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Selling Rexes
Hi friends! I’m having another clean out sale in my enclosures #3 & #4 females & male rexes! All $45,000 & under!
many many projectsss
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Trying to cut down on meat consumption, save money & perfect stock quality. Thanks everyone!
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Update! Just put up 15 more rexes for sale, super cheap for the going rate, bucks and does, no contracts, just a bit older but you can still get some eggs out of them! $20,000 & under, they’re my foundation stock & got me to where I am with the bloodlines I have now, just don’t have a use for them anymore (they will forever have a place in my heart though!) get them while you can, they go fast!

Shoutout to Sai, Zani, Sunita & others (don’t remember how to check notifs to see who else made purchases but u are also so greatly appreciated!) who bought my other rexes in the past y’all are amazing!

PS - My goal now is breeding rexes w the rarest eye colors (mostly albino) as well as most natural colors w the rarest coat patterns ( I like thinking they look like horse colors lolll) as I now finally have perfect confirmation and genes down! If you like any babies I’ve bred so far and want one out of the same parents let me know! I’m v proud with their long TD lineage and their pedigree shows the hard work I’ve put in thus far & would love everyone still active to have one of these pretty babies <3333 send me a pm if interested & we’ll work on a price based on your budget!
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New -

Bali Blue in pasture 2 is for sale.

Vintage Phantom in pasture 3 is for sale.

many many projectsss
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You mentioned rare eye do you know that? Like is there a guide or something that says what the rarest eye colors are for each species?
Alpha Terra
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Yes! Bookmark this page to reference when breeding!

To get albino (your rarest eye color) (ee ee ee) think of the punnet square we learned about in biology, (if ur not sure what I’m talking about u might be able to find a tutorial on YouTube), when breeding, you want to look for these recessive (meaning least dominate, like how in real life blue eyes are recessive to brown eyes) genes in BOTH parents. Reference both parents biology page and look for the eye genetics on the right.

I’ll give u an example using a couple of your rexes. Your young female “Purple Heart” has a set of rare eye genetics (green) (Ee ee ee), as u can see you’re only one lowercase e away from albino eyes (since lower case is rarer than uppercase). If you were to breed her to your male “Moose” who has orange eyes (another rare eye set) (ee ee Ee) you have a good chance at getting albino eyes and here’s why..

EE will always be dominant over Ee and ee. Breeding EE to Ee will give half your offspring EE and half Ee. Breeding Ee to Ee will give a quarter of your offspring EE, half will be Ee, and a quarter ee. Breeding Ee to ee will give you half Ee and half ee. Breeding ee to ee will always give you ee! Just like EE breeding to EE will always give you EE. It can be very confusing and took me awhile to learn but I’ve always been fascinated by genetics and even helps me in the real world when helping my mom look for studs for her mares as it can be applied to every aspect of genetics! I hope I helped and if you’re still needing more help please ask!
many many projectsss
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