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Gracie (#28)

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Graceland Farm
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Joined January 1st, 2008

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"Good try Quills, better luck next month! Congrats to all our prize winners!"
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you know, that dilo you have for sale is the one i released earlier :)
10:57am Jun 18th, 2013
great ^u^ one of my friends talked me into going to the movies with him @__@ and I hate going into public places xDDD
11:13am May 11th, 2013
hello again :D how was your week ouo?
10:17am May 11th, 2013
awww :) well I hope it goes good ^u^
9:48am May 9th, 2013
just woke up and has to teach a class today XDDD
9:44am May 9th, 2013
cool :D how have you been ^u^
9:36am May 9th, 2013
mornin' :3
9:15am May 9th, 2013
Thanks Gracie. :) I've been really busy so haven't looked at the club boards, but I shall head over there now.
7:45pm Mar 23rd, 2013
Just like a 9 member herd of Fabs materializes in the Lab! Setting up enclosures and stuff now.
11:15am Mar 21st, 2013
Haha, yeah. It can start feeling like you're talking to yourself all the time.
1:51pm Mar 1st, 2013
They look really neat and organized!
1:14pm Mar 1st, 2013
They wouldn't be doing the work of thinking and figuring it out but still getting it right. I know you said you'll be deleting the previous day's posts but I don't think that could stop this thing from happening?
12:49pm Feb 27th, 2013
I think it's really creative! I know i'll be participating. I have concerns though, what stops someone posting an answer and people just posting after them with the same answer after doing a quick google search to confirm that it's right? They wouldn't b
12:49pm Feb 27th, 2013
Sure thing.
3:36pm Feb 25th, 2013
Sent you a little gift.
12:47pm Feb 24th, 2013
Just posted there! Thanks for the headsup. =)
12:32pm Feb 16th, 2013
I didn't even notice the grade changed, heh. It's fine, I have plenty of A+ Baros anyway. ^^
12:21pm Feb 16th, 2013
I'm excited to have you as leader! Thanks for the baro herd prize, by the way.
12:18pm Feb 16th, 2013
Happy V-Day :)
12:07pm Feb 14th, 2013
Ok thank you. :)
12:44pm Feb 8th, 2013
Hi, I was wondering where do we do the Valentine's dino breeding thing? Is there a page somewhere?
12:00pm Feb 8th, 2013
I would really love an Easter-themed dino beauty pageant. My recent eggs have been beautiful piebald babies with soft pastel colors, great great easter dinos.
5:26pm Feb 7th, 2013
Yep, only once a day. Good luck!
5:21pm Feb 7th, 2013
I -believe- it's 7:00 (both AM/PM) but it is exactly 7:00, not a minute later or sooner. I think so, anyway. Also, the other one needs 100k. Give any more and it's a waste of money. I've never heard of a third one before. If you find it, let me know!
2:55pm Feb 7th, 2013
Congrats! One of them you should make great use out of. The other, requires a very specific time so I never bother, lol.
2:50pm Feb 7th, 2013
I was super surprised to see Eltafez have 180 eggs already. I guess she hoarded items from last year! Saving them to win next year wouldn't be a bad idea.
2:48pm Feb 7th, 2013
Hey! Thanks for asking. ^^ I'm actively collecting items (and buying, if it's a low enough price) but only reselling them. I know I won't get in the top 5 or so and get a prize, so I'm just not participating. Very cute V-day dinos, though! What about you?
2:44pm Feb 7th, 2013
Thanks for the stud fees. :) Kanemasiu has never felt more popular. ;)
7:42pm Jan 15th, 2013
PMing so I can chatter more!
5:49pm Jan 8th, 2013
Hey! Thanks for asking. ^^ Pretty happy, one of my baro herds raised up to grade A+, my dodos raised up to A, and tomorrow I get to do a chemistry lab! How have you been? Enjoying your egg insight?
5:29pm Jan 8th, 2013
Ah, that was what I was guessing. Congrats on such a low-numbered account! That was a great find. By the way, your upgrade expires one day after mine, lol.
2:43pm Dec 31st, 2012
What was your other account? You seem familiar~
2:37pm Dec 31st, 2012