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A warm, calm breeze floated over the Forest of Bridges, causing a lull in the usual busy activities of the inhabitants. Various featheries sat around carving, writing on scraps of parchment they had forged from their own forest, or just spending the afternoon in flight. The war call had not been sounded for several days, though most everyone knew the peacetime never lasted more than a few weeks

Hakki languidly rested in a tall mahogany tree, draped over a thick branch. She watched throught half-closed eyes as several younger featheries scrambled around in the underbrush, playing their own reinactment of a recent battle. Hakii wondered when things would get exciting again, not that she didn't like peace, she just missed the exhiliration of being in a violent battle. She yawned, her pale beak and silver cheek feathers almost glowing in the late afternoon sun. 

Myi'ga sat on a nearby log and watched as the males of her clan train for what seemed like hours, but had oly been minutes. I wish that I could do that! She thought bitterly. She stood up from the snow-covered log and brushed herself off. She walked down the steep mountain path back to the evergreen forest which they called their home. She lived in a small cabin which was near the outskirts of the village. Letting out a deep sigh, she walked in to be greeted by her always-happy parents. "Hello dear! How was your day!" Her mother smiled. Myi'ga just grunted.

The soft sound of leaves russling up head made Trinity's eye open. She hand her friends were playing a 'game'. Or atlest she was playing the 'game' with the smaller Furries. She perked her ears and droped from her place on the rock silently. The russling contuied and she smiled and pressed her back to the rock. A small Furry came running out of the bushes trying on his best War shot he can do. He stoped in his tracks when the person he was hunting was not on her perch anymore. He tilted his head and started at the rock as Trinity moved around him.

With a small little shout she picked up the small Furry and swung him around. The little one giggled and then when Trinity sat him down ran off back to his hidding spot. Trinity sided and went to sit back down. She expected a larger group to try to 'hunt her' this time. However she was going to enjoy this small peacefull moment...just as she enjoyed the small peacefull moment in the war.

Hakki stood up and yawned, and leaped off the branch with ease, and spread her yellow-white speckled wings to their full extent, catching the light breeze. The children playing below didn't even look up. Hakki swooped low to the ground, and suddenly noticed something that made her nearly crash land. A series of small, five-toed footprints, leading toward the edge of the forest. Hakki landed, and bent down low to examine it. "These must be fairly recent, and obviously not of a feathery at all.." She concluded to herself, though she had zero experience in tracking. "This..cannot be good." She said aloud as she decided in curiousity to follow them, to see if she could find the owner. 

Myi'ga sighed quietly and walked out of the small, cabin-like house. She walked along a path of strange tracks she had never seen before. "I wonder what sort of creature could have made these." She muttered and took out a wooded, knife-like object and began to sharpen it with a small rock. She nearly ran into a tree a couple of times, but managed to avoid it with her sharp reflexes.

When the knife had finally been sharpened to her liking, she put away and looked around herself. She was in a part of the forest she didn't recognize, and the snow seemed to have disappeared. There weren't as many evergreens anymore, they were mostly deciduous now. "I wonder where I am." She said quietly to herself.

Trinity opened her eyes again and turned her head to the bushes. The small ones where coming again, and by the ruckuss they were making alot of them. She though she might as well go running away from them and with a ligh punce from the rock and quietly landing on the ground she sprinted off into the underbrush.

She quietly slipped through the leaves and darted past trees. She lost track on how far she was running until the familiar landscape was gone and she lost her sense of derection. She stoped in a small clearing and looked about. She didnt know which way to go to head back home.

Hakki froze and whipped around. Did she hear.. Voices? No, probably just her mind playing tricks again. Or the young ones following her.

 Hakki suddenly realized she had strayed too far from the cover of trees, and all around her was a huge gaping hole of brilliant blue sky. " no, this is bad... Oh no..." She gasped and ran back to the forest she had just exited, or so she thought. Hakki did not recognize this part of the forest, it was out of the normal walking range for her village. She took a deep breath and calmed herself, then noticed a seemingly familar figure standing a few hundred yards away. Without thinking Hakki called out "Hellooo over there! I seem to have gotten-" The figure turned around and she realized with horror that it was not a familar face at all. 

