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Siren (#24019)

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Riff island Farm
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Joined December 27th, 2012

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What's really good? Headed for bed, since it's dark. Hope you're well. Feel like splitting a clutch when it's opportune for you? Just shout. Got me some excellent hearing.
11:17pm May 1st, 2013
Put Shayde up for bid for 7k, just in case the game makes you pay more than what I set.
8:09am Mar 17th, 2013
Does anyone know where Siren is?
4:35pm Mar 16th, 2013
Well, set up a trade titled "Amber". Figured it's self-explanatory from there, heh.
6:59pm Feb 22nd, 2013
Trade's up.
3:58pm Feb 18th, 2013
Hello Crystal :)
1:26pm Feb 9th, 2013
Hi everyone!
1:24pm Feb 9th, 2013
Hi everyone!
1:24pm Feb 9th, 2013
I hadn't approved the offer yet.
8:47am Jan 14th, 2013
i didnt get the three jars you were suppose to send me when i gave you the 30000
1:12pm Jan 13th, 2013
Thanks for buying my dinos! Heads up, I'll be putting the rest of my Albertosaurus enclosure up for sale today, if you want more.
1:06pm Jan 7th, 2013
Lol, no problem pal :P
7:21am Jan 7th, 2013
*pilot voice* We know you have many choices in T.Rex studding, and we thank you for choosing Rune's Run as your dinosaur-breeding destination. XD
8:16pm Jan 6th, 2013
Woodchuck down, I repeat, Woodchuck down. :) *dizzy from double-barrel snowball blast, weakly pulls pin on snow grenade & lobs it* P.S. Hey. ;)
11:16am Dec 30th, 2012
There shall be revenge ;)
9:36am Dec 30th, 2012
Awesome. :D P.S. Duck ;)
9:27am Dec 30th, 2012
I know. I was so lucky to find both of them in the usually empty nature reserve. Rexie's a BRILLIANT battler :D
8:41am Dec 29th, 2012
Nice Allo. Great find. :)
8:13am Dec 29th, 2012
Thanks :D
7:37am Dec 27th, 2012
Welcome to the game!
7:36am Dec 27th, 2012