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Owned By Carnivore's Corner (#24462) 32/34 Inhabitants
Riverbank Pack
L14 BGR Barbary [Oo] 89
L15 BGR Creole Lady [Oo, Vv] 81
L15 BGR Cajun [Oo, vv] 89
L13 BGR Scratch [Jj, Oo, Vv] 87
L16 BGR Valentijn [Gg, Vv] 89

L1 BGR Années Passées [Vv] 7
L8 BGR Appletini [Gg, Jj, Oo, Vv] 28 Public
L5 BGR Bluebird [GgVv] 19 Public
L11 BGR Blush [Vv] 39
L12 BGR Bootleg [Gg] 54 Public
L1 BGR Brandy Punch [Oo] 8
L8 BGR Charming Stranger [gg, Jj, Vv] 28 Public
L14 BGR Counterfeit [Gg] 76
L1 BGR Hot Cinnamon Heart *GP 5
L12 BGR Juliet [Bb, Gg, Oo, Vv] 45 Public
L12 BGR Loa [Bb, Gg, Oo, Vv] 52 Public
L12 BGR Love Potion #9 [Bb, Gg, Ii, Oo] 45 Public
L1 BGR Peach Schnapps *GP 8
L12 BGR Port Fever [Bb, Gg, Ii] 48 Public
L5 BGR Quincy Jackson [Oo] 18 Public
L12 BGR Rash [Gg,Oo] 48 Public
L11 BGR Ravine [Gg, Oo, Vv] 39 Public
L11 BGR Rollerball [Gg, Oo, Tt, vv] 39 Public
L13 BGR Romeo [Ii, Oo, Vv] 77
L15 BGR Roundabout*GP 89
L5 BGR Spring [Vv] 20 Public
L12 BGR Sweetheart [Gg] 46
L11 BGR Valence *GP 39 Public
L9 BGR Verne [Oo] 35 Public
L7 BGR Whodunit [Bb, Gg, Oo, Vv] 28 Public


30 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.