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Artwork: Sales

Post all artwork (whether it's tags, large images, characters) here that you have for sale.

New Overlays and Custom Tags: NATIVE ART SHOWCASE
Hello all! I was thinking and have an interesting proposition for everyone who is active currently. Would anyone be interested in new overlays/custom players tags? Or even some farm art to spruce up the site a little? I am a graphic digital artist and own an iPad 11 and use procreate. I have my overlay license here on EX and now that Zani is back and Bob is semi-active to approve artwork, I might be able to bring some fresh overlays to the game if there is interest. I am also well versed in the semantics of getting tags to work in game, sizing, and procuring the images into EX’s platform.

Overlays/General Art:
For overlays, I could potentially take customs, requests, and general overlays. What do we think about this? I can post examples of my artwork in the future for anyone seeking to commission and would like to see my style. For right now though I am just trying to extend feelers out to the community.

Custom Tags:
I can also create custom tags for those who are upgraded. If there is interest, I’d accept all forms of payment but would prefer scales. I am currently in the process of making myself one. If there is any interest, I will delve deeper into the details of what would go into making a custom tag, but like I said, for now I am just putting out some feelers. Thanks for taking the time to read!


***Disclaimer: I do apologize in advance, unfortunately EX and the computer platform distorts the quality of some of the pieces. All artwork belongs to me.***

Digital Art:


Traditional Art:


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Post: #316595
I’m very interested & would love to see your work!
many many projectsss
Post: #316596
Do you do landscapes in any capacity? Either as dino backgrounds, art for farm descriptions, or for use off-site (such as my FR account, for example). If not, I'd still love to see your art style!
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I would love to see your art! I like the idea of new overlays but am not sure I could afford them. I don’t buy scales and am only now getting into the breeding scene so I couldn’t offer dinos just yet.
Want: Archaeopteryx, Linheraptors, or eggs for those
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I can post images of my recent artwork for all those who are interested! Would you prefer a new post or that I post them here?

-TrippyDingo/Tessa: I've messaged you privately already about your requests!

-Kat: No worries! I spoke with Zani about the overlay platform and she informed that it is still working to their knowledge. I may put a couple new overlays on there. As far as how the buying system with overlays works, I am not sure. I am not sure if the EXD goes to the artist or what. If the EXD goes to me, I probably wouldn't make them too terribly expensive. Maybe between 20-50k idk lol
"Life is too short to eat bland food, drive boring cars, and worry about regrets." -Me
Post: #316610
Posting here is fine! And that’s good pricing!
Want: Archaeopteryx, Linheraptors, or eggs for those
Post: #316614
thank you please do so
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Post: #316622
Love your art! Geeking out over the pencil bear and tiger.
Want: Archaeopteryx, Linheraptors, or eggs for those
Post: #316623
Thanks Kat! Can I ask what it is in particular that you love so much about "In Spirit"? I'm glad you enjoy my work! I will update more as I create more! And I apologize again that the quality gets so distorted.
"Life is too short to eat bland food, drive boring cars, and worry about regrets." -Me
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