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Owned By Carnivore's Corner (#24462) 49/60 Inhabitants
Zombies Pack
L11 BGR Impactor [RrVv] 38
L10 BGR Kalis [IiJj] 38 Public

L13 BGR Asgard *GP 68
L13 BGR Black Sugar *GP 62 Public
L1 BGR California [Tt, Vv] 8
L12 BGR Carib [Ii, Jj, Oo, Ss, Tt] 46 Public
L6 BGR Chhullunku [Oo, Ss, Tt] 25 Public
L1 BGR Codetan Deep [Ii, Ss, Vv] 8
L15 BGR Copernica [Oo, Ss, Tt] 81
L1 BGR Copernicus [Tt] 8
L8 BGR Cuicuiltic [Ii, Tt] 25 Public
L13 BGR Dark Clouds {GP} 62 Public
L17 BGR Deep Shadow *GP 90 Starving
L1 BGR Deep Black [Jj, Vv] 8
L7 BGR Deep Winter [Oo] 27 Public
L9 BGR Eternity *GP 32 Public
L7 BGR French Lace [Gg, Jj, Ss, Tt] 27 Public
L7 BGR Heavy Metal [Tt] 17 Public
L1 BGR Hel *GP 2
L8 BGR In Vino Veritas [Oo] 28 Public
L18 MED Inca [Tt] 99 Starving
L5 BGR Lynchmob [SSTt] 19 Public
L13 BGR Malware [Vv] 46 Public
L11 BGR Mantis [Ii, Jj, Ss] 43 Public
L1 BGR Meister [Oo] 7
L13 BGR Midgard*GP 84
L9 BGR Milan [Vv] 31 Public
L15 BGR Misk'i 81
L11 BGR Moscow Mint [Jj, Oo, Ss, Vv] 38 Public
L1 BGR Murky Waters *GP 8
L12 BGR Muspell [Ss] 38 Public
L1 BGR Nidavellir [Oo, Ss] 8
L5 BGR Peppermint Cream *GP 16 Public
L12 BGR Pepperwine [Vv] 45 Public
L13 BGR Prince*GP 79 PublicSick
L10 BGR Rootkit [Ss, Tt] 35
L13 BGR Secret [Oo, Ss] 77
L9 BGR Spindle [SsTt] 36 Public
L3 BGR Sugar & Spice *GP 16 Public
L13 BGR Tudor *GP 78 Public
L8 BGR Turkish Bacon [Ss] 28 Public
L12 BGR View [Ii] 79 Private
L10 BGR Worm [Oo, Tt] 35 Public
L13 BGR zz. Trojan Virus 81


44 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.