Myi'ga looked at the other animan standing before her. She backed away slightly, but then decided she could take whatever the creature threw at her. She looked at her bravely. "Who are you and why have you ventured so far away from your clan?" She asked quietly. She flipped her long locks and scraped her claws against the ground. She turned around when she heard another sound in the bushes. "Who's there!" She demanded, taking step away from the bushes. Suddenly, a strange, shiny metal stick appeared from inside of the bush. Myi'ga was mesmerized by the way the sun shined off of it. "What's this?" She walked toward it and grabbed onto it, finding that something was pulled from the other side of it. She let go of it. "Now what's this? The thing is so stubborn! It wont come out!" She continued to stare at the strange object when she heard a click. There was a band and smoke rose quietly from the tube. It just managed to graze her shoulder and make a slight cut. "Owch!" She exclaimed. "What WAS that!?"
Hakki ran over despite the obvious dangers. "I don't know- But it seems very dangerous. Are you alright?" She too had been mezmerized by the shining metal stick.  Suddenly Hakki realized what she had done, and stumbled backwards. She had spoken to another species of animen, which was unthinkable in this war-filled and troubled times. For the moment, however, she shook it off and turned to the sparkling stick. "Perhaps we should follow it, though it looks like it could potentially kill someone." Hakki said to this newly aqquainatenced stranger. "By the way, what is your name?" She said, extending a clawed hand, and breaking nearly every rule in the war book. 

Trinity's froze muscles tense and ready to leap upwards in a quick flighty escape. However curiousilty got the best of her. The voices seemed close and she woundered for one minute if they could be some of her own people. She got up and sprinted slietnly towards the noise. She wouldnt go trompling in if they wernt her group nor even if they were. She was smarter then that. She stoped and crawled through the bushes making sure not to shake anyof them but being to busy with that she accidently step out a twig. SNAP! The sound echoed through the small clearing and bounced off trees.

Trinity stayed absolutly still. Her hand rested on the small dagger she kept at herside in case of some emergancy. And if the other Animen werent friendly...she figured she would proably need it.

Darek was hiding in a small burrow he had dug while watching a furry and a feathery about to shake hands. Darek did not know much, for he was ne in this place, but he knew that all who were different were enemies, but to him he dd not see much sense in that, for ever creature has similarities with another, they all live, they all have feelings, they all care for SOMETHING. Except... the humans that had took him away from his family when he was a kit. They don't understad that anything has feelings other than their own species, they feel hat they could destory what they want and no one would care, they were wrong.
Nib was basking in his favorite sunny spot one day when he heard a sudden loud crack. He recognized the sound, but forgot where it came from (he has a terrible memory). He trotted over to some bushes and peeped his little head through to see what was going on. He saw three Animen standing in a clearing. He sniffed the air. "What in the name of the Great Fish could they be doing?!" He hopped out of the bushes and trotted over to them. "Hello strangers! My name is Nib! I would like to enquire what it is you are doing in MY forest." He tried to make himself look threatening, even though he was only about a foot tall.
Darek was startled by the appearance of the cat, Darek didn't think there was any other normal creatures near the human like creatures so the cat startled him. Darek considered going near the three creatures but was hesitant because he did not knjow if they were a threat. He decided that it would be best to think everything through and also think of the ups and downs. The ups were that he could makes friends, gain allys,  and such. The downs... he could gain enemies, it could be a trap, he could get injured, perhaps even killed. Way to many downs. He would have to stay and think things through.

Hakki tensed and stared into the bushes. "You there! Show yourself!" In softer voice she added "Its okay, we're on..peace terms.. We're not going hurt you." She suddenly noticed Nib, and smiled. "Here, Kitty!" She said, bending down and extending her bright feathery arms. She picked up the cat, whether it was against his will or not, and began petting him gently. "In my village... We don't get many non-feathered creatures, for obvious reasons." Hakki kept glancing bewtween Myi'ga and the space in the bushes where she guessed their unseen visitor to be, she still didn't trust either of them completely. 

