass out of the river now to deal with the testosterone fueled moron. The military did want carcasses to dissect and Alex offered the carcass of the feral but she made sure the werewolves got a burial and funeral plans were being arranged. In town she saw Jonah get socked and when that male saw her again he leered and said "Change your mind?" "No I want you to leave and never come back..." She had a hand sparking with electricity and he responded with fire... Alex took her hunting knife folded carbon steel not the best conductor but she still electrified the blade and slashed shocking him and capitalized on that for a vicious beating... Jonah would do to remember that she was a mature dragon and not easily messed with... She said "When they're like this the only thing to do is beat the living daylights out of them... Been trying everything else for thousands of years. None of it's worked. Reason female dragons are the elemental powerhouses... Surprised he managed to light up his hand..." There was a groan on the ground and the male dragon started cursing but he got up and Alex managed to drive him out of town. The lung that had been a man eater was being loaded up by the military and Alex confirmed what had happened to the community. Alex had been contending with ferals like this since she helped build the town. She still had her cannon and fired it off for special ceremonies... Jonah had probably heard she kept a cannon but with the advent of high power bullets and precision shots she preferred them.


Nightshade shook off her injuries and was wondering why Jonah was..Nice! She shook her head and looked at him, he quickly looked to the side as she looked at him, Nightshade huffed and walked away, she got in the air and flew over the forest again, she noticed Jonah's wolf form leap into the air and shift to a black phoenix in mid-air 'Impressive' she thought as his phoenix form came up to her left side "Sooo, are you wondering why I'm suddenly nice" he asked her "Surprisingly yes" she responded "I got tired of being a jerk. My parents were nice and all, but they were jerks too, so I guess it's in our blood" he told her "I don't know why I'm talking to you. But I was abandoned at age four, I can't remember if my parents were nice or not" the phoenix flapped his wings a few times and started gliding again "Oh" was all Jonah responded to her statement, they were silent again "So why did you ask me?" she asked "Because I know I'm not a match for a full-grown, adult male dragon" Nightshade looked at him "Really? I once saw you beat one" Jonah looked away "Because I channel my anger and fusteration" Nightshade nodded and dived into the forest again.

Alex had the major on the phone and was expressing her concerns about the fact a refridgerated truck was there that fast to pick up something that was so far out of the norm so quickly and the Major said there was no authorizied pick up but he had authorized her actions personally. It was also strange that only the military recruits had been targedted by the feral... The alpha of the pack was beating a punching bag growling in rage. Alex had gotten his revenge for him but he was still angry. The council elder Fae, Elder Chikako, and Wolf Alpha were all there and listening to the call it was a conference call on speaker more or less and the alpha werewolf growled. "I was willing to let them leave my pack to serve in the military because they would still have the discipline they needed to not become raging monsters major. Now they've been targeted? What would you have us do?" The major said they were looking into it on their end and a number of scientists had gone missing from a classified facility about a year prior. Alex asked what everyone else was thinking and she said "If we find ourselves being expermimented on are we allowed to rip our captors apart?" "I'd rather you didn't so they can stand trial but if it's the only way out I can't stop you."
Maiko had a problem in the form of that shinto priest who wanted to expell the kitsune from town and had the stupid post it note ofuda and was chasing her around with it. She charged back and ducked under it ripping the thing out of his hands and saying "What did I ever do wrong!" "You are not in service at the temple is what you did wrong fox." Maiko dodged the staff and she said "We do not live to serve in temples! We have every right to live our lives!" People were gathering and a witch in the crowd stepped out and said "Priest you have no right to do this. If you do not vacate this town at once the crowd cannot be held accountable for what they do in response to a threat to one of their own." The Kirin Ling stepped out in beastly form covered in scales like a pangolin with whiskers but otherwise a unicorn. "That is enough priest. There are more kitsune than temples fool. And the temples only accept one kitsune you know that." The man was shocked to see Ling at first but he sneered "You have unicorn blood in you filthy beasts you do not float above the ground." She narrowed her eyes and said "Do you see grass?" "No." "They why float?" That shut him up and the kirin burned his ofuda all of them and said "You do not get to banish kitsune who have done no evil now leave... Before we find out if you are good or evil or if it is just a myth..." He left and the kirin made sure he was out of town before returning back rearing in triumph. She trotted down the street before going home. Maiko was grateful for it...

