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Happy New Year!
Happy new year to everyone here! ^_^ May 2021 be filled with dinos and scales~
Post: #316450
Happy New Years! I shortly went to bed after so this is later in the morning.
~ For the Swarm! ~
Post: #316451
Happy New Year! I was quite pleased to see that there's still a little bit of a community left over after coming back from a six-year hiatus.
Post: #316452
Honestly same! My hiatus wasn't quite so long, but Im very happy to see some people still around
Post: #316467
I like to check up on this site every so often. It is kind of sad now slow it is :'c
Post: #316468
<3 Happy New years everyone! Been dipping on and off for years now, hopefully we'll catch each other lurking one day
Yoo wsup
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