Nib flailed his paws and tried to scratch at the Aniwoman's face. "How dare you touch me in such ways you foul beast! Do you even know who i am!? I am Ragnarok! God of war and conqueror of ten thousand nations! If I had my sword of righteousness, I could end you, right here, right now! But alas! I have left it in my favorite sunbathing spot! Now I am left unarmed and vulnerable to these peasants! Where is my slave? Slave! Where have you gone?!" Nib continued to flail his little paws and scratch at the Aniwoman's face.

Cries from Vechilnia

The glorious and magical island of Vechilnia, filled with all manner of wonderful and mystical creatures. Various territories are controlled by the local tribes and clans, and strictly guarded against intruders of other species or clans.

Volcanic Plains of Char-Char- Inhabited by dragonkind and those that love lava and fire. The temple of fire lies deep within the heart of an active volcano. Those who dare enter will most likely be scorched to death, or at least beyond recognition. The harsh climate of this area makes it difficult to live here, but the Scaleyfolk live here perfectly fine, due to their strong, tough skin. They mine metals and gems here.

Great Lake of Hydriana- A great lake, made by the impact of a large crater years ago, near the center of the island, controlled by the water dwellers and always kept clean of debris. The huge, dark colored rock walls of the lake have many ceremonial carvings of great importance. The temple of water lies at the top of the waterfall that feeds the lake and keeps the water clean and drinkable.

Mountains of Rah'ma- for all those who are feline or canine, and enjoy the sense of height and power achieved by this location. The terrain is jagged and unforgiving. The mountain temple lies at the highest summit above the snow-filled clouds. It is said, that if you make it to the top of the mountain without freezing or being crushed by the common land slides, the Gods will grant you a gift like none other.

Great Forest of Bridges- The avian realm, for those who fly, and who rely on the sky for life. This land was once inhabited by an ancient race of Sun worshipers (The creatures here today still call it the Great Star Belaku) whose glorious structures of huge bridges and columns still tower above the sea. The huge, Gold-Leaf trees tower over the bridges, their trunks and roots entangled in between them. The persons that live here are mainly nomadic.

Wailing Abyss- A magical and somewhat massive, nearly bottomless abyss where the dead are cast. There are innumerable rumors of ghosts and spirits that haunt this place, inspired by the mysterious cries that echo out of the ground there.


Once, a very long time ago before any of you were born, there was a Great and might war- Bewteen the native animen (Animal People) and the mighty creatures known as human beings.

For eons the animen have been warring, fighting, killing eachother ruthelessy- Over land, space, food, and everything else. But when the humans begin to invade, and threaten to wipe out life on Vechilnia as the animen know it, they must band together to save their homeland and themselves.


A long, violent, and often bloody history, of wars and famine and drought.. of course there have been multiple peaceful times, full of feasting and gathering and joy.

The Baldies stumbled upon this island while on one of their curious little expeditions. When they came to the shores of this island, they had no idea what creatures were already here. Oblivious to these people, they started to lay claim to the land that was not theirs. Soon, messangers from all the clans appeared before the Alphas. They told them about the Humans that came to 'visit' when really, they were plotting to destroy their home and culture.

No war, however, has matched the devastion of what the humans want to do- are are going to do, if you and your kind do not stop them.


Typical Ex Rules :3

1. No extreme violence/over descriptiveness

2. Love/Romance Allowed, but keep it clean 8l

3. No powerplaying, gary-sues mary sues, or Godmodding.

4. Do not kill other people's characters without permission.

5. You CAN get hurt, (or be slaughtered mercilessly) it is a war after alll...

6. Don't break the rules. Or RP master Feather's severed toes will eat you in your sleep.

7. Have Fun! I demand that you do, or I will come find you and make SURE YOU ARE HAVING FUN >8U

Additional Notes: (these may change at any time) Please only 3 characters per person. Please dont start fights in the OOC. Please dont RP in the OOC. This RP is set in the early 1900's so please dont add modern things to your characters ;3.


Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
Baldy (Human)
Featheries (Bird People)
Furries (Feline/Canine Etc. People)
Intelligent Animal

Second RP Master
Feather (#958)

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