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Exhibited - A Short Eulogy
I was out for a walk today when the thought to write this popped in my head. I've been on exhibited a long time, a lot longer than I had originally thought in fact. I've been on here since I was at least 9 years old, now I'm 20. That's insane. Granted, the last 5 or 6 years I've only really stopped by intermittently,but this place has always felt like a little piece of home to me.

I was super active on the under-13's boards (was it under-13 or something else?), especially the roleplays. My goodness I did so much roleplaying and definitely still remember a lot of iconic moments from back then. I met a lot of really cool people and had some really cool times. I doubt I could look back on those roleplays without cringing.. hard. But, I don't think I could look back on most of I what I did when I was 13 without cringing hard.

I loved the community here. I was never the most plugged in or involved. I never really understood how the clubs worked or how the over-13 boards worked when I finally got there. But I loved this place all the way through. From my dinos, to the games, the collectibles, the chats, the people, seeing that I got a message when I logged in, reading the news, trying to save up money and scales, the absolutely amazing artists that were a part of this community. The tags that people made were and are still so awesome and creative, and it is something I truly miss.

I won't be naive and wonder "where has everyone gone?" Simply put, they're gone, moved on, this place is a ghost town now.

Exhibited is dead.

Now maybe not dead insofar as the website is not down, but there simply is no more playerbase or active community. Which is okay, things like this happen all the time. And I think with the times, websites like this are going to struggle to keep up. The internet and gaming are different now, people want different things. Games like this, neopets, and anything similar are true rarities now, a very niche thing! Maybe that's just my boomer self speaking, but I think the internet is moving away from this type of gaming, which is very sad in my eyes.

It is very cool to see rather active communities on wolvden and lioden, I haven't made any accounts on there, but they seem to be doing well. I'm sad that evosaur/exhibited 2.0 never got released, but maybe it was for the better.

If any of my old friends happen to see this. shoot me a message on here, I'll pop on every now and then, maybe we can discord <3

If anyone comes across this post, feel free to add in something, something you've loved about this place, any good memories, anything like that. Reminisce.

I love you exhibited. Thank you for everything.
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Well said Google.

Never really spoken out to anyone on here before but I've been thinking about doing something similar.

So following in your footsteps, I want to pay my respects to Exhibited- for being that magical place to lose myself in when the outside world wasn't treating me too well. For being a good part of my childhood.

Whenever I start playing again it's like seeing an old friend. We smile, we laugh, then inevitably I say we'll see each other again.

If I'm not here when is one day gone for good, I'll say it now:

Goodnight, sweet prince.

I wish everyone past and present the best life has to offer and more <3

Rip x
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My farms been going strong from November 7th, 2011 to this day Exhibited will never die as long as its here for me to binge
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I still come here every so often because this was what I did all day for several years of my childhood, and I still enjoy what I get out of it. I've always loved dinosaurs and Exhibited really helped seal that. I don't really see any other dinosaur web games like exhibited. I'm on both Lioden and Wolvden as well, which I also enjoy.

Personally I still hold out hope for Evosaur since the people working on it haven't out right said they are discontinuing the project. Based on the last DA post made they were working on scripts (2019) and 2020 was of course wolvden's year so it's unlikely they worked on it during that year.

I would say it is taking so long because it is in my opinion the biggest of the three projects (lioden, wolvden, evosaur)

Lioden and Wolvden all have set bases to use, but evosaur, like exhibited isn't about one species like the other two, its multiple species, all with their own stages and some sex diversity. It's a lot of lineart to do, a lot of coloring to figure out etc.

+3 hours to server clock
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That's a really good point Dr. Speedy! Something I did not consider, gives me some more hope for Evosaur then :)
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I finally got back into Exhibited a few weeks ago, and I must say that this is a very touching eulogy. I'm going to be devastated when the site eventually goes down... If anyone wants to chat just send me a PM or use my shout box! I've been on here multiple times a day trying to get rare eye colors before it's too late.

Farewell dino pals...
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I'm gonna say that until the last person walks away it isn't dead yet... I do wish Kitty would re open sign ups again since there is a clear deficit of players. I dmed kitty about it directly about it
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Gosh this kinda made me tear up, I have always adored this game, I joined when I was only 10 and now I'm nearly 22. It's wild and I'll always love and play this game as long as it's open!

We might not get any new players, but that doesn't mean we can't come together and enjoy the game!

I'm always open to chat if anyone wants to!
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mmm, it's a shame. I've honestly tried to pump life into this. Raffles, sellings, the works. Kitty doesn't seem to pop on the site that often, once a month for like an hour. Probably to process scales.
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its such a shame that it has slowed down so much here as like you I have been on here since I was around 11 and I am now 22 XD. I occasionally drop in here to check how things are going. I would love to chat and keep things here going with others!
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I mean, as long as the site functions I'll still be here. Shame all the flash stuff is essentially dead though.
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Also, there goes all of the flash games, really glad the map isn't powered by flash nor the stores and what not. Otherwise we'd lose significantly more than another method of earning money in game.
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I have only good memories of this website.
I made this account a long time ago to play alongside a friend who I've long since stopped speaking to. I never was a huge fan of dinosaurs, but they've grown on me over the years.

The best memory I have was winning a giveaway for a T.Rex, which at the time was pretty cool, popular, and new. I haven't logged into this account in years, but I was finally able to. It's sad to see the site is...well, dead. I know nothing lasts forever, but I was hoping to come back to see it thriving; and I'm sad that it isn't.

I probably don't know any of you, but that's okay. Hello, and probably goodbye for a little while.

I mostly play on Flight Rising these days. If anyone wants to add me or reach out, I'm kiwipen, but again I'm pretty much no one here LOL. A ghost coming back just to comment on the state of a game I binged the heck out of the flash games of.
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Something strange compelled me to come online today. Unbelievably this is my 10 year anniversary, right down to the day! Maybe it was fate. I've always loved this game because to me it felt like the natural step away from the kid oriented Neopets that I was also once highly active on.

These kinds of games really reflect a simpler time on the web. I remember jumping back and forth between old Zoo Tycoon forums and this site, and even trying to get members to hop over. I'm glad there are still people stopping by even if it's just to say goodbye.

Maybe its a bit naïve, but hopefully I won't have to say goodbye for good any time soon.
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