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Dinosaur Sales

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Tp those who are still active, I feel like we should maybe discuss how we are pricing our dino sales.

I'll most likely go back and reduce the pricing on all my dinos later, but it occured to me that I've been setting sales prices closer to what I would reasonably expect other players to pay back when Exhibited was super active. I'm not sure how much disposable income other players have at this point, but there really isn't much of an economy with a handful of players.

If the goal is just to extend breeding lines and keep our farms going, what are y'alls thoughts on pricing dinos much cheaper (15K to 30K range)?
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The most money I've ever had was about 700,000 and I easily blow through it via insane stud fees being like 100k... I can't play the games and don't have time to be on for more than a few minutes to breed so I don't do the battles. I'd say 15-30k is fair at least for me.

I've been pricing all my dinos under 10k
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I think I'm one of the lucky players who does have a lot of money (thanks to me selling rare items when it was active) but yeah. The insane studding prices really make it hard.

For me about like 25-50k is reasonable for me.
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Thanks for the feedback! I have a decent amount of funds right now, but with studs being so expensive, I don't want to burden other players, but also earn enough to offset costs.
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