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I have a great memory, like one when you were with Steven who was killed by Jay. *makes cursed wolves tackle Alex*
3:48pm Nov 13th, 2012
how do you sill remember ike jumps on clone heads to get closer to ike
3:29pm Nov 13th, 2012
>:I *makes thousonds of clones* You'll never get me, Alex the wolf!
3:26pm Nov 13th, 2012
i am going to get you ike *eats one of ikes minoin*
3:22pm Nov 13th, 2012
ok *turns into wolf*
3:21pm Nov 13th, 2012
Because I'm awesome and I will be king of the world :3
3:19pm Nov 13th, 2012
Hello, I am going to invade your farm right now. *Ike's army invades your farm* >;3
1:58pm Nov 12th, 2012