Alex had a problem in the form of a 'dragon slayer' member of a cult thinking he could come and kill a dragon and he was staying at her hotel someone else had signed him in while she was at council. He was out on a horse running around looking for the 'foul serpent of satan' Alex was on her arabian chasing this idiot who did not know how to trail ride on a draft horse... She caught him and cut him off pointing her rifle on him. "Go back to the hotel before I have you charged with poaching. I am going to keep your deposit my horse is injured and now I need to pay vet bills and that mare might be out for the season. I need my livestock." She drove him back and confiscated the lance... It was an heirloom that had killed one dragon or at least wounded one... Alex said she'd give it back and she sabetoged it so it would break next time it was swung around carelessly. Or it would shatter on impact.

Maiko reported him and the major was going to have someone intervine and mention that slaying a normal dragon with a human form was murder by law. The slayer was sat down and he said "I was told there was a feral..." Alex said "And I took it down. I used a gun these lances are too easy to break I used to use a cannon before that. I founded this town. I am still keeping that deposit to cover vet bills." The slayer made to snap the lance and said "I did not know a dragon could start a town and do something productive." Alex said "At first I was just a hostel for weary travelers during the gold rush and the scramble west. I built this place and kept it updated. Now it's a hunting lodge slash bed and breakfast. I taught myself to cook. I will leave when this town dies and until then I will do everything in my power to keep it alive." The guy went to the bank and seperated his bank account and his name was George. Decided to settle in town and was staying until he found a place. She was making crepes the next morning with the cream cheese filling... She had a vegan option just a fruit salad... The vet bill was not bad it was just a bruise on the hoof... A tender hoof on a sweet clydesdale mare named Peach short for Peach Pie she was just as sweet as pie...

Nightshade landed gracefully and watched in amusment as Jonah tried to land in the phoenix form, keyword TRIED. He got a little too close to a tree and lit it on fire, Nightshade quickly smothered the flame and looked at him "Shift into wolf or human form" she advised him, Jonah abruptly shifted into wolf form and landed....Not gracefully. Nightshade let out a snort of laughter and turned her head, Jonah had run off a few minutes ago so she could keep looking for a place to live when she is in dragon form, she heard something and stopped, she looked off in the general area of the noise, deciding it wasn't worth checking out she kept walking. Jonah suddenly burst out of the forest and nearly collided with Nightshade, she growled in surprise and looked at him oddly "Sorry..?" he more asked and she just ignored him, she swatted him with her tail to get the message across that she didn't want to talk, he didn't get the message so she took to the air and flew to the cliff she was on a while ago. She relaxed for a few moments and watched to see if Jonah was following her or not.

