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Dinosaur Breeding

Looking for a stud or you recently put your dinosaur up for stud? Find and advertise here!

#1 Unwanted Dinosaurs
Taking all unwanted dinosaurs stick them up for sale whatever price you want i usually check for dinosaurs for sale... most people i see are just killing or releasing them. why not bring back the dinosaur selling market.

I try to put whatever i dont need up for sale because i like to see a line of dinosaurs related to my family take root on a new farm. i go off for a few months i come back and theres a few generations futher on then my own farm.

If you buy or breed to my dinosaurs and do no want the resulting dinoaurs for any reason give me a shout because they are welcome back any generation.
To Preserve and Prosper... Proud to be the best. #1 Will be more active around 20th to 25th During Herbivore breeding season Female Cycle (10-17-24-31-38-45)-(52-59-66-73-80) (01-02-03-04-05-06)-(07-08-09-10-11)NGP (02-04-06-08-10-12)-(14-16-18-20-22)GP
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