Maiko saw a strange beautiful girl wandering around town looking a little dazed and she had a few men following her around and anyone who spoke to her was told to change forms... Maiko did and the one man groaned about not being able to find a unicorn and that drugging his little sister like that was a bad idea. The cops arrested him and the unicorn officer was sitting at the desk there. People who targeted various mythical creatures were pouring in so everyone was being issued a warning to stay in human form. Other dragon slayers looking for trophies were looking for Alex in particular... Didn't know her name or anything but based on the description of dragon form it was Nightling they were after. Female dragons produced quote 'superior armor' Alex was warned and the police were on high alert. And Jonah as a hybrid was likely in much more danger than the others... A novelty. Alex was walking around carrying a gun again. The military couldn't do anything about it but they were irked and still furious about their new werewolf recruits being killed. The pair of griffins were seeking out and harassing council members to vote Alex out of her property. Chikako hit them with her fan that she kept with her and picked apart their logic calmly after that beat down crushing any possible argument they could make. The rest of the council was getting irritated and Alex didn't know why she was being singled out for this.
Jonah knew there were some people who are currently hunting the creatures, he didn't know how bad it was, but it was bad enough to have Nightshade not go about ten miles around the town. He went into town cautiously and was asked by a man to shift to which Jonah asked why and the man replied with I'm curious, so he did and almost got shot by the hunter, he snarled and crouched in a attack stance, then he decided it would be better to go, as he was thinking that he felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder and right hind leg, he yelped and booked it out of there. Jonah limped to Nightshade "What happened?" she asked him "What else? A man walked up to me and asked to shift and I got shot!" he snarled the last part "Ouch..." Nightshade replied with a wince "It isn't anything that won't heal" he growled and Nightshade snorted, she shifted into her human form and got the bullets out, though Jonah DID give her a few scratches and bites but everything went smoothly....Nightshade huffed and fixed herself up with a first aid kit she had handy, she found it funny that her clothes and items stayed on her person when she shifted, she always supposed they somehow mold into her skin but she wasn't very sure.
Alex was with council and the major was there discussing the plans... Alex was already paid enough to keep the bed and breakfast up and running but not maintain her extensive property... She was offering up names of her sudden influx of guests and mentioned there was one dragon slayer who had seen reason and mentioned him... He'd just left his cult and Fae asked the biggest question in the room. "How do so many people know about us? I can understand the Military and government getting curious about our town and the other communities and we've dealt with a few cult members and the shinto priests are nothing new..." Chikako had an ofuda stuck on her head and Fae yanked it off since she hadn't noticed it. Fae then burned the thing to ash and Alex answered what she thought. "There are leakers in the government and those missing scientists. I'll bet they put bounties on us. From a priest coming to Chikako's home, to the guy with the bucket of ice water at the diner Fae runs, and the silver bullet to the thigh the police chief got I think we're all targets... I think the National guard should be called in or something this is a terroristic attack on our community... I don't know who the people who handle terrorist attacks are but we don't have a choice we need the help."
Nightshade paced the forest in a straight line, she knew of Dragon slayers, she had even been friends with one, she was an outcast because she had powers, she was not a mythical creature but somehow....She, a normal human had powers. Nightshade and her have never found that out, but her parents forced her into the Dragon slayers. Jonah was out hunting something and she was on her own, Nightshade could tell something would chance but she doesn't know what, after all her powers are not focused on the future, sometimes she wished they were though. She shook her head and growled to herself, this was really stressing her out, she started tearing through the forest at high speeds to calm herself, she got caught up in her thoughts and slammed right into a tree, letting out a pained snarl she pushed herself up again. She shook herself off before walking carefully since her vision was still a bit fuzzy and she was dizzy too, her sight suddenly sharpened and she could see better, Nightshade scanned the forest for prey, she caught Jonah's scent but he was somewhere else, she wandered around for a while before hearing something, her head snapped around and she looked around.
Nightling was on the prowl out there there was a very sickly elk and she saw a chance to hunt something more meaningful and she encountered Nightshade briefly shifting back and explaining what she was doing and shifted getting back on the stalk smooth hide smooth stalk scenting and on high alert... She was used to going right under the noses of larger dragons in the area and Nightshade if she followed would take an apprentice hunter's position and there was a massive stray male in the area weighing twice of Nightling's weight that she was trying to steal the kill from for kicks... Slow methodic stalk was thrown out the window when that massive idiot started chasing the elk with an infected broken leg right into Nightling's jaws while missing it. Nightling proved herself a silent assassin with the throat bite and muscles rippled as she silently pulled it down... She kept her jaws clamped down until the elk a cow died and Nightling felt no shame in tearing into it right there still leaving the good parts for Nightshade... Nightling was sleek and fat with good healthy weight and the big dragon was upwind... Nightling left liver and kidneys there and walked off when she was good and done. If Nighshade took it up she'd dispose of the leftovers after she was done... The elk was on the cull list and with Nightling around Nightshade could eat in relative peace... For the moment. Mature female dragons were known to just adopt younger orphaned dragons. The reciprocity would be help raising her own offspring or giving her a chance to recoup from an injury...


Suvival of the fittest, mythical animals and extinct creatures exist but no one knows about them.


(I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm doing my best:))

Play as a mythical creature or extinct, try to survive by making alliances, packs etc. hunting, everything around there.

Regual RP and Exbhibited rules.

Don't kill characters without the owners permission, don't make to fights too gorey, stick to very mild fights.

No power playing.

Overpowered characters.

Cursing not allowed.

Only go as far as hugging and kissing.

You can have more than one characters, as long as you can keep track.

Only female or male.

Correct spelling.

Dragons, phoenixes, Griffions, werewolves, etc. can have a human form.

Your character can have limitless powers, but after 3 any other ones have to have a limit, like: Mind reading, the charcter can't read minds for long or both the mind reader and the other person will get a severe headache. Like that.

 if you're having problems posting PM your post to Wulfraptor


Word Minimum
200 words per post.

Joinable Species
Human with special powers
Hybrid (Like Werewolf/human)
Normal Human
Saber toothed tiger
T Rex
Velociraptor (Jurassic Park version)
Warlock (Male witch)
Werewolf (Normal looking wolf but bigger

Second RP Master
Wulfraptor (#